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twitter spaces logo Easiest Steps to Listen to Twitter Spaces
twitter spaces logo Easiest Steps to Listen to Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces is the newest and, potentially, most exciting feature to emerge from the mind factory of the social networking behemoth. It enables Twitteratis to host talk shows and audio-only interviews, as well as share their findings with millions of Twitter users all over the world. All you need is 600 followers to get started.

The benefits of Twitter Spaces go beyond hosting. It’s all about reaching out to the millions of ‘Listeners,’ who get to watch the sessions and respond with emojis. So, even if you don’t meet the requirements, don’t be afraid to tune in to a season and listen to what the industry’s top executives have to say.

Below, we’ll take a look at joining a Space as a listener.

How many listeners can join a Space at once? 

As per Twitter, all Space sessions are public. There are no restrictions on who can find them on Twitter and listen in. However, if you want to be a Speaker, you must first confirm that a slot is open. At any given time, a maximum of 12 Speakers — including the host — can be included.

How to Listen to Twitter Spaces

You may participate in a Space as a ‘Speaker’ or a ‘Listener.’ Of course, a ‘Listener’ is not permitted to talk during a meeting. They can only respond with emojis and communicate their feelings to the contributors. They may even ask to chat, but it is entirely up to the host whether or not to comply with the order. The top four methods for being a listener in a Twitter Space are listed below.

Method #01: Joining through Fleet

When a person you follow begins or enters a Space session as a speaker, a purple Space bubble appears in the Fleets section at the top of your screen. Within the bubble, you’ll see two or more profile pictures if there are several speakers on board. All you have to do is press on the bubble to listen in.

twitter spaces profile icon Easiest Steps to Listen to Twitter Spaces

On the next page, tap on ‘Join this space’ and, you’ll be added as a listener by default.

join space Easiest Steps to Listen to Twitter Spaces

In some cases, the host might give speaking rights to all joiners — up to 12 speakers at a time. If you get to be one of the lucky few, you’ll see your microphone muted at the bottom-left corner of your screen.

Method #02 Joining through Tweet

Some hosts prefer to post their Spaces as a separate Tweet for easier access and wider scope. This is made easier by the Spaces user interface. So, if someone you follow tweets about their Room, you’ll be able to join in right away with a single tap. Simply click the ‘Start Listening’ button after finding the Tweet.

space listen 01 Easiest Steps to Listen to Twitter Spaces

You’ll be taken to the Space right away.

Method #03: Joining through link 

The meeting’s host — or any other participant, for that matter — may send the Space connection to others via direct message or by copying it and sending it via another service. If the connection was sent via Twitter, you’ll be able to start listening right from your inbox. To get started, simply tap on the ‘Start listening’ button.

space listen 04 Easiest Steps to Listen to Twitter Spaces

Else, on any other platform, first, click on the link.

twitter spaces invite link Easiest Steps to Listen to Twitter Spaces

Then, Twitter will ask for your confirmation. Tap on ‘Join this space’ to confirm.

join space on twitter Easiest Steps to Listen to Twitter Spaces

The host of a Space session can invite you to speak as a Speaker in some cases. That isn’t to say you can’t enter as a Listener using the same invite link. Take the position of a ‘Listener’ instead of a ‘Speaker’ after tapping on ‘Join this room.’ That concludes our discussion.

join as listener twitter space Easiest Steps to Listen to Twitter Spaces

Method #04: Joining through profile picture bubble

Some Twitter users may notice a purple border around a few of their newsfeed profiles. It simply means they are actively participating in a Room, either as a host or as a speaker. All you have to do now is tap on the glowing bubble to enter the Room.

spaces 05 Easiest Steps to Listen to Twitter Spaces

Then, on the next screen, hit ‘Join this space’ to enter the session.

join space on twitter Easiest Steps to Listen to Twitter Spaces

How to react to the Space you’re listening to

A listener in a Space session does not have permission to interrupt the current conversation. They may respond with emojis to show the panelists that they are not passive observers.

If you’ve been invited to a session, reacting with emojis isn’t difficult. To begin, tap the small love-emoji button in the bottom-right corner.

space listen 02 Easiest Steps to Listen to Twitter Spaces

Now, take your pick from the six emojis displayed right in front of you.

space listen 03 Easiest Steps to Listen to Twitter Spaces

Can’t listen to Space? 

Even if you just enter as a listener, you have the ability to agitate others using emojis. If you successfully enrage the host of a Room, they will go so far as to block you. This would not only kick you out of the Room, but it would also ensure that you would no longer see each other on Twitter. So, if you’re getting kicked out of a Room, make sure to look up the host’s profile. If you can’t see their tweets, it means they’ve blocked you, and you won’t be able to listen to their Room.

How to leave a Space

Have you finished listening to the Space? It’s really easy to quit one and move on to the next. Simply press the ‘Leave’ button in the top-right corner of the Space screen to exit.

space join 04 Easiest Steps to Listen to Twitter Spaces

You’ll be taken back to your Twitter newsfeed.

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