What Does a Yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat , and should I change it too?

Instead of just taking pictures, does Snapchat have emoji features? If that’s the case, what do the emojis on Snapchat mean? On smartphones, there is a lot of emojis. Without a doubt, Snapchat uses these emojis, but in different ways. These emojis are well known to Snapchat users, but if you’re new to the app, this article will be helpful.

Emojis come in various colors, such as yellow, pink, red hearts, smiley faces, glasses, and many more. These emojis appear next to the name of your friend. You can send your friends your favorite emoji through the Android keyboard feature. Emojis have different meanings and display your relationship with your network on Snapchat.

“Snapchat friends emojis” is another name for Snapchat emojis. Get the Snapchat app to stay in touch with friends. Then, stay in touch and read the article to find out what the different Snapchat emojis mean.

Different Snapchat Emojis Mean Different Things.

If you’re new to Snapchat, you must know what it’s all about. Here are some ways to describe emojis.

What Does The Yellow Heart Mean on Snapchat

What does a Snapchat “yellow heart” mean? Snapchat users like to use the yellow heart with a golden tint to show how much they love someone. Friendship is shown by a yellow heart. You and your friend send each other snaps all the time. This heart can be seen between best friends and close family members.

The yellow heart shows feelings of love, happiness, hope, and pleasure. You can use this heart when you think a red heart would be too much. But the yellow heart means that you are the first best friend, and you may be at the top of people’s contact lists.

If you want to know where the yellow heart emoji comes from, here’s your chance. Under Unicode 6.0, this emoji could be used in 2010. But Snapchat came out with this yellow heart in 2015.

Snapchat Photo of a Happy Face

What does a Snapchat smiley face mean? The smiley face with glowing cheeks and closed eyes means that the two are best friends. It doesn’t mean your best friends are smiley faces. A lot of your friends may have smiles on their faces. You and your friend will get this emoji if you talk a lot.

When someone smiles with their mouth, it shows they are happy and excited. Smiling faces with smiley eyes show that the person is feeling happy and full of good energy.

Snapchat: Red Heart

What does the Snapchat phrase “red heart” mean? The red heart means you will always be your best friend (BFF). The yellow heart turns red when two friends stay together for two weeks. It means you have sent your friend a lot of snaps. So, love and romance are represented by a red heart.

But after two weeks, the yellow heart turns into a red heart. By going to the next one, find out more about what Snapchat emojis mean.

Snapchat Pink Heart

When two people have pink hearts, it means they are best friends. You get these two pink hearts as a reward for working hard for two months. You’ll get this pink heart emoji if you’ve sent each other more snaps in the last two months. So, after two months, the red heart changes into two pink hearts.

The fact that one of the pink hearts is bigger than the other shows they are connected. These hearts show that people love and are happy. A single pink heart with sparkles also shows love’s sweet tone and character.

Sunglasses Emoji on Snapchat

What does the Snapchat emoji of glasses mean? The Sunglasses emoji on Snapchat means that two people are close friends. This emoji shows up if your best friend is also the best friend of a Snapchat user. This doesn’t mean that your closest friends are also your best friends. Your friend’s best friends are his or her closest friends (BF).

In general, sunglasses emoji show you carefree, appreciative, and at ease. This emoji also goes by the name “mutual best friend.”

Snapchat Gets a Gold Star

Is there an interesting fact about the gold star? Most people answer snaps right away or within a few hours. So, gold stars are interesting because someone responds to images within 24 hours. It means the person has something interesting to show.

This emoji also shows fame and a sense of well-being. Still, you’ve seen how beautiful emojis can be, and you’re looking forward to learning more about what they mean on Snapchat.

Smirking Face Emoji

Smirk-face When your friends send you a lot of snaps instead of you, emojis will show up. But this person seems to be on your list of best friends, even though you don’t send them pictures as they send you.

This emoji is used to flirt and tease someone. This emoji is for people who are sure of themselves and have a sense of humor.

Putting on a Frown on Snapchat

What does the face with an angry frown mean? When you share your best friend with others, an emoji of clenched teeth shows up after your friend’s name. It means that your first best friend is someone else’s best friend. It shows how awkward sharing your first best friend with someone else is.

This face shows mistakes, a bad attitude, tense feelings, and shame.

Snapchat has gold that shines.

If you are part of the Snapchat group, this sparkle appears after the group members’ names. This means that users of sparkle are in a group, and you all send snaps and messages to each other. With this gold sparkle, it’s easy to make group friends.

This is a sign of happiness, love, excitement, and congrats.

Emoji Babies

When you add a new friend on Snapchat, baby emojis show up. So, this emoji shows at the start of the friendship. So, if someone in your circle doesn’t understand emojis, explain it to them on Snapchat.

How to Change Snapchat Emoji

Use your thumb to click a few times on Snapchat if you want to change how emojis look over time.

  • Go to Snapchat’s profile and click on it to open it.
  • Go to the Settings menu in the top right corner of Android.
  • Under “Feature” on an Android, you can find the “Customize” option.
  • Go to “Additional services” in the IOS menu and click “Manage.”
  • Click on “Friend Emoji” and change one of them to your liking.
  • I’ve put together a list of 37 crucial Snapchat tips and tricks. Remember to look over these.


If you read this article carefully, you should have learned some exciting things about what different emojis mean. So, now you know the best way to tell your friends what emojis on Snapchat mean. Snapchat is the best app to use if you want to find a true friend. Through emojis, this app helps you see how your friends are different.

Some emojis look like the way you make faces, and others are hearts. But you can make your emojis to show sadness and happiness. You finally know that Snapchat is more than just a way to take pictures and send them to friends. Some emojis, like yellow and red hearts, change after two weeks, and some after two months. This is crazy.

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