Since Screenshot folders are often the largest in the phone galleries, it also becomes a task to search in it. To help you out with this problem, Firefox came forward with this new app called Firefox ScreenshotGO. It is still in the beta mode, but you can find it on Google Play Store. With several screenshot apps for Android, this one shines with some fantastic features.

What Is Firefox ScreenshotGo?

Firefox ScreenshotGo is an app which is released for Android phones. This app is made for the management of your screenshots on your Android device. Take a screenshot with its help, organize them and search for it easily when required. It works well in its beta version, and you can use this app to sort out the screenshots on your phone. This app comes as a great screenshot tool; we’ve needed ever since for Android devices.

Ever since the age of Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, we take screenshots. While it comes as a straightforward process with the latest features of the smartphone where swiping on the screen captures what’s on it. Managing them is just a big task when their number increases. The most significant part of it is we can’t seem to find the screenshots on time. Well, it does defeat the purpose, so Mozilla thought of a solution. ScreenshotGo is thus the product of this thought, and the tool is out to help users like you and me.

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How To Use Firefox’s ScreenshotGo App?

To get this excellent app on your Android device, go to Google Play Store. We have a link for you to download Firefox ScreenshotGo

Best Ways To Use Firefox ScreenshotGo App, WPFaqhub

First, let’s learn what some of the beautiful things this app helps you achieve on your Android device are.

Take a Screenshot- Firefox ScreenshotGo will help you capture the screen on your Android. It has a simple way to capture the screen with a tap on the hovering button ‘Go’. Use the floating notification to add it to the collection right after taking the screenshot to stay organized.

Best Ways To Use Firefox ScreenshotGo App, WPFaqhub

View Screenshots- Find all your screenshots at a place on your phone, use this place to manage them. You can get to move them into a collection or delete them. The Quick view section shows you the recent five screenshots. Rest of the screenshots can be checked from the collections.

Organize Screenshots- This is the most significant part, where you can organize the previously captured screenshots in-app. On default, the screenshots are saved all together, but you can move them into different collections. Just open a screenshot and long press on it to open the menu bar now more to a collection.

Best Ways To Use Firefox ScreenshotGo App, WPFaqhub

Share Screenshot- Share with screenshots directly from the app. All you have to do is open the screenshot and long press on it. This shows you the option to share with the apps, email etc.

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Best Ways To Use Firefox ScreenshotGo App, WPFaqhub

Search the web- This is the most innovative feature of this ScreenshotGo app. Open the screenshot with a text on it, use the Scanner button to extract it. Now you can copy the text and search it on the web. This proves to be a beneficial feature as to when you are trying to look for a company or a particular item.

Best Ways To Use Firefox ScreenshotGo App, WPFaqhub

Search the screenshots easily- With the text recognition, the search for the screenshots on the app is made easy. This works for the particular screenshots with specific text over it. You just need to type it out on the search bar of the app, and the results related to it will appear. This saves a lot of time and energy and keeps users happy.

Author’s Tip

Best Ways To Use Firefox ScreenshotGo App, WPFaqhub

Although it is essential to learn how to manage the photos on the phone, if there are additional pictures on your smartphone, it will only create problems with full storage. One can manage it by removing the duplicate files. However, it can be hard to search for all the duplicates found on your phone so that you can take help from an app. We suggest using Duplicate Photos Fixer, which is a great app to scan your photos and give results for all duplicates and similar images. You can then select which ones to be permanently removed from your phone to free up storage.

Best Ways To Use Firefox ScreenshotGo App, WPFaqhub

Wrapping up

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Here is the best fix to your screenshot problem with Firefox’s ScreenshotGo. With some of the fantastic features to sort your screenshots, it is one the best tools to date. You can save screenshots directly into collections as you capture them or later add them from the app. The search is made easy with the text recognition feature. One can avail a great time-saving help from Firefox ScreenshotsGo.

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