Change Featured Photo on iOS 14, WPFaqhub

The iOS 14 photo widget displays an image you’d like to see on your home screen, it thinks. But maybe that isn’t the case. While in iOS 14 you can’t add a photo of your choosing as a feature photo, what you can do is delete the photo you don’t like as a feature image. Ok, here’s how.

Can you add images to the Photos widget on iOS 14?

Apple has yet to launch a personalized way to connect images from your library to the Images widget. For now, the recognition algorithm decides your widget’s best memories, which are then reflected in the widget. However, you can uninstall images from your widget, which will ensure that they never appear again on your home screen. Let’s take a look at how on your iOS 14 computer you can do this.

How to remove photos from the Photos widget on iOS 14

Open the Photos app on your device. Tap on ‘For you’ at the bottom of your screen.

Change Featured Photo on iOS 14, WPFaqhub

An folder called ‘Featured Pictures‘ and ‘Memories’ will now be shown to you. Start by scrolling through your ‘Featured Images’ and finding the one from your home screen widget that you want to delete.

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Change Featured Photo on iOS 14, WPFaqhub

Depending on your computer, tap & hold/ Force touch the photo and pick ‘Delete from Featured Images’.

Change Featured Photo on iOS 14, WPFaqhub

Now go back and tap on ‘See all’ beside the Memories album.

Change Featured Photo on iOS 14, WPFaqhub

Scroll to find the photo that you do not wish to see in your widget.

Change Featured Photo on iOS 14, WPFaqhub

Tap and hold/Force touch on the photo and select ‘Suggest Fewer Memories Like This’.

Change Featured Photo on iOS 14, WPFaqhub

And that’s it, done. Not only will your selected picture be omitted from the ‘Featured Photos’ but this will also allow you to get less recommendations from iOS based on the photos you don’t like / don’t want to see on your home screen.

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