With smartphones becoming the easiest way to handle our documents, we are more in need to get essential apps which are handy like file converter apps. We usually install such apps when we are in need to open a certain file. Isn’t it inconvenient to search for a file converter app, the moment when you receive or download files with unsupported formats?

So, file converter apps help us in opening and making edits to the files on Android. Here we talk about the most basic file converter apps for Android which are used for day to day work. Although most people use it to browse social media, there are a number of needed apps which make your life easier. We have listed the most commonly used file converter apps required for Android.

Best File Converter Apps For Android

These file conversion apps for Android are a must to have in your device to sort files of all types:

1. PDF converter

Most files are transferred in this format as they are easy to look upon any operating system. You can need the files in your phone to be converted to PDF. With this app, you can turn any file on your device into PDF file. It also offers to select any file from your DropBox, OneDrive, etc.

It works reverse way too, as you can convert a PDF file into any other format with the app.

Best File Converter Apps For Android Phone, WPFaqhub

Key features:

  • Unlimited file conversion.
  • Quality of files converted is excellent.
  • Supports Cloud storage services.
  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint, AutoCAD etc.

Get it here.

2. Video to MP3 Converter, Video Compressor-VidCompact:

Some sites require a certain format to share video files. If you want to trim a video to post on Instagram, video file converter will be of use. As on most social media sites, the limit is set for how long a video can be. You can do a lot of things with VidCompact other than editing the video file. It can help you rename the file or convert it to mp3 for the files which are the audio content-based. Rotate or apply effects such as slow-motion to the video files. The app supports all video and audio formats including WMV, MKV, FLV, MP4, MOV, AVI.

Best File Converter Apps For Android Phone, WPFaqhub

Key Features-

  • Edit videos – crop, cut or trim.
  • Reduce the video file size.
  • Superfast conversion of Video files.
  • Converts video to mp3.
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Get it here.

3. File converter

This is an ultimate tool to convert your files into different formats. File converter has so many formats that put the converted file to use in various places. You can get a proper presentation prepared with the help of a file converter as it can give you a video file in PPT format. It allows you to convert a document into an image, so you can share it without hassle. Additionally, it can add password protection to a PDF file.

Best File Converter Apps For Android Phone, WPFaqhub

Key features-

  • Convert video to audio or presentation.
  • Multiple files supported at a time.
  • Create ringtone with editing audio file.
  • Optimize e-books supported by different devices.

Get it here.

4. Fast PDF converter and PDF reader

Best File Converter Apps For Android Phone, WPFaqhub

Read any PDF file on your Android device easily with the help of Fast PDF converter and PDF reader. PDF is the most reliable file type to share the content on any device. This is easier to use and comes in handy when the phone does not have an inbuilt application to read the PDF file. With the cloud storage of this app, you can share the links online or via SMS. Also, get the deleted messages back with its assurance of recovery within 30 days. Scan the files from the mobile camera and use them as a PDF file. You can also merge two files and compress them according to the requirement.

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Key features-

  • Free to use.
  • Converts any document type into PDF.
  • Read a PDF file on your
  • Supports 51 languages.

Get it here.

5. Media Converter Pro-

Best File Converter Apps For Android Phone, WPFaqhub

This is a dedicated app for media files, which is a must for all smartphones. You can trust on this to convert the various file formats to be used. This file converter app is a must for Android as it will get you through the times when you are unable to open a media file. When you have received or downloaded a file and the format is not supported you can try to open the file with Media Converter Pro. This is an app which will convert the files on your device locally. Saves your time next time you try to play an audio or video file which can be converted quickly by the app’s help.

Key Features-

  • Lightweight application.
  • Several formats supported.
  • Great for media files.

Get it here.

Bonus app: Duplicate Files Fixer –

Another must-have app for your Android device, although it is a need for the system no matter what operating system we are talking about. We all have this small habit of downloading files one after another without checking if it already exists in our systems. Since the internet speed has been in our favor and we can download it in a very good speed. We opt to make the downloads on the same file from the email attachments or the messengers on repeat. Duplicate Files Fixer then fills up the storage unnecessary and therefore comes the need to get the app. Download the app now for your Android device from the link below. Remember the app is available for iOS, Windows, and Mac as well.

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Duplicate Files Fixer is an app that comes to your rescue to curate the files present in your device and delete the duplicates. It is very simple to use as you choose the area to scan and see the results with all duplicates found. Quickly remove them from your system by pressing on Delete. A full scan can be used to search for all types of files with duplicates.

Best File Converter Apps For Android Phone, WPFaqhub

Key features-

  • Scans for any file type – document, audio, video, images.
  • Removes duplicates making space in the storage.
  • Permission asked before deleting files.
  • Cleans similar photos.
Best File Converter Apps For Android Phone, WPFaqhub

Wrapping up-

With all the file converter apps mentioned above in the article, you can use Android in an efficient way. Now be it a file you want to convert into PDF, or want to run a particular video file, it is all there on your smartphone. Get apps – Fast PDF converter and Media converter Pro to open any kind of file format and to share it with ease on Android device.

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