Best 3 One­Plus Nord Cas­es and Cov­ers to Buy


We’ve seen a bevy of bezelless telephones since 2017 with the OnePlus Nord becoming the newest phone to join the party. Though bezelless phones are beautiful, they are extremely fragile and delicate as well, and you can’t afford to be reckless with them. For these situations, one of the many solutions for safeguarding the handset from falls and drops is a protective case or cover.

Top Best One Plus Nord Cases and Covers 2

Besides shielding from the impacts of falls, a simple case also does the added job of preventing scratches and other abrasions on the phone’s surface. After all, you wouldn’t want the phone’s back or the display to be marred by scratches, right?

So, if you are looking for some cases and covers for the new OnePlus Nord, here are some of our recommendations.


Sandstone Bumper Case

If you do not want to stray out of the OnePlus ecosystem, the Sandstone Bumper Case is one of the best options. Since it’s an in-house case, you do not have to worry about the case not fitting the phone. Besides giving it a slightly textured look at the back, the sandstone cover also aids in a better grip.

At the same time, the openings for ports and sensors are precise. The edges around the rear camera module are raised slightly to protect it from scratches and dust. At the same time, the case prevents ‘phone-wobble’ due to the even structure of the case.

The sandstone cover for the OnePlus Nord has a TPU bumper that aids in a better grip and makes it easier to take the case off/on.

It’s available in two colors – Cyan and Black. And yeah, the former looks amazing.

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FanTing Case for OnePlus Nord

The next case on our list is the one by FanTing. If you are a fan of slim cases, you can’t go wrong with this carbon fiber back case. It comes with a lightly brushed back that gives the phone a cool look and helps you grip your phone better. And the carbon texture at the top is the bonus.

The corners of the case are lined with air cushions to disperse the impacts of falls. And at the same time, the insides have web-like designs for easy heat dissipation.

Aside from that, the camera module and the fingerprint sensor also have raised lips to keep unnecessary scratches at bay.

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Osophter Clear Case

Osophter Clear Case is a plain and simple transparent case for the OnePlus Nord. It’s is a gel-based cover, which makes it easy to put on. It comes with raised corners and slightly raised edges at the front. While the raised corners are designed to bear the brunt of falls and drops, the raised edges shield the screen from damage when the phone is kept face down. The buttons are covered in this case.

Wrapping a transparent case around a phone is one of the best ways to let the original color and the logo of the phone shine through. However, they do not extend the same protection level as provided by a rugged case or armored case.

But on the upside, clear cases do not add much bulk and lets you keep the original profile of your phone.

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With smartphones embracing new delicate designs wholeheartedly, a case is not an option anymore. It has become a necessity.

So, which one of the above will be your choice?