Applicant tracking software is one of the solutions invented to work for you and making a record for all the candidates in a database for further use. The multinational companies take the benefit most from these programs as they can easily check if the same person has ever applied in any other branches. The in-house analysis will be considered more reliable because the people working for the same organization can communicate easily.

Best Applicant Tracking System Software:

Check the list for the applicant tracking system software available on different platforms.

1. Zoho Recruit

Best Applicant Tracking System Software For Management, WPFaqhub

Zoho Recruit is a one-stop solution for so many problems faced by the recruiters as they are trying to hire people. Recruitment tracking, candidate sourcing, resume tracking, workflow management, analytics and multiple channel communication. Job posting via Facebook posts is a feature available with this software. Use it on the web platform for easy use on personal computers with no restriction of the operating system. Get the on the go smartphone application which is also available for both Android and iOS.One of the unique features, which makes it the best ATS software is that it will integrate with other Zoho apps. So once the applicant is recruited by a certain organization, the database can be transferred to the Zoho HR software.

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2. Oracle Taleo Cloud-

Best Applicant Tracking System Software For Management, WPFaqhub

Oracle Taleo Cloud is one of the best applicant tracking system software to search for candidates. You can search the candidates on this and also used as posting the job portals. You can use this to look for jobs as well if you a candidate as it one of the good places which have job positions. It is available for mobile use too and this is good for on the go work. Get updates from anywhere, and answer these on time which speeds up the process. The ATS software is an intuitive and user-friendly interface which will engage the user to spend time on it comfortably looking for candidates. Making good decisions with the data given in the candidates’ information will serve your purpose of getting the applicant tracking system.

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3. Greenhouse

Best Applicant Tracking System Software For Management, WPFaqhub

The best Applicant tracking system software for recruiting, CRM and onboard work, Greenhouse is trusted by companies. It can help you get the job positions cleared for the higher-level positions to the entry-level, you can as well hire the recruiters for your own company. There is multiple analytics which bases the merits for all the candidates and grants permissions to the hiring teams This ATS software keeps on updating their database to improve the services. It eventually helps in the hiring process and is easy for the candidates to get through the system easily.  It will keep you tuned with the alerts and notifications on the go and keep you connected.

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4. BizMerlin

Best Applicant Tracking System Software For Management, WPFaqhub

BizMerlin HR solutions have wonderful ATS software for tracking the applicants. This helps with the recruitment process as it adds a method to access the candidates in a better way. The software helps you to post the job as well as from the third-party job boards. Find candidates from all kinds of categories when looking for a specific job profile. Use the create field to make it centred for your use, adjust the permissions. Customize it for you as it is a flexible software to use for your organization. Use the electronic signatures integrated into it for going paper-free and making it easy to upload online for the database.

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5. Recooty

Best Applicant Tracking System Software For Management, WPFaqhub

Recooty software helps you in applicant tracking system majorly with the large database. You can track the past records, and schedule an interview when you find it right for the position. You can build an entire page dedicated to careers for your own company. This is very helpful for people who are looking for jobs. They can easily get the correct job profiles and information on the company and apply right away filling in the requirements. The resume is checked and thoroughly checked and shortlisted according to the need. The applicant tracking system software is also able to import the candidate profiles from other job portals. Send emails directly once a candidate is selected and therefore it will be easy to work on the same platform.

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Wrapping up:

Greenhouse is one of the best to use and for its reliability many companies are using this applicant tracking system software. Please let us know your selection from the list for ATS software in the comments section below

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