How To Convert Slideshare PDF To PPT, WPFaqhub

Slideshare is a perfect tool to get inspired content perused. In addition, because it’s connected to LinkedIn, you can promote your company with captivating PowerPoint presentations. Slideshare lets you import content for offline viewing into your computer. We will cover in this article how to convert downloaded PDFs to a PowerPoint presentation from Slideshare.

What is Slideshare?

How To Convert Slideshare PDF To PPT, WPFaqhub

Slideshare is a website that host content that allows you to upload PDFs, PowerPoint slides or Word documents. The transaction is the responsibility of LinkedIn. You can use this feature to make your product, company or even even get your ideas out there available. The feature also offers you the option of allowing others to download content for use offline.

How to Download content from Slideshare

Slideshare, as mentioned above, offers you an option to allow downloading of your content. And if you choose that way you can let others download and use your content offline. However, in a security and privacy perspective, Slideshare will automatically convert your content to a PDF format. PDFs are essentially not editable. It helps protect against modifying the original content.

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You can identify downloadable content by the ‘Download’ button under it. Simply tap the ‘Download’ button to save it to your local storage.

How To Convert Slideshare PDF To PPT, WPFaqhub

Can you download a PowerPoint presentation from Slideshare?

Well, you can download a presentation from PowerPoint, but you’ll find it is in PDF format. This is because to preserve anonymity, Slideshare automatically converts all downloadable content to PDFs.

You will find that it can only be accessed in PDF, no matter in which format the file was stored in. This means using Adobe Acrobat Reader, or any other PDF viewer, you can access the file. And the only way to display the original PowerPoint is to convert it back to a PPT format.

How to convert a Slideshare PDF to PPT

Since the original file was in PowerPoint (PPT or PPTX) format, converting its PDF version back is easy. You can convert a Slideshare PDF to PPT in two ways: using Adobe Acrobat Professional, or using a website online.

Method #1: Convert using Adobe Acrobat Reader software

For this process, you need to have a paid Adobe Pro account. Only the Pro account lets you export PDFs in different formats. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your device, go ahead and download it from the Adobe website using the link below.

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Download: Adobe Acrobat Reader

Now launch the app on your device. Go to File > Open and locate the downloaded Slideshare PDF.

How To Convert Slideshare PDF To PPT, WPFaqhub

In the right-side panel, click on ‘Export PDF’.

Click the dropdown under ‘Export to’ and select ‘Microsoft PowerPoint

How To Convert Slideshare PDF To PPT, WPFaqhub

Now all you have to do is click ‘Convert’.

How To Convert Slideshare PDF To PPT, WPFaqhub

To open the newly converted PPT file, click ‘View Converted Files’. Your file will now open with Microsoft PowerPoint.

How To Convert Slideshare PDF To PPT, WPFaqhub

Method #2: Convert using Smallpdf software

A lot of websites are available online for converting a PDF to PPT in seconds. Only upload the PDF to the website and let it run its magic. The PowerPoint presentation can then be saved to your local storage and accessed offline.

We’ll use Smalpdf.com to convert the downloaded PDF to a PowerPoint presentation from Slideshare. To access the website please use the link below.

Download: Smallpdf

Once on the website, click ‘Choose Files’. Now locate the file and click on it to upload it to the website. This may take a minute depending on how large the PDF file is.

How To Convert Slideshare PDF To PPT, WPFaqhub

The file will automatically get converted to a PPT file. Click ‘Download’ to save the new PPT file to your local storage.

How To Convert Slideshare PDF To PPT, WPFaqhub

Go ahead and launch the file. It will automatically open in Microsoft PowerPoint.

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Can you edit a Slideshare PowerPoint?

Sure, you may. You can start the PowerPoint presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint, once you convert the PDF to a PPT format. The file must open by default in ‘Protected View.’ To edit the text, simply click on the ‘Allow Editing’ button at the top of the banner.

How To Convert Slideshare PDF To PPT, WPFaqhub

You can now edit the document like a regular PowerPoint file.

Okay, now you know how to access and edit a Slideshare PowerPoint presentation. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us in the comments below.

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