For more than a million applications on the Google Play Store, it would be impractical to believe that the thousands of different Android devices will all function like a fine-tuned computer.

clear app cache and app data on your Android device, WPFaqhub

Unless you’ve been a long enough member of the Android community, every now and then you have had an app or two crashes on you. If the problem gets too serious, the best decision you can make is to clear the device cache and weed out any missing or corrupted data.

Okay, let’s see if an device cache can be cleared, so that it starts good again.

clear app cache and app data on your Android device, WPFaqhub
  1. Open the Settings app on your Android phone or tablet.
  2. Find the Apps menu. It could be called Applications on some devices.
  3. You will get the list of all Apps installed by you. Scroll down to find the specific one from the list of apps that you want to clear the cache for and open it.
    • If you can’t find your app here, then probably you are looking for a system app. To find a system app, first do this: press the 3-dot menu button (or the menu button on your device), and select Show system apps. For apps like Bluetooth services and other such services apps, you will have to enable the ‘Show system apps’ option.
  4. Tap on the app to get to its App info screen. Here, you will find the options to clear its cache or its data.
    • Clearing the app’s data deletes everything related to the app. Like, the songs and movies you downloaded via a streaming app. However, files saved on the internal storage or SD card, like photos and videos taken by you with the camera app, or images edited by you using a photo editor app, are not deleted.
  5. Delete what you want to:
    1. Clear app cache: It’s simple, hit the ‘clear cache’ button.
    2. Clear app data: Well, hit the ‘clear data’ option, or the ‘storage’ option, as the case may be. Then confirm this on the pop-up to wide everything related to the app not saved on the internal storage (content from streaming services will be deleted, BTW).
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Every time an app or service on your Android device begins to malfunction, you can use this method to clear the app cache.

You should certainly try clearing its cache first to address any problems with the app. If that doesn’t help then you should also clear its details.

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