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For quite some time now, Whatsapp has been exploring the capacity to send disappearing messages inside the app. The feature debuted last year for the first time in Whatsapp beta and allowed users to send messages that would vanish after 7 days.

The support pages for disappearing messages are now live on Whatsapp’s support page after a long wait, which leads many to assume that this feature ‘s stable release is just around the corner. If you want to make the most of this feature, we’ve got the right guide for you. Let ‘s start off.

What is a disappearing message in WhatsApp?

A new feature in Whatsapp that will automatically erase all of your sent messages after 7 days is Disappearing Messages. As well as the receiver’s chat, these messages will be deleted from your chat.

For Whatsapp groups, disappearing messages are also available, which will help you send temporary messages in groups. There will be no way to restore them once the messages are deleted from Whatsapp after 7 days.

Combined with Whatsapp ‘s ability to encrypt your conversation end-to – end, this will provide your private and office chats with improved protection and privacy.

How do disappearing messages work in Whatsapp?

Disappearing messages are deleted from chats quite easily until they expire. However, there are a few exceptions where, under some circumstances, your disappearing message may still be registered or stay in the conversation. Let’s take a look at them quickly.

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If the receiver has not opened the missed message for 7 days, then its preview could still be visible in the shade of the notification. The message will be automatically removed from the receiver ‘s device until this message / WhatsApp is opened after the expiry date.

What happens when a disappearing message is quoted?

In case your disappearing message is quoted by the other user in the chat section, then it could remain in the quoted section of the chat.

What happens when a disappearing message is forwarded?

Forwarding a disappearing message might not delete it in case the person forwarding it has turned off disappearing messages.

Are disappearing messages saved in the cloud backup?

If a backup is made before the expiration date, disappearing messages can be backed up to the cloud. They will, however, be automatically removed until the backup is restored to your new Whatsapp version.

What Whatsapp version do I need for disappearing messages?

Whatsapp has currently yet to carry out the stable release with messages that are disappearing. We will be able to send you the specific edition of Whatsapp that allows messages to vanish for all users until the update is rolled out to the general public. Back in 2019, with the Whatsapp beta update 2.19.275, this feature was first added.

How to enable disappearing messages

Disappearing messages are an independent function that will need to be turned on for each contact or group chat in Whatsapp. Let’s take a look at how you can do this.

Open Whatsapp and open a conversation (or community chat, provided you’re an administrator) where you want messages to vanish. Now press the ‘name of the contact / chat’ on the top of your computer. Tap ‘Messages Disappearing’.

Now, you will be asked about the feature and its features. To proceed to the next stage, tap ‘Continue’ . Note: For certain users, this prompt may not be shown.

To toggle on disappearing messages for the selected talk, tap and select ‘On.’ And it is that! Disappearing messages are now switched on for the chat you’ve picked.

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How to disable disappearing messages

If you want to disable messages that vanish, simply follow the same guide above. In the Contact Information, once you are in the Disappearing Messages section, simply select ‘Off’ instead of ‘On’. When picked, disappearing messages are automatically deactivated for the chat in question.

Can I enable disappearing messages for all the chats at once?

Well, nope. At the moment, the feature is required by WhatsApp to be turned on manually for each contact or group chat.

Is the disappearing message feature safe to use?

Although fully safe to use, Whatsapp recommends that you rely only on trusted contacts for this feature. It is not like your sent messages would be protected from prying eyes, as despite allowing disappearing messages in Whatsapp, they can still be easily saved or backed up. Here are some circumstances where your conversation might be at risk.

  • Your messages can be forwarded which will make them available forever in the forwarded chat.
  • Your messages can be saved by taking a screenshot of, and stored in the local storage even if they are set to expire after 7 days.
  • The message content can still be copied and pasted in any text app.
  • The messages can be easily captured using either screen capturing tools or another device that has a camera.

What happens to my previous messages/chat when I turn on disappearing messages?

When you turn on disappearing messages, your prior messages and chats will stay unchanged. After activating this feature, the messages you send will follow the disappearing rule and expire after 7 days from the date they were sent.

Will users on older versions be able to receive disappearing messages?

No information on backward compatibility for disappearing messages has currently been disclosed by Whatsapp. But it seems extremely unlikely that this feature will be available to users with an outdated version of the app, given recent feature rollouts by Whatsapp.

It was not backward compatible when Whatsapp first added the ability to voice and video call your contacts, so it is highly probable that disappearing messages would also not be backward compatible with older Whatsapp models.

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Are disappearing messages available for Whatsapp Groups?

Yes, for Whatsapp Groups, disappearing messages are also available. This functionality, however, can only be turned on by group administrators on Whatsapp. When all messages and media sent by all members in the community have been turned on, it expires after 7 days.

However, whether the message is forwarded, saved, quoted, or backed up, as mentioned earlier, it may still be available to those users.

Are photos and videos deleted too with disappearing messages?

Like missing messages, if missing messages are switched on for a specific chat or party, the media will also vanish after a period of 7 days. However, Whatsapp has an additional auto-download feature that saves the sent media to your local storage automatically.

If this function is allowed, then the sent media will still be available in the local storage of the receiver. It is therefore advised that you only use this feature with your trusted contacts.

How to save disappearing messages

Well, you can easily take a screenshot of a missed message sent to you before the 7-day lapse period expires. That’s an easy and neat trick. WhatsApp has not, at least yet, blocked screenshots because other apps such as Snapchat block screenshots for time-sensitive material.

Other than screenshots, if you have one more trick up your sleeve, you can also screen record it.

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