Code For Airtel Night Plan – How To Activate Airtel Night Plan.

Airtel Night Plan Code- The cheapest midnight browsing tariff you can ever think of is provided by Airtel Night Plan. In the late hours of the night, it is a plan that helps you to browse. Have you been mindful of this? For information on how to enable the Airtel Night Plan, read this post.

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One advantage of the Airtel Night data plan is that unlike MTN, you can subscribe to only one subscription every night as many times as you can in one night.

However if depleted, the Airtel night plan can be renewed, which ensures that after exhausting the original 1.5GB, you can subscribe again. You can also use 3GB in just one night for N100.

One of the best things we have enjoyed from Airtel Nigeria over the years was an unlimited airtel night data plan, the bad news is that it has been withdrawn or rather replaced by another night data plan that is still very cheap and cool compared to the night plans from other networks such as MTN’s 500 Mb for 25 naira.

What is the Airtel Night Plan? 

If you do not know, users of the Smart Trybe tariff plan will enjoy nighttime browsing for a very low price. This is just one of the many cool characteristics of this tariff, by the way. For only ~25, from 12 a.m. you can get 500 MB to use for one night. Although ⁇ 200 will get you 1.5 GB under the same conditions at 5 a.m.

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The Airtel night plan code is *312#. You can subscribe to Smart Trybe by dialing this combination or, if you are already subscribed, access the menu that allows you to choose some of its many advantages.

To get those megabytes for nighttime web browsing, pick option number 3 (which is Airtel Night Plans) from the menu, and then either 1 (for 500 MB) or 2 (for 1.5 GB).

Airtel Night Plan Subscription Codes

You must, first of all, move to SmartTrybe to be able to enjoy the Airtel night plans. By dialing *312#, you can do that. React with one afterwards to validate your migration to SmartTrybe.

500MB Night plan for N25

To subscribe for only 25 naira for 500MB,

  • Dial *312# on your mobile computer,
  • To see all the deals from SmartTrybe, pick 3.
  • To subscribe to N25-500MB, pick 1.

Note: The 500MB assigned to you is only available from 12 am to 5 am the same night.

Airtel Unlimited Night Plan

By dialing *481*2#, you can subscribe to Airtel’s unlimited night plan for three hours. It comes at the price of 200 naira. Subscription to this data however, expires after 3 hours of purchase.

The 6 hours without cap, which comes at a cost of 500 naira, is another unlimited package. Dial *481*1# to subscribe to it.

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However, take note that these unlimited plans are available daily from 12 am to 6 am.

How to Activate Airtel 1GB and N25 for 250MB

  • Firstly, by dialing *312#, you have to migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe and then respond with 1.
  • Dial *312# after the migration.
  • Reply 1 to N25 for 250MB
  • Reply 2 to N500 for 1GB (Night Plan from 12 am to 5 am)

How to Check Airtel Data Balance on Android

Airtel for 2 GB and Airtel for 4.5 GB and lower subscription, which includes the following, are the most common balance plans for airtel:

  • 30MB-1 day -100 naira-*410#-100 naira-*410#
  • 500MB-Fourteen days-500 naira-*418#
  • 1.5GB-30 days-1000 naira-*496# 1000 naira-*496#
  • 2GB -30 days-2000 naira-*438 #
  • 3GB-thirty days-three thousand naira-*437#
  • 4.5GB-Thirty days-*439#

Airtel Night Plan Validity Period

Since it’s a night plan, you’re most likely aware that the data you buy will only be used at night. The schedule for midnight is valid from 12:00 AM (midnight) until 5:00 AM (morning), which means that it is valid for 5 hours.

However if you exhaust your data (250MB) prior to 5:00 AM, you will not be able to search. However, if you do not complete the data before 5:00 AM the remaining data will expire and it is not possible to roll over the data.

Airtel Night Plan FAQs

1.) Can I use the airtel night kit without a smart trybe migration?

Answer: No, if you are on a smart trial, you can only gain access to this package, so you must migrate first.

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2.) What Is the Code for the Airtel Night Plan?

Answer: The Airtel Night subscription code is * 312#. You pick 3 for Night Browsing when you dial up the code.

3.) How do I use Airtel Night Browsing to get 1.5GB?

Answer: You can get 1.5GB data for N200 before you can, but Airtel has discontinued the bid. Currently, for N25, you can only get 250MB. So you can get 1.5GB for 150 Naira if you sign up 6 times a night.

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