How to Check Your Glo Number with a USSD Code.

Check Your Glo Number: With just a simple USSD code number, you can learn how to check your Glo cell phone number in this article as easily as possible. You’ve definitely been in a situation where your newly acquired SIM pack has been misplaced or lost and you need to check your number quickly without calling customer service. Here is a fast and brief guide to it.

How to Check Your Glo Number, WPFaqhub


Glo has been one of the leading telecommunications networks in Africa over the years and SIM has been widely used by Nigerians. Ideally, your 11-digit number will be placed on the SIM pack in a very visible region after buying a Glo SIM card. However, keeping a SIM pack is not really feasible, hence the need to know the codes or ways to search your number anytime you need it.

There are three simple ways you can check your Glo line easily, as noted earlier, and I’m glad to walk you through all these three moves.

 How To Check Your Glo Number

Below are proven ways you can check your Glo number with ease.

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Using USSD Code

Using USSD code dial * 135 * 8 # to search your Glo number; the 11-digit numbers assigned to your line will be shown afterward. In order to reinforce the details you received from the USSD command, a message will also be sent to your inbox.

Note: Glo normally sends a message showing your telephone number along with the country code of Nigeria (234); this could appear as 2348111067726.

If you give it to someone living in another world, the country code is useful. However just delete the 234 and add a zero before the other digits if you find it confusing. It should now look like 08111067726.

 With just a Call

All you have to do is dial 1244 glo, and you’ll hear a robotic voice audibly reading your phone number immediately. However I do not suggest using this approach because before dialing or memorizing what you hear the robotic voice call as soon as possible, it would be important for you to keep a pen and paper.

Now, for the final technique…

Online URL Tips

If you have an active data package on your Glo SIM, without the need for another handset, you can search your phone number. All you have to do is simply log on to the Glo Selfcare Portal and You’ll be able to see your number on the screen instantly until you get to the website (you must access the website using your Glo SIM as the data link source).

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You can put the Glo SIM in a modem if you don’t have a mobile, plug it into a PC and access the website to display your Glo phone number.

Glo APN Setting for Modem

If you don’t have it already, you can manually configure your modem.

  • Config Name: Glo
  • Dial Number: *99#
  • APN Address: gloworld
  • Username: flat
  • Password: flat.

How to Check GLO Account Balance

Dial #124# and it will reveal your credit balance on your phone!

Congratulations! Welcome! You just checked your phone number for Glo!

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