Apple Watch is the best fitness wearables of recent times. It has most features to monitor one’s health along with a fully functioning smart device connected to your iPhone. Apple Watch tips to make it more useful if you haven’t already. So, all the Apple Watch users must also know some of the great tips to keep it up and working the best. One of the essential things is all the Apple Watch data, and we must ensure to keep it secure. Many do not know that Apple Watch takes a backup automatically.

How To Backup Apple Watch, WPFaqhub

But if you have tweaked any setting on your own, you must turn it on to have Apple Watch Backup.

Can You Backup Your Apple Watch?

Yes, Apple Watch has a backup planned automatically to your connected iPhone. It is provided so if in any case you lose your Apple Watch data, it can be restored. This comes in very helpful in situations where you lose an Apple Watch, or it gets damaged. One also needs to have a proper backup before resetting the Apple Watch.

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How Do I Backup My Apple Watch Data?

Whenever your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, it starts syncing the data. It includes the app data, health data, workout and activity data. So the process of Apple Watch backup is automatic, and you do not need to fix it unless you have changed the settings.

In that case or if there is a problem with the automatic backup of Apple Watch data, use the manual method.

This is an odd way to fix the issue, which is mostly used when you are trying to unpair the Apple Watch as this step initiates the last sync with your connected iPhone before removing the data from Apple Watch. It will offer you to create a backup which was otherwise not possible once you are done with unpairing your Apple Watch. It can be set to remove all data from it.

Where Is Apple Watch Data Stored?

Since the Apple Watch is majorly a fitness tracker, it emphasizes on it. Therefore the Health, Workout and Activity data is first synced on the iCloud account or iPhone. This is encrypted data storage as the information is personal to the user.

Similarly, App data is backed up on the connected iPhone since they are extensions of these apps present on the iPhone.The Apple Watch, however, keeps the data saved on it for 30 days. So you have plenty of time to connect it to your iPhone to sync Apple Watch data.

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So even if you lose your iPhone, you can access your Apple Watch backup and restore it from the iCloud.

What Does My iPhone Sync?

  • App layout on your Apple Watch
  • General settings for your Apple Watch – Watch face, brightness, haptic settings, the sound is all backup up.
  • Music Settings along with the playlists, albums and mixes.
  • The AppData for inbuilt and some third-party apps.
  • Entire Health and fitness data is backed up.
  • Notification settings for your Apple Watch
  • The Siri Voice Feedback Settings for Apple Watch version 3 and more.
  • Time Zones
  • Synced Photo Albums

What Does It Not Sync With The Apple Watch?

  • Bluetooth pairing
  • Messages
  • Card details used on Apple Pay
  • The passcode for Apple Watch

Wrapping up

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