There are several explanations why spotify should be used. Others prefer it because of its large array of tracks, artists and styles while others like the way the app gives suggestions to them. But maybe one feature that goes undesirable is its Play Queue option, which allows you to know what Spotify will play next for you.

How To Clear Play Queue On Spotify On iPhone Android And PC, WPFaqhub

Spotify determines which tracks it will play next which Play List. The tracks that you add to the Play Queue manually will be of greater importance than those that are played automatically while listening to an album or playlist.

But what if you’re starting your day afresh and you want to clear your queue to add new ones to play? The following post will help you clear your Play Queue list on Spotify across different devices.

How to clear your Play Queue on Spotify

Follow the steps below to clear your Spotify queue list on the device that you’re listening to music.

On Android

To clear queue on Spotify on your Android device, open Spotify and go to the current playback screen by tapping on the song title that shows up at the bottom of the screen, just above the ‘Home’, ‘Search’, and ‘Your Library’ tabs.

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You will now be taken to the playback screen. On this screen, tap on the queue icon from the bottom right corner of the screen. If you’re using an older version of Spotify, then the queue icon will be available at the top right corner.

Because Spotify does not provide a way to clear your listening queue in one go, songs that are already in your queue will have to be deleted manually. Within your Play Queue list, by clicking the circles adjacent to each song title, pick the songs you wish to delete from the queue.

After you have selected all songs in your queue, tap on the ‘Remove’ button at the bottom left corner. All songs in your Spotify queue will now be cleared.

On iOS

You may also clear your queue for playback on your iPhone or iPad app on Spotify. To do so, open Spotify and move over to your current playback screen which you can do by clicking on the title of the song at the bottom of your home screen or playing a random song on the website.

Tap the queue icon at the bottom right of inside the playback pad. Tapping the queue icon will take you to a list of songs already included in the queue.

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Contrary to the Android version, there’s also no ‘Clear list’ or ‘Delete everything’ option in the Spotify version on iOS to delete any songs in queue. Pick the songs in the list by clicking on the circles adjacent to each song to clear the songs in Spotify ‘s Play Queue

Once you’ve selected all the songs in your queue, tap on the ‘Remove’ button at the bottom left to clear the Spotify queue completely.

On a Desktop (Mac/Windows) app

Even Spotify has an app on both Windows and Mac computers which allows users to listen seamlessly. Like its iOS and Android device interfaces, Spotify’s mobile client provides a ‘Clear’ button to delete all the tracks in your current queue for playback.

Open the Spotify app on your Mac or Windows device to clear your spotify list on Spotify’s mobile client.

Tap the button at the bottom right of the line, as seen in the screenshot below. That will open your Play Queue spotify now.

If you want to remove all your songs from the queue, click on the ‘Clear’ button that will appear in the same row as the ‘Next in Queue’ section on the Play Queue screen.

It will also delete all tracks from your Spotify Queue and Spotify will only play songs directly from the album or playlist you are actually listening to.

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When using Internet application spotify

How To Clear Play Queue On Spotify On iPhone Android And PC, WPFaqhub

Unfortunately, if you are using the service on the web, there’s no way to clear a queue on Spotify. When clicking on the queue icon within Spotify ‘s web viewer, you’ll be able to see the songs in the queue as well as those that will play after your current queue.

The only way to clear your entire queue will be to play the last track on the queue which you can do by double-clicking on it.

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