Make Siri Announce Your iPhone Notifications In 3 Steps


Siri, although being the first popular digital assistant to be published on smartphones, has always remained a distant second to Google Assistant in terms of capability since the latter’s inception. Android users have had the option to have Google Assistant read out text messages they receive on their phone for years, and in 2019, this functionality was expanded to include more third-party apps including WhatsApp, Discord, Telegram, and others.

Despite the fact that Siri has been able to read your caller ID out loud since iOS 10, the ability to announce text messages was only added to iOS 13 in 2019. It was impossible for iPhone and iPad owners to get Siri to announce notifications from their devices’ apps. With iOS 15, Apple has added a new ‘Announce Alerts’ option to Siri, allowing it to convey time-sensitive incoming notifications.

We’ll go through how iOS’s new ‘Announce Notifications’ feature works, what you might need to use it, and how to enable it on your iPhone in this post.

How do Notification Announcements work on iOS?

Siri gets a number of new features with iOS 15, including on-device speech processing, voice-controlled screen sharing, offline accessibility, time-sensitive commands for HomeKit devices, richer context between queries, and more. The ability of Siri to announce notifications from the apps loaded on your iPhone is possibly the most important of these functions.

You won’t have to unlock your iPhone or say “Hey Siri” to find out if you have any unread messages or app notifications with this feature.
Siri will wait and listen for your input after your notifications have been read aloud, so you can respond to a message or notification without having to say “Hey Siri” again.

What kind of notifications can Siri announce?

The new ‘Announce Notifications’ option in iOS 15 announces all of your time-sensitive notifications and direct messages by default. Users can, however, set the capability such that Siri also announces non-time-sensitive notifications.

Siri’s announcements will work with both Apple and third-party apps, and users will have complete control over which apps they receive notifications from. Users can use this in conjunction with their notification settings to choose whether or not they wish to receive announcements from a specific person or organization.

What do you need to enable Siri Announcements?

You must complete a series of prerequisites in order for the new ‘Announce Notifications’ option to work. First and foremost, you’ll need an iPhone running iOS 15, which is currently only available as developer/public betas for a limited number of iPhones. Even though you’re eager to try out the latest version of Apple’s mobile OS, we don’t recommend installing the beta builds on your primary device because they may cause problems with your regular tasks.

Once you’ve confirmed that you’re running the most recent iOS 15 Developer or Public beta, you should be able to use Notification announcements right immediately by turning on the feature.

Note: Prior to the release of iOS 15 Beta 7, users required to have any of the following devices to get Notification announcements working on their iPhones: 2nd generation AirPods, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, some compatible Beats headphones, and CarPlay supported devices. Since Apple has removed the above devices from its limitations, you should be able to access the Siri Announcements no matter which pair of headphones you connect to your iPhone.

How to Enable Siri Announcements on your iPhone

Now that you know what’s required to make Siri announcements work, you can use the instructions below to enable Siri’s ‘Announce Notifications.’ To begin, open the iOS Settings app and select the ‘Siri & Search’ option.

Inside the ‘Siri & Search’ screen, select the ‘Announce Notifications’ option.

On the next screen, toggle ON the ‘Announce Notifications’ switch at the top.

Now, toggle the ‘Headphones’ switch under ‘Announce When Connected to’ to ON position to make sure Siri reads out whenever you receive an important text or notification on your iPhone.

If you want Siri to announce your incoming alerts while driving, you can turn on the ‘CarPlay’ option under the same area. This will save you time from having to manually tap on the screen every time you receive a text message while driving.

Because the new ‘Announce Notifications’ feature includes the ability to respond to them hands-free, Apple has disabled the ‘Reply without Confirmation’ toggle by default, causing Siri to repeat whatever you just asked it to. You may, however, turn on the ‘Reply without Confirmation’ toggle to prevent Siri from making an announcement every time you ask her to compose a reply.

How to Choose which Apps you get Siri Announcements from

After you’ve selected the ‘Announce Notifications’ option in Settings, you can choose which apps you want to get Siri notifications from. To do so, open your iPhone’s Settings app and go to Siri & Search > Announce Notifications.

Scroll down the Announce Notifications screen to the ‘Announce Notifications From’ section and select the app you wish to configure announcements from.

Toggle on the ‘Announce Alerts’ option inside each of the apps on the following screen so that you only get the notifications you want to hear.

That’s all there is to know about using Siri on your iPhone to broadcast notifications.