Best 5 two-factor Alternatives To Google Authenticator App


Since user privacy is becoming quintessential than ever before, protecting our accounts and devices with proper measures and tactics has proven to be quite a challenge. Google Authenticator is one of the most commonly used services, but there are several reasons why you should stop using the two-factor authentication app right away!

Why Ditch Google Authenticator Two-Step Verification Service?

Well, several downsides come with Google Authenticator solution:

  • Firstly, the two-factor authentication service runs only on a few platforms, Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc.
  • Secondly, you have to set Google Authentication on every device you use.
  • The third drawback that Google Authenticator app brings is if you swap your smartphones, you to sync up all your accounts once again on the new device.
  • The fourth reason to ditch this authenticator app is if you ever lost your phone or is the app gets deleted for any reason, users have to face a lot of trouble to regain access to their accounts.
  • Another downside that arrives with this two-factor authentication service is there’s no passcode or biometric lock on the application. This is where things get cumbersome because this eases the access for hackers & allow malware to steal 2FA codes.

If these reasons were enough for you to dump the Google Authenticator App, then probably it’s the right time to introduce you to some of the great alternatives to Google Authenticator 2-Step Verification Service.

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Top 5 Secure Alternatives To Google Authenticator App

Check out some of the most useful two-factor authentication solutions that don’t have the shortcomings mentioned above.

1. SoundLogin Authenticator

Alternatives To Google Authenticator App, WPFaqhub

The two-factor authentication service is available for both Android & iPhone users. You can use the SoundLogin Authenticator as an extension, which is available for Chrome, Firefox & Opera. The only prerequisite needed to work with this authenticator app is having a working microphone.

To use SoundLogin Authenticator, download the app & add an extension to both your device & browser. Now each time you receive an OTP, the mobile authenticator app will transfer the OTP to your browser via notification sounds. Ensure your device is near to your laptop or PC’s microphone. Now the audio will transfer the temporary code to the extension where it will automatically fill the code for login.

2. Microsoft Authenticator

Alternatives To Google Authenticator App, WPFaqhub

This alternative is one of the closest competitors to Google Authenticator, LastPass, Authy & several others. It instantly grabs codes for popular websites like Facebook & Dropbox by just snapping a QR code just like others. Especially for Microsoft accounts, it supports one-tap notifications.

Microsoft Authenticator is a useful tool that supports password-less logins (which are more secure) for Microsoft apps, including Office, OneDrive & Outlook. Unlike other two-step verification services, Microsoft Authenticator offers a cloud backup option; it’s a useful option to recover account credentials on a new device.

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3. Authenticator Plus

Alternatives To Google Authenticator App, WPFaqhub

Although Authenticator Plus is a free two-factor authentication service, it’s paid features are worth a try. The application generates 2-step verification codes to protect your accounts with a password. You can use the authenticator app to sync & manage all your two-factor verification enabled accounts seamlessly.

Authenticator Plus allows users to create a backup to the cloud (on Google Drive or Dropbox). The data can quickly be restored as well, without any hassles. It offers 256-bit AES encryption & PIN lock for added layers of security. Unlike other alternatives mentioned here, Authenticator Plus even allows users to change themes & displays account logos for easier review.

4. HENNGE OTP Generator

Alternatives To Google Authenticator App, WPFaqhub

To stop snoopers from invading your privacy, here comes another great Google Authenticator App alternative, HENNGE OTP Generator. The 2-step verification service is compatible with all the popular services, such as Google, Amazon Web Service, Dropbox, Facebook, WordPress & many more. The only downside that arrives with this two-factor authentication solution is, it’s only available for iPhone users.

The authenticator app does support FaceID, TouchID on your phones to prevent strangers & children from casually accessing your OTP’s when you are physically away from your smartphone device.


Alternatives To Google Authenticator App, WPFaqhub

Newest in the market & a lesser-known option, SAASPASS features adequate two-factor authentication options, which makes it a viable alternative to Google Authenticator. Unlike other 2-step verification services mentioned here, SAASPASAS provides support for several apps & cloud solutions including AWS, Office 365, Google Apps & many more.

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SAASPASS also provides out-of-the-box support authentication using Bluetooth (but it’s only available for Mac users with Android devices that support low Bluetooth energy). It also features SMS recovery option, so that you can always transfer your accounts to your new devices, which Google Authenticator lacks.

Which Alternative To Google Authenticator Did You Choose?

Hope, our shortlist of Best Google Authenticator Alternatives helped you find a suitable option to set two-factor authentication on your device for added security. If you are using any other authenticator app than the ones mentioned above, please share them with us, we’ll be happy to update our list!

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