Meaning of the Lock Icon on Chromecast With Google TV, WPFaqhub

This is the season of major manufacturers’ new product releases, and frankly, there are some super exciting tech updates that we can all look forward to. It’s a matter of a few hours (as we write this article) for Google lovers and loyalists before the tech giant unveils its latest Pixels and a few other gadgets in their much-awaited fall case. They also have the latest Chromecast up their sleeve as a cool, unexpected bonus that we will be able to glimpse and gauge in the upcoming event.

Welcome to Chromecast with Google TV!

Google TV runs the newest iteration of Chromecast, a platform that is largely an update to the conventional Android TV interface that you are probably used to on your existing streaming devices (such as Amazon and Roku).

In order to create a modern, more convenient user interface, Google has effectively added its imprint on the original Android TV app, so instead of having to set your preferences in terms of streaming services, Google can do it for you by filtering your shows and organizing them in a tidy grid regardless of which streaming service they belong to.

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What does the lock icon mean on Google TV Chromecast?

If you’ve already managed to get your Chromecast from Home Depot, then you’re familiar with the new grid system for Google TV.

Meaning of the Lock Icon on Chromecast With Google TV, WPFaqhub

One of the more curious aspects of which is the lock icon that comes next to a few shows in the Trending on Google section.

Meaning of the Lock Icon on Chromecast With Google TV, WPFaqhub

The lock icon appears next to displays belonging to streaming services that you have not yet subscribed to. It’s also going to be shown alongside paying movies.

How to remove the lock icon on Google TV Chromecast

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If you want to remove the lock icon from a specific show or movie, all you need to do is buy a streaming service subscription that hosts it, which will activate all of the service’s streamed content. The lock icon will also go away automatically once you’ve paid for the service.

You may purchase or lease it to delete the lock icon in the case of a single movie or TV show. All in all, the lock icon informs you that your watch is not already available and you will need to pay for it.

For a long time , a new, better Chromecast has been pending, particularly after the previous one’s dismal output that didn’t even come with a remote and gave competitors like Amazon and Roku an opportunity to create a monopoly in a position that should have been Google’s for the takeover. Google, however, is not relenting and we look forward to the new Chromecast and Google TV reception. Take care and stay healthy.

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