This is a quick guide with quick hacks to help you fix PS4 no sound issues. Let’s have a look at what this article covers:

PS4 Audio Not Working- Fixes!

PS4 is released by Sony and is a wonderful console used by numerous gamers. When it comes to PS4 no sound issues, these few fixes listed below are of great help. Check them out:

Fix 1. Switch The Input Of The Display

Many times the ‘no sound’ issue in PS4 arises due to some signal problems. For this, you can try switching the input channels on your display, i.e. TV or Monitor. Once you have switched the input, switch it back to the first connected input. Restart your game, and you’ll probably be sorted with the PS4 audio not working issue.

Fix 2: Check The Connection Between Your Devices

The problem in PS4 audio may arise because of poor connectivity between PS4 and your display device. To prevent yourself from facing no sound issues while using PS4, ensure that you double-check the devices are correctly connected. For this, you can follow this step-wise guide:

  • Firstly, you have to turn off both PS4 and the display it is connected to.
  • Now, unplug HDMI cable and power cable.
  • Check cables and ports corresponding to them and then, replug the wires.
  • After ensuring they are correctly inserted, Restart both PS4 and your display.
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Hopefully, you’ll be able to get back the sound on PS4 after restarting. If you’re still unable to resolve ‘PS4 audio not working’, you can try any of these fixes below.

Fix 3: Configure Audio Device Settings On PS4

If you’re using headphones while playing PS4 and there is no sound, you need to check out the audio device settings on PS4. Here’s how to configure audio device settings for PS4 no sound issue.

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  • Go to the Home Screen of the PS4 system and press ‘Up’ button on the controller to open the Function area.
  • Select Settings > Devices > Audio Devices > Select Output To Headphones and then select All Audio.
How To Fix PS4 Audio Not Working, WPFaqhub
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Restart the game to see if the sound not working on PS4 issue has been resolved or not. If the problem persists, check out further a few more handy tips below for your help.

Fix 4: Configure The Audio Output Settings

Out of many reasons for PS4 no sound issues, one is the incorrect audio output settings.  If this is the actual reason behind, you can check the sound settings and here’s how to configure audio settings on PS4.

  • On your PS4 controller, press the Up button and go to the function area.
  • Select Settings > Sound and Screen > Audio Output Settings > Primary Output Port > DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL) > Checkmark all the formats your audio device supports and click OK.
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How To Fix PS4 Audio Not Working, WPFaqhub
Image Source: partitionwizard.com
  • Now select Audio Format (Priority) and then from the right-side panel select Bitstream (Dolby).

Fix 5: Update System Software On PS4

You can get back the audio settings on track using the PS4 controller. Click on Up button on your controller and go to the function area. Then follow the path below to update the system software. Go to Settings > System Software Update. It will fix the problem with your PS4 audio if it couldn’t check out the other ways ahead in this article.

Fix 6: Restore PS4 To The Default Factory Settings

Restoring PS4 to its default settings is one of the many ways to fix sound not working on PS4. Here’s how to do it:

  • Press the Power button on the front panel of PS4 to turn it off.
  • Once it’s turned off, press and hold the power button.
  • You’ll hear two beeps, release Power button afterwards.
  • Now, connect your controller to PS4 with a USB cable.
  • Once connected, press the PS button on the controller and Restore Default Settings.
  • Then, select Yes to complete the process and Restart your game to check if the issue of ‘PS4 sound not working’ resolves.

Well, if any of the above hacks were of no help for your PlayStation4, here’s the last fix that you can consider. This fix will help you automatically fix any issues with your audio drivers. Check out this previous hack to fix PS4 no sound issue.

Fix 7: Update Audio Drivers With Smart Driver Care

Last but not least, you can choose Smart Driver Care, an ultimate driver updater tool for Windows. This is a limitless tool which can search for all the latest updates, find the latest driver, download it, and replace the existing drivers installed on your PC. Here’s how to use Smart Driver Care:

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  • Click on the link below to download Smart Driver Care on your computer.
  • Once the file downloads, double click on it to begin the installation. Follow the onscreen instructions and provide positive responses.
  • Once the tool is installed, double click on shortcut to launch the application.
  • Once launched, you will find that the interface is simple and easy to use. Just click on Start Scan Now button and wait.
  • After the scan completes, click on Update All button and the process to update your audio drivers will initiate.
  • Now sit back and relax and wait for the process to complete. The best part is that Smart Driver Care takes care of all your driver issues with a couple of clicks.
How To Fix PS4 Audio Not Working, WPFaqhub

This fix for PS4 audio not working will surely resolve your issue, and you’ll be able to play your favourite games with better sound quality.

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