How long is the maximum length of a reel that can be uploaded to Instagram?

The exposure that a creator’s account gets on Instagram as a result of their successful use of Instagram Reels can lead to an increase in the number of people who follow them on Instagram.

Instagram has made a number of adjustments to Reels since the feature’s inception. One of them is the length, which has grown over time steadily.

How long, though, will Instagram Reels last in 2022? Let’s investigate.

Does the duration of Reels on Instagram have a limit.

Instagram Reels of up to 90 seconds in length can be shared with your audience as of July 2022. In June 2022, the social media behemoth began rolling out the extended duration.

Now, Instagram users may create Reels that are up to six times longer than they were able to when the tool initially debuted. Instagram initially allowed reels to be no longer than 15 seconds, but soon increased that limit to 30 seconds, where it remained for over a year.

By August of 2021, Instagram has considerably increased the duration of your Reels. You could share videos up to 60 seconds in length back then. The original time restriction was reduced, and then increased again to its present level.

You still need to make sure your material is valuable even if you post Instagram Reels often if you want to attract a larger audience. If you want to expand your reach, you should read the instructions we wrote about making viral Reels.

Make Interesting Instagram Videos Now!

The challenge of making a compelling Reel in only 15 seconds was amplified by the fact that it was so short. But now you can create material that is both more engaging and more in-depth without being overly lengthy. The Instagram app makes it simple to create Reels, but there are other third-party tools available.

What are you waiting for? Now that you know how long an Instagram Reel can be, why not start making some?

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