You must have experienced situations many a times when a good song is in session and you wish to sing out loud. But trying to catch in on the lyrics is certainly a major pain!

If now you are unable to catch them lyrics once again, do not worry! We have compiled here a precise list of song finder apps that not only assists in finding the lost rhythm but also display its lyrics on screen. Great, isn’t it? Now you can freely hum along with the tune and have a great time grooving around

Top 5 Song And Lyrics Finder Apps

1. Shazam

Song and Lyrics Finder Apps, WPFaqhub

One of the most favorite song finder apps around the world, Shazam finds out almost accurate songs when the home screen button is tapped. Right after it is tapped; Auto Shazam activates and identifies the music by itself.

Wait, that’s not all, once the song is identified, you can opt to watch its YouTube video or sing along with the lyrics.

Cool Features:

  • Shazam App can sync easily with all your devices as you log in.
  • Discover the song chart and know the top ranking songs.
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Play HereAndroid | iPhone

2. Lyrics Mania

Song and Lyrics Finder Apps, WPFaqhub

Another music finder app that has one of the largest databases of lyrics owns the name of Lyrics Mania. When you tap on the button that listens and identifies the song, lyrics may appear along. Another exciting thing about this song detector is that it supports smart wear gadgets like Apple Watch and Android Watch.

Cool Features:

  • Identifies lyrics of the song playing near you using Music ID.
  • Translation of lyrics is also available within this music finder app itself.

Play HereAndroid | iPhone

3. SoundHound

Song and Lyrics Finder Apps, WPFaqhub

‘Ok Hound, play the top songs of the week!’ If you have heard people saying this, you are already acquainted with this music finder app.

Works like your virtual assistant, just say ‘OK Hound’ and the app will begin to take your instructions. Moreover, you can search for music and its lyrics using your command voice. As you tap on Music Map, its recognition feature will automatically find out the song playing nearby. Not just that, hum the tune stuck in the head to your phone and let SoundHound identify rest.

Cool Features:

  • Build your personalized playlist and share it with your friends.
  • Syncs with your Spotify playlists as well.
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NOTE: If your phone’s playlist has a lot many duplicates after downloading multiple times, apply a quick fix with Duplicate Files Fixer (Android) that helps in removing duplicate music files along with any other types of file. Organize your playlist to experience wonderful music in a row.

Play SoundHound HereAndroid | iPhone

4. MusixMatch

Song and Lyrics Finder Apps, WPFaqhub

This music recognition and finder app is mostly about finding lyrics and showing up the songs that you have been looking for. Interestingly, you can also find out real-time lyrics when the song is being played in the background. Join the community members through the music lyrics app and share this fun of finding your favorite song with each other.

Cool Features:

  • Sync lyrics with any song, even from your music library.
  • Search a song even with a single line of it.

Play Here: Android | iPhone

5. Genius

Song and Lyrics Finder Apps, WPFaqhub

Loaded with more than 1.7 million songs, this song finder app provides you with annotated lyrics along with the playing song. And if you wish to find the song of your choice, tap on the Soundwave button, get the song and its lyrics right there. Not just finding and playing music, watch the videos of your favorite artists too!

Cool Features:

  • Learn the facts about behind the tracks with verified content.
  • Download lyrics and keep them for offline use.
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Play Here: Android | iPhone

Play The Track

Now that you have a list of song finder apps that help you in singing along, you can just swing on the beat of your favorites. Thanks to these apps which make your life wonderful & take us on another level of fun and excitement

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