Whatever be the reason, we understand watching your favorite shows on the big screen is a good idea. Therefore, here we bring a step-by-step guide on how to mirror or cast your iPhone to your Roku media player.

What Screen Mirroring Means?

Screen mirroring the name is self-explanatory. Using this wireless technology, you can display videos, music, photos, and more stored on your phone on your TV.

In simpler words, it’s like using, TV screen as a mirror to cast whatever is played on your iPhone wirelessly.

With that said, Roku TV doesn’t support mirroring with an iOS device. However, you can use different apps to screencast to cast any media saved on your iPhone.

How to Connect iPhone to Roku TV

To cast iPhone to Roku TV you’ll need to do the following two things:

  • Set up Roku receiver
  • Set up Roku app on iPhone

While doing so make sure Roku receiver and iPhone are on the same network. To find Roku IP Address using remote open Roku Settings > Networking option > About. Here you’ll be able to find Roku’s IP address and other information about your device.

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After this, make sure mirroring is set up on your Roku receiver.

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Once all this is done to follow the steps below to mirror the iPhone to Roku TV.

Steps to Connect iPhone to Roku TV

Head to your Roku device Settings > System > Screen Mirroring

How To Connect iPhone To Roku TV,how to connect iphone to roku tv without wifi,how to connect iphone to roku tv free, WPFaqhub

Here, under Screen mirroring mode click “Screen Mirroring Mode” and select how you want the app to work Prompt or Always allow.

How To Connect iPhone To Roku TV,how to connect iphone to roku tv without wifi,how to connect iphone to roku tv free, WPFaqhub

Download Roku app from App Store. To get things working make sure your iPhone and Roku device are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Once downloaded install the app by accepting Terms and Services. Roku app will now start searching for a receiver.

How To Connect iPhone To Roku TV,how to connect iphone to roku tv without wifi,how to connect iphone to roku tv free, WPFaqhub

Once the device is found, tap the device to connect.

Now that we have Roku connected with iPhone. It’s time to cast media on iPhone.

How to cast media stored on the iPhone and play it on the Roku app

To cast media saved on your iPhone, launch the Roku app > tap Media button. You’ll find it at the lower right corner of the screen.

How To Connect iPhone To Roku TV,how to connect iphone to roku tv without wifi,how to connect iphone to roku tv free, WPFaqhub

Select what you would like to cast like music, photos, or videos from your iPhone.

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To start mirroring iPhone content to Roku TV tap cast button while in the Roku app. Cast button looks like a TV screen with curved lines. The same button can be found on YouTube once you play a video.

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What is Roku Screen Mirroring?

Roku screen mirroring simply means streaming iPhone content on Roku TV without any wired. The only thing you need is to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

When you connect iPhone to Roku TV, all you’re really doing is casting your iPhone screen on Roku TV.

Can I connect my iPhone to my Roku TV?

You can connect your iPhone or iPad with Roku TV to cast content from apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, etc. Moreover, you can stream photos, videos, and music stored on your iPhone using the Play on Roku feature.

Can you mirror the iPhone to Roku TV without Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can cast iPhone to Roku TV without Wi-Fi and it is the simplest way. To do so connect your iPhone to TV with the Apple TV app. You can find the channel in the Personal media section found on the Roku TV. Install Mirror for the Roku app on your device. It will begin to search for your Roku device on the local network.

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Can I AirPlay to Roku?

Yes, AirPlay 2 support on Roku and using it you can stream almost everything on any smart TV with a Roku player plugged into the HDMI port.

We hope using these simple steps you were able to connect iPhone to Roku TV. If you find it informative and helpful do share with your family and friends and follow us on social media to stay updated.

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