Full Meaning Of WSG On Snapchat

WSG Meaning

 When acronyms were made, there was no social media or texting. But they aren’t helpful for everyday texting or social media. They would not have become as famous as they are now. With each new generation that uses social media, acronyms also change, making it harder and harder to figure out what some of them mean. Read this article to learn everything there is to know about what WSG means. Let’s start!

People find it hard to stay current because new words are constantly added to the language. But people can learn because they have to or because they want to. Even people who know much about acronyms don’t understand what WSG stands for. It is an acronym that has been going around on social media.

Before we ever used texting or social media, acronyms were already a part of our lives. Still, they wouldn’t be as crucial in daily messaging or social media if they didn’t have the current status. With each new generation of people who use social media, acronyms change, making it harder and harder to figure out what some of them mean.

What Does WSG mean?

What’s Good is the most common definition of WSG, and Urban Dictionary says that this is a common way to use it on Snapchat. Its primary purpose is to start a conversation or ask a question between two people. It is also a suitable replacement for “What’s up?” and “How’s it going?” Advice for a particular activity is also a big part of the book.

Other WSG Abbreviations

If what you’re talking about doesn’t fit the context of What’s Good, one of you might also be talking about a different full-form. In pop culture, many other acronyms aren’t as well-known as White Girl Status and With Special Guest.

How To Use WSG In A Sentence?

Even though WSG works best when used in the conversation feature of Snapchat, you can also use Snapchat Stories to ask what’s good or show things that show what’s good. Here are some ways to start a conversation with WSG. Don’t forget that it works best as a question, too.

  •       WSG with you, brother?
  •       WSG in the restaurant?
  •       WSG at (whatever the event is called)?
  •       WSG at (location name)?

Try Using WSG in a cocky, Combative Manner

WSG can be used in a kind of swaggering, cocky way. In this case, WSG is being used as a figure of speech. It can be hard to either say something or keep quiet. You may on sometimes use it humorously as a threat. For instance:

  •     WSG? Do you really want to get defeated tonight in Smash Bros?
  •     I’ve overheard you criticizing my shooting ability. WSG ?? Attempt to have some fun after class.
  •       Did you really want to bring me up again? WSG? I thought we were done talking about this.

What Would Be Your Reaction to WSG?

Tell the other person what you are thinking, how you feel, and what you are doing. If someone asks you “WSG?” out of the blue or seems to be checking up on you, answer their question first. Tell them what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, or both. You could reply “WSG?” with:

  •       not very much. Just now, after a long day, I finally made it back to my house. I am currently preparing a meal..”
  •       Oh, man. I’m exhausted. It’s been a long day. What’s up?”
  •      Just a little bit. I want to know how you’re feeling.

Accept It (or don’t) If They’re Flirting with You

How you feel about a flirty “WSG” depends on your feelings about the person. If you like them, you can reply with another acronym or an emoji wink if you want to. If you don’t like someone, you can give them the cold shoulder, make up a reason why you can’t talk to them, or ignore them. You could say this in response to a flirty WSG message:

  •       Not a thing. just relaxing at home. Are you trying to go out on a date?
  •       WSG? I thought you’d have something more stylish.
  •       I have a lot to do this evening. Sorry.

Bottom Line

WSG is a joking way to find out how your friend is doing. If you haven’t been able to talk to a friend often, you can text “WSG” to them to find out how they are doing.

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