We get the Lite version of those applications when an app becomes feature-rich that it guzzles a lot of data. If you’re on Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, or TikTok. Also Instagram had a version of Lite, but in May 2020, it was phased out. To the surprise of many, after receiving some treatment on the creation front, Instagram Lite has resurfaced. Now, for a later global expansion, Facebook has relaunched the Instagram Lite app in India. Although design changes are so often brought on by the new iteration of the main Instagram, it is only normal to wonder if you should just use the Lite version. What is the difference, though, between the versions of the Instagram app and the Instagram Lite app? In this article, we’ll find it out.

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The Lite or Go apps (as Google loves to call them) are toned-down versions of the actual apps designed for phones with low storage and memory. They’re designed to work better on low-speed mobile and internet networks.

So, should you uninstall the main app for Instagram and turn to the app for Lite? Let’s hear about it.


Its size is one of the key differentiating factors between the main Instagram and its Lite version. The regular app weighs approximately 30MB. Can you guess the Lite app’s size? It’s a mere 2MB.

So, if your Android phone is running incredibly low on data, and you don’t want to stop using Instagram, you can uninstall the Instagram app and use Instagram Lite instead.

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Instagram Lite works on Android phones for now. Even though it is built for low-memory phones, if you use it on a premium or high-end Android phone as well, there is no limit.

Facebook is also exploring waters in the Indian market with the Lite app before rolling it out worldwide much like Facebook Lite. If you do not want to wait, then you will be able to sideload it via APK obtained from trusted sources.


The Lite app would look radically different from the main Instagram app, you would think. That’s not the case, though. Identical to the main version is the Instagram Lite app. Having said that, the fonts may look a little different. At their respective locations, all the icons and features are open. At the top, stories and Inbox, followed by tabs at the bottom (search, notification, and profile).

TIP: For some Instagram users, the Notification and Search tabs have been relocated to the top-right corner.

If that shift in the main app scares you, you can use Instagram Lite.

You won’t find all the Instagram features, as planned, in the Lite app. The Lite app might be your salvation if you were a fan of the older Instagram, which concentrated only on posts and stories. For newly added features like IGTV, Reels, and Shopping, you won’t find dedicated tabs. And you can expect a cleaner experience and engage with individuals whom you follow or want to follow.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t play the current IGTV or Reels. You can still play it on the Lite app if a person has published an IGTV video or a Reel as a tweet. Note the tiny video icon on the posts? For all videos, the Lite app displays the same icon – standard videos, IGTV, or Reels.

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The much-loved dark mode still lacks the Lite app. Besides that, using the Lite software, you won’t be able to video call individuals. Other messaging functions, however, such as sending texts, sending GIFs or stickers, and disappearing messages, typically work. Again, you get something if you think of the old Instagram posts. But recently, Instagram messages got a major upgrade to the main app. Those features (disappearance mode, chat themes, etc.) are not yet available on the Lite app.


Based on your preferences and use, your experience can vary entirely. Mostly because, as noted in the previous section, the Lite version strips off some features. In Instagram Lite, all that is needed works perfectly well. Without any hitches, one can upload pictures, videos, and stories. The experience would be close to the main app, except slightly better if you were scrolling through your feed or watching stories. The explanation for this interface tends to be less cluttered and more popular.

However, when the Lite app has to load something, you will note the difference between the applications. For example, if you tap on a profile, it will open slightly slower than the main app in the Lite app. I’m not claiming that the load time is incredibly slow or unusable, but you do note the difference coming from the main Instagram app. And the progress bar that appears at the top if the Lite app has to load something is made more obvious.

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Similarly, it can take a while to load the images. Once again, It’s not very slow, but given how the main app has spoiled us, it doesn’t go unnoticed.


If storage is low on your Android phone, you can turn to the Instagram Lite app. However, it lacks those characteristics, as you have seen. You can add Instagram’s website as a shortcut if you want to use certain features without downloading the main app. Open Instagram.com from the browser on your phone to do so. There will be a pop-up that asks you to add a shortcut to the home screen. Just tap Install. Without the Lite or main version, you can now use another variation of Instagram’s Lite app.

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