Every working system faces a problem or two from time to time. If you are an Android user, you’ll have come across a few bugs whereas using your smartphone. There is usually a manner to fix a bug and that’s what we are going to strive to do right here. Now the bug in question right here is to send SMS Messages on Android.

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Sometimes you may see an error that states ‘Message not sent’ in the Notification panel. This could be proven to you when a message isn’t sent. The problem can get very annoying as a result of tapping on the ‘Message not sent’ notification doesn’t do something helpful neither does swiping on the notification, because the alert keep coming back each time the Messaging app is launched.

On this note, we are going to provide help to discover an attainable Solution to the ‘Message not sent’ downside on Android.

How to fix Message not sent error on Android

The most typical motive for a failed textual content message might be the truth that you employ a number of SIM cards. Some Android telephones have Dual SIM performance that enables you to make phone calls and send texts relying on which SIM you choose to do it with.

When there are two SIMs on your phone however only one is active (being billed for calls, data, and texts), that reality that you just’re seeing the ‘Message not sent’ error displayed on the display is more than likely as a result of your inactive SIM has been set as your default SIM for sending texts.

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If that’s the case, you can solve the ‘Message not sent’ error by setting your currently active SIM as the default SIM for messaging. You can do so by opening the Settings app and going to Network and internet (labeled ‘Wireless and networks’ on some phones) > SIM cards (labeled ‘SIM manager’ on some phones).

On this display, you can choose which SIM card can execute a certain motion and you can customise it the best way you choose. If the SIM You have at present chosen doesn’t assist textual content messaging otherwise you don’t have sufficient credit to send messages on it, you can set the opposite SIM for the same goal.

To do that, tap on the ‘Text messages’ option (‘Default SIM for SMS’, on some phones) and select your SIM card that you regularly send texts from.

Once that’s done, you can now send messages out of your phone.

What else can you do

If the above Solution doesn’t work, you can strive the next fixes that ought to work to clear up your ‘Message not sent’ downside on your phone.

  • Check the delivery report of the message: You can see if your message has been sent from your phone or if it has reached the receiver’s phone by enabling Delivery reports for SMS. To do that, open the Messages app, go to 3-dots icon > Settings > Advanced, and enable ‘Get SMS delivery reports’.
  • Copy and resend the message again: If a message is not being sent, the next easiest solution is to try and see if you can send it again.
  • Verify that the receiver’s phone number is correct: While it sounds silly, you should verify if the receiver’s phone number is correct or if there’s a number or two missing. You should also check if their country code is different and if you’re both in different countries, try to add the actual country code.
  • Delete the contact and add it again: You can delete the contact by opening the Contacts app, selecting the contact, going to More > Delete, and then confirming the deletion process by tapping Delete again. You can add the contact again by dialing the number on the Phone app and adding it as a new contact.
  • Check if you have blocked the receiver: Open the Messages app, go to Spam and blocked > More > Blocked contacts, and then remove the blocked contact from the list.
  • Update your Messages app to the latest version: Update the Messages app from Google Play.
  • Clear cache of the Messages app: Tap and hold the Messages app and click on the ‘I’ icon. Go to Store & cache and tap on ‘Clear cache’ to delete the cache.
  • If you are using a third-party app, set Messages as your default SMS app and try again: Open the Messages app and tap on ‘Set as default chat app’.
  • Ensure that your carrier supports SMS/RCS messaging: Some carriers no longer offer support for text messaging. Check your carrier website to see if they support it.
  • Check if you have enough credit balance to send messages: Even if your carrier supports it, you might not have enough credits to use your carrier’s text messaging service. Check your current plan to see if text messaging is active on your SIM.
  • Make sure you’re connected to a cellular network with good signal: Check your signal strength by going to Settings > About phone > SIM status.
  • Turn Airplane mode ON and then OFF: Swipe down on your home screen, tap on the Airplane (Flight mode) icon from Quick Settings and turn it OFF after a few seconds.
  • Reboot your phone: Press the hold the power button and then tap on ‘Restart’.
  • Force-close the Messages app and open again: Tap and hold the Messages app, tap on the ‘I’ icon, and then tap on ‘Force close’.
  • Factory Reset your Android phone: Sometimes resetting your phone to factory setting should help solve your problem but that might delete all the data from your phone; so proceed with caution. Factory reset your phone by going to Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options and then tapping ‘Erase all data’.
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That’s about it. Now the ‘Message not sent’ error ought to not appear on your device.

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