9Mobile Night Plan Browsing 2021 | How to Activate 9Mobile Night Browsing. 

9Mobile Night Browsing: 9Mobile night plans may be as cheap as mtn, airtel, or Glo night plans, but to suit your needs, they are still very flexible and secure. In terms of money and data saving, opting in for a 9-mobile night plan can be very helpful. This article will instruct you on how to trigger, carefully read through the 9Mobile night browsing plan.


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Subscribing to a 9-mobile night plan will help save your regular data plans since your phone can stop consuming data from your regular data plans once it is enabled, but will instead start consuming data from your 9-mobile night plan before it expires or expires.

And when internet needs arise, you can opt not to sign up for the regular 9mobile weekly or monthly data plans and go for the 9mobile night plan, which will help you save a lot of money from weekly and monthly subscriptions.

In view of the above, you’ll agree with me that the best option is the 9-mobile night plan. This can be used to stream online your favorite songs and videos, download heavy files, and even talk and surf the web.

This plan works on all devices; PCs, laptops, Android, iPhones, etc and, with the exception of the evening and weekend plans, can only be used between 12 am and 5 am.

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Table of Contents

9Mobile Night Plan Code

The 9mobile night plan goes for 200 naira for 1GB which will be used from 12 am – 5 am.

This information can be used to search and download any file you want, and once it’s 5 am, unused data will be retrieved.

Night subscriptions for certain telecom operators won’t even let you use up to that amount of data in a night, but 9Mobile night subscription gives you the ability to enjoy that.

Now this kit dial can be opted-in or subscribed to; *229*3*11# and press send/ok. You’ll get a message that you can start using your data once it’s 12 am.

9Mobile Evening and Weekend Plans

If you haven’t been fulfilled or fit by the 9mobile night schedule, then you can go for the evening and weekend plans. The evening and weekend plans allow you to enjoy amazing data on your computer throughout the evening hours until the next morning and over the weekend.

If you’re at work or still busy during the day then the best option for you is this plan.

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How to Subscribe to 9Mobile Night Plan

Please note that the 9Mobile Night Plan can only be used from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM. How you can subscribe to the 9Mobile Night data plan is given below.

The service costs N200 to subscribe to 1 GB 9Mobile Night plan dial * 229 * 3 * 11 # and validity is one day. Meanwhile you can also subscribe to similar plans that cost N1,000 and N2,000, such as 9Mobile weekend plans.

9Mobile N200 for 1GB

This is just for Night, where 1 GB can be subscribed for only N200, and it can only be used for midnight hours (24hours validity). On all computers, it works.

All your files, movies, images, videos, movies, music, games, applications and many others can be easily downloaded during the night. Upload or recharge your 9-mobile SIM to activate this plan, and then dial *229*3*11#. No SMS option exists. It operates from 12 am to 5 am.

Other 9Mobile Night Plans

9Mobile 2GB for ₦1,000 Plan

  • Valid for 30 days. Evening & weekend plan (7 pm – 7 am).
  • To buy online or dial *229*3*12#

9Mobile 5GB for ₦2,000 Plan

  • Valid for 30 days. Evening & weekend plan (7 pm – 7 am).
  • To buy online or dial *229*3*13#. 100MB WhatsApp (24/7)
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Take Note:

If you can’t connect to the internet after subscribing to any of the 9-mobile night plans, you can do the following;

  • Restart your network by turning your airplane mode on and off.
  • Check your APN settings If they’re right
  • Telephone reboot.
  • Check the balance for results.

We hope this 9Mobile Night Browsing 2021 Guide | How to Enable Night Browsing helps you? Why not post it on this website with your friends out there by clicking on the share button. You can also subscribe to an update for more information on this topic.

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