7 Best Android Tethering Apps To Share Internet


Till now every smartphone user is aware of the fact that they can share their mobile data connection with a laptop or with other devices using Wi-Fi hotspot. If you have a computer on which you want to use mobile data of your smartphone then this can also be done but for this either you will need a Wi-Fi dongle which will cost. Therefore, you either you need to have USB Tethering.

USB tethering is when your device can work as a virtual Ethernet this can be done only on rooted devices but with the help of a third-party application you can use this feature on your smartphone. So, if you are stuck because Wi-Fi hotspot is not working, or your computer is not having Wi-Fi then you should try some of the best Android tethering apps.

What Exactly Best Android Tethering Apps Do:

These applications Not only helps you to get connected to the computer using USB tethering, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth tethering but some of them also keeps a well-organized record of data consumption so here are the best Android tethering apps for your smartphone.

1. ClockWorkMod Tether app:

Best Android Tethering Apps To Share Internet, WPFaqhub

CWM provides multiple applications for rooted or non-rooted devices. This Android tethering app works perfectly on all the compatible devices. To use this app, you need to enable USB debugging on your device and then you can download it for free from the play store. The application may also require you to install a driver on your computer depending on the version of windows you are using. Once you are connected to internet this app will show you upload and download speed.

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Download Here

2. PdaNet+:

Best Android Tethering Apps To Share Internet, WPFaqhub

This application helps you to create USB tethering connection between your PC and smartphone. The application is comparatively easy to use. It automatically fixes problems like if you do not have debugging on then it will Notify you to turn it on another advantage of this application is that you can set password for tethered connections and can also hide or show usage. Which makes it one of the best Android tethering apps.

Download Here

3. FoxFi:

Best Android Tethering Apps To Share Internet, WPFaqhub

FoxFi is the mobile tethering app helps you to connect your smartphone with your Laptop or computer and it even work on most of the carriers. The application is available as free and the full version. Free version stops functioning after limited data. The application clearly shows you the name of connected devices and you can also see maximum and minimum speed for your connections.

Download Here

4. Easy tether:

Best Android Tethering Apps To Share Internet, WPFaqhub

As you can understand by the name itself the application is very easy to use, and it makes tethering process easier for you. After download an installation you will see either you want to use tethering for Mac Windows or Linux. Like other application you will need to enable USB debugging before you start to use the application. You can change DNS in this application. The application supports Bluetooth tethering for Linux, Windows and Android device.

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Download Here

5. Tethering Toggler:

Best Android Tethering Apps To Share Internet, WPFaqhub

Tethering toggler makes it simple for you by allowing you to enable one touch Wi-Fi connect and one touch USB connect from your Android device to another device or to PC or MAC. If we talk about some key features of this application, then one of them is it is completely free to use, and it is having compatibility even with some older phones because it Can work with Android 2.2 and above.

Download Here

6. Secure Tether:

Best Android Tethering Apps To Share Internet, WPFaqhub

If you are still running an older version of Windows such as windows XP or Windows Vista, then this application will be helpful for you to tether your internet connection on your computer. the best part about this application is that it comes with on screen instructions for the beginners which makes it easier for them to set up a USB connection on Mac, Windows or Linux based devices. It can be used as USB tethering Android to multiple OS.

Download Here

7. Tethering Faker:

Best Android Tethering Apps To Share Internet, WPFaqhub

Another reason to use tethering apps can be your Mobile service provider applies extra charges when they know that you are using your mobile data as a hotspot. This application in our list works differently and can help you to hide your data usage as Wi-Fi. The application provides you on screen instructions to modify some values in the connection settings and when you use internet on computer or a laptop your carrier will only charge for mobile data. It is basically a wireless tethering app.

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Download Here

So, these were the applications you can use to Tether your internet connection on your computer or on your other devices. So, pick one of these best Android tethering apps and get internet working on your devices

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