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The new and probably greatest edition of iOS by Apple, iOS 14, has hit the shelves and iPhone users are determined to get their hands on it all over the world. Some lucky ones were able to ascend without any problems to the new edition, while others saw the dreaded “Update requested” error while attempting to install the latest iOS upgrade.

We’ll tackle the issue today, head-on, and hopefully give you a solution that will get rid of the issue for good.

What is the “Update Requested” error on iOS?

Your Apple computer needs to follow a few simple steps before a new version of iOS can be installed. Next, the server demands the update. Then, on your Apple computer, it installs it. And eventually, to get you up to speed, it installs it. It means that the android, or any Apple computer, is stuck in the first stage when you get the “Update Requested” error and does not have the resources to go to the next one.

Update Requested in iOS, WPFaqhub
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How to fix “Update Requested” error?

This mistake we’re dealing with today is one of the odd ones out there. There are a million explanations why this could happen, which makes the exact problem difficult to define. Fortunately, finding a solution to the dilemma isn’t that difficult. Check out any of the following potential fixes.

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Restart your device

A nice and fast reboot is the most popular solution to this super annoying bug. If you’re using an iPhone with Face ID, before holding down the Side key, press the Volume Up and Volume Down keys in quick succession. Slide to turn your phone off when the Power Off menu pops up. To restart, press and hold the Side Key.

To get to the power menu, you simply need to press and hold the side key if you are using an older device. To turn off the device, slide, and then press and hold the side key to switch it on again.

Check your WiFi connection

An incompetent WiFi link turns out to be the suspect behind botched updates, more often than not. So, prior to going for the kill, make sure your WiFi is at its best.

Try a hard reset

A hard reset is a little more extreme than a normal reset and also does a better job of knocking the gadgets back to the senses. You will need to press and hold the Volume Down and Side key to perform a hard reset on iPhone 7 or 8 before the Apple logo flashes on your screen.

For iPhone X or newer, before holding the Side key, press Volume Up and Down in fast succession. Keep on until the Apple logo flashes and your computer restarts.

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Delete the update and retry

You might try to uninstall the said update from your computer and start from scratch if a hard reset doesn’t fix the problem. To find and uninstall the update, go to Settings, ‘General,’ and then ‘iPhone Storage’. Restart your device once it is removed and go to Settings > ‘General’ > ‘Software Update’ to check for the update again.

Try a Device Firmware Update

The mother of all cleanup drives is a System Firmware Update (DFU), as it deletes all the code on your Apple iPhone and demands the server to update it with the new software. Before continuing, please be sure to backup your devices.

To get the DFU to work, you’ll need to connect your phone to a PC. So, connect your phone to your device using a USB cable before following the step below.

First, press Volume Down and Volume Up successively to bring your iPhone in DFU mode, iPhone 8 and newer, before keeping down the side key. Click and hold the Volume Down key and the Side key simultaneously until the screen goes blank. Release the Side key after about five seconds, but continue to hold the Volume Down key until iTunes or Finder on Mac displays the computer. Release the Volume Down button and you can install the new program.

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Let the servers have a breather

Apple servers are overstrained with upgrade requests whenever a new version of iOS is released, which inevitably results in significant delay and frustration. So, after following all the steps above, if you still can’t get in, it’d be best to wait and let Apple take care of the problem.

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