The Ultimate Guide for Using WhatsApp Web on a Computer

WhatsApp isn’t just for mobile devices. You may use the well-known chat messenger on your Mac, PC, iPad, or Android tablet using WhatsApp Web. On any of these gadgets, WhatsApp for the Web is quite simple to set up, and the good news is that WhatsApp Web for PC can be used without a smartphone. In a word, WhatsApp Web is essentially an online replica of the app for mobile devices. You must have your iPhone or Android phone close to your computer to use WhatsApp Web.

In this article, we’ll also let you know if using WhatsApp Web when your smartphone is off or far away from the PC is possible.

You should be familiar with the following functionalities to grasp WhatsApp Web. Read on to learn more about WhatsApp Web’s functionality and how to utilize it.

Using WhatsApp on the Web

As we already stated, WhatsApp is a digital app based on Messenger. To begin utilizing WhatsApp Web, follow these directions:

How to Use WhatsApp Web

  • Open your preferred browser on your PC, go to, and press enter.
  • The QR code displayed on the screen will now need to be scanned.
  • Start WhatsApp on Android, hit the vertical three-dot icon, and then choose WhatsApp Web.
  • On an iPhone, do the same thing: open WhatsApp, hit Settings, then tap WhatsApp Web.
  • Now, use your computer’s scanner to read the QR code. That’s it; your PC will now be using WhatsApp Web.
  • You can immediately begin a conversation with your friends by accessing their chat conversations. You can also start a new chat by selecting the “New Chat” button.

The WhatsApp Web runs on Windows and Mac computers. Please be aware that your smartphone must be switched on and connected to the internet for WhatsApp Web to function.

How to Download WhatsApp for Web Using a QR Code on the Web

Instead of opening your internet browser every time you close it and loading WhatsApp Web, take the following actions if you’d prefer to use WhatsApp as a desktop application:

  • Visit on your computer and press enter.
  • Hit the green Download button under Install web WhatsApp download for Windows or Mac computers.
  • You shouldn’t need to search for a form for your system because the website recognizes if you’re using a Mac or a desktop computer.
  • Install the obtained file on your computer and then start it.
  • The familiar QR code that appears when you start WhatsApp Web in a browser will now be visible to you.
  • Open Messenger on your smartphone and scan the QR code.
  • Open WhatsApp on Android, hit the vertical three-dot icon, and then choose WhatsApp Web.
  • On an iPhone, do the same thing: open WhatsApp, hit Settings, then tap WhatsApp Web.
  • Ensure the “Keep me signed in” setting is selected before scanning the QR code. This will save you from having to scan the code each time you launch the program.

Right now, WhatsApp is open on your computer as an application.

WhatsApp Web Functionality When the Phone is Off

Your personal computers and tablets won’t be able to use WhatsApp Web if the phone that it syncs with is turned off. For WhatsApp Web to work, both your mobile device, on which your WhatsApp profile is active, and your computer, which is connected to the internet, need to be turned on. Once you have logged in to WhatsApp Web, it will keep you logged in even if you close the window or turn off your computer. This is because WhatsApp Web stores your credentials. Whenever you navigate to the web address, the chats associated with your messaging app will open immediately.

In addition to this, in order for WhatsApp Web to function, you do not even need to have your phone on you. This suggests that a phone and the computer it is running on will continue to function as intended even if they are separated by a great distance. As we have stated previously, your user will remain attached even if you go as far as another country, provided that your phone maintains an active broadband connection at all times.

Can Several Devices be Used to Access WhatsApp Web or Desktop?

If you want to use WhatsApp Desktop or WhatsApp Web on a laptop or tablet, you can attach up to four items to your WhatsApp profile. It’s important to remember that only one smartphone can be used at a time.

To link gadgets, you’ll need to follow the exact instructions as previously, so you’ll first need your smartphone to be capable of doing this.

You cannot configure the associated device without a phone since you must scan a QR code.

Can You Access WhatsApp Web Without a Phone?

Almost, yes. The WhatsApp Web download or WhatsApp Desktop apps require a phone. Still, after those four connected devices are connected, you don’t need to keep your phone online for them to function.

However, if your phone hasn’t been used for 14 days, WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop will log you out automatically. This implies that if you don’t open WhatsApp on your phone for two weeks, your WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop session will end. The connection will end if you do so when you log off of the linked device.

WhatsApp Web Tracking

Like WhatsApp conversations on your phone, WhatsApp Internet and WhatsApp Desktop use end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption is used on all four connected devices using WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop.


The future of the WhatsApp Web

The following upgrades to WhatsApp Web will enable audio and video calls similar to those offered by Google Meet and Skype. You’ll then be able to hold conferences, take online courses, and speak to or see your loved ones via voice or video chat.

Given that WhatsApp has about 340 million users worldwide, WhatsApp Web is also seeing rapid growth. It is convenient to stay in touch with friends and clients using a PC or laptop.

We hope this article has been helpful for those who know little or nothing about WhatsApp Web and its applications.

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