One of the neat things to have come to Android phones after the Nougat update is the Quick Settings menu. While one could only do a few things like adjusting the brightness or toggling the airplane mode previously, the Nougat Quick settings took the entire Android experience several notches higher.

Cus­tomize the Android Quick Set­tings Menu, WPFaqhub

Just with a swipe of a finger, now you can not only toggle the night mode but also control both the mobile and WiFi networks, etc. Surely, you can add or remove a few functions of your choice, but that is limited only to displaying the layout bounds or the nearby mode of Google Play services.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a few more options in the Quick settings menu? If you’re looking for something similar, then you’re in luck.

An app that goes by the name of Shortcutter Quick Settings lets you fully customize the Android Quick Settings Menu. So, let’s check out this new app and see if it’s impressive enough to find a permanent place on your phone.


Sortcutter, as indicated by its name, lets you add a shortcut to most of the common Android functions. The app not only lets you send a quick Tweet or a message but can also be used to toggle switches like NFC, alarm clock, etc, all by just swiping down on the home screen.

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Cus­tomize the Android Quick Set­tings Menu, WPFaqhub
Cus­tomize the Android Quick Set­tings Menu, WPFaqhub

Unlike a few other apps like Nougat Quick Settings, Shortcutter also comes with an additional side menu bar with a diverse range of options to improve the Android experience and make you more productive in the process. Now let’s take a deep dive into some of the features of the app.


Shortcutter contains a slew of new icons and features that you’d want in your Quick Settings menu. The NFC tile is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to have a clean home screen or the option to hunt for the right settings sounds too tedious, then this app will be the perfect companion.

Cus­tomize the Android Quick Set­tings Menu, WPFaqhub
Cus­tomize the Android Quick Set­tings Menu, WPFaqhub

All you have to do is enable the Android permissions and click on the edit icon on the settings menu. Once done, all the additional options will be displayed below the ‘Drag to add tiles‘ heading. Now all you have to do is drag and drop them at their designated location.

The best thing about this app is that you can remove some of the options from this menu with just a simple toggle of a button on the main app.

For instance, you don’t want the option for the camera or the battery, just switch it off from the main menu. In total, it has about some 50 additional Quick Settings Tiles, including the option to add your favored apps and a custom URL.

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On top of the above feature, the Shortcutter app also includes a sidebar which lets you have a quick shortcut to your favorite app and a few tools like In Ear settings, file browser (also in quick settings), new calendar event etc. So all you have to do is swipe inwards to access it and then swipe left to dismiss it.

Cus­tomize the Android Quick Set­tings Menu, WPFaqhub
Cus­tomize the Android Quick Set­tings Menu, WPFaqhub

Similar to Quick Settings, you can choose to have what tools you’d like to feature in the sidebar. Aforesaid, you can also have the app of your choice in the menu, however, it’s limited to only two in the free version.


Shortcutter is an apt tool if you’d like to have a few of your favored settings and apps just a swipe away. Besides, if your Android phone is rooted, Shortcutter has few extra tricks up its sleeves like Reboot and Reboot Recover. So, when are you getting it?

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