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It’s only early September and Google has already rolled out its new update, Android 11, to support Pixel devices — Pixel 2 and up. In answer, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, and RealMe have rolled out their respective Open Beta programs for their respective devices, while in South Korea and the United States, Samsung has kicked off prebeta.

And if you own an LG handset, you ‘re probably wondering if your computer is getting an upgrade to Android 11 or not. We have compiled this detailed guide based on the help of LG for their previous models which should give you a clear idea of the eligibility of your unit.

Note: LG is yet to release an official roadmap for Android 11 updates, but when that happens, we’ll be sure to add it to this post. Check back for more recent updates.

Update timeline

Release dateSoftware version – Changelog

Which LG devices would get Android 11?

When it comes to software updates, LG is one of the most unpredictable brands out there. They don’t have a “two-updates” policy, so, we’re never sure which phones would miss out on an update and when. LG hasn’t also been particularly busy over the last year, only release a couple of new devices — LG V60 and LG Velvet.

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Apart from the two, last year’s LG G8, G8X, V50, and V50s are expected to get the latest version of Android.

When Will my LG device get Android 11?

As mentioned, LG doesn’t have a roadmap for Android 11 yet, so, it’s almost impossible to know which devices would get the latest version of Android. Still, we’ve come up with a guesstimate for your convenience.

LG DeviceExpected Android 11 update release date
Aristo 2Not eligible
G7 FitNot eligible
G7 OneNot eligible
G7 ThinQNot eligible
G8 ThinQEligible (Q2 2021)
G8S ThinQEligible (Q3 2021)
G8X ThinQEligible (Q2 2021)
K10Not eligible
K11 PlusNot eligible
K20Unconfirmed, may not receive Android 11
K30Not eligible
K30Unconfirmed, may not receive Android 11
K40Unconfirmed, may not receive Android 11
K40SUnconfirmed, may not receive Android 11
K41SUnconfirmed, may not receive Android 11
K50Unconfirmed, may not receive Android 11
K50SUnconfirmed, may not receive Android 11
K51SUnconfirmed, may not receive Android 11
K8Not eligible
LG K61Unconfirmed, may not receive Android 11
Q Stylo 4Not eligible
Q StylusNot eligible
Q60Unconfirmed, may not receive Android 11
Q7Not eligible
Q70Unconfirmed, may not receive Android 11
Q8Not eligible
Q9Unconfirmed, may not receive Android 11
Stylo 5Not eligible
V30S ThinQNot eligible
V35 ThinQNot eligible
V40 ThinQNot eligible
V50 ThinQ 5GEligible (Q3 2021)
V50S ThinQ 5GEligible (Q2 2021)
V60 ThinQ 5GEligible (Q1 2021)
VelvetEligible (December 2020)
W10Unconfirmed, may not receive Android 11
W10 AlphaNot eligible
W30Unconfirmed, may not receive Android 11
W30 ProUnconfirmed, may not receive Android 11
X Power 3Not eligible
Zone 4Not eligible
Aristo 2Not eligible

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