Meaning Of WhatsApp Vacation Mode And How To Get It,whatsapp vacation mode,whatsapp vacation mode 2020,whatsapp vacation mode android,whatsapp vacation mode iphone, WPFaqhub

Although everyone is stuck at home at the moment, there is nothing else to do than talking with your friends and watching Netflix at binge. WhatsApp has more than two billion users worldwide who use the app regularly to keep in touch with their friends and families. WhatsApp has constantly pushed updates out; from integrating the rooms to helping users detect fake news. We will cover a new feature named ‘Vacation Mode’ in this post. Here’s what you need to remember.

What is Vacation mode on WhatsApp?

Meaning Of WhatsApp Vacation Mode And How To Get It,whatsapp vacation mode,whatsapp vacation mode 2020,whatsapp vacation mode android,whatsapp vacation mode iphone, WPFaqhub

Yeah, we’ve all spent so much time on social media we could use a break. Although taking a break from your phone is certainly necessary, sometimes you need a break from some people, too. And that’s why WhatsApp is working on a new ‘Vacation Mode’ feature.

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You must remember, however, that this is not an official name for the feature, and that in your WhatsApp app you might not see something called ‘Vacation mode.’ Instead, inside the ‘Archived Conversations’ tab, it’s only a few settings that let you turn off notifications for those chats. The screenshot above shows the two settings that you get as an unofficially named vacation mode par, allowing you to be free of alerts from chats that you have archived.

Vacation Mode was first spotted back in 2018 by good guys over at WEBetaInfo. The feature gained some traction over the years but then was suddenly scrapped from the beta program. Now with the latest update in WhatsApp Beta, WaBetainfo has broken down the code to learn that that Vacation mode may actually make it to our apps!

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Vacation mode is built along the idea of Archived chats. The feature lets you create a separate section for all your archived chats. This way you have control over which chats stay archived and which don’t. Vacation mode adds much-needed notification settings for archived chats. You will be able to edit the notification settings of the archived chats to change which chats show notifications and which don’t.

Additionally, there will be a new function that lets you auto-hide old chats old inactive chats and adds them to the archive folder.

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What’s wrong with WhatsApp’s archive feature?

Possibly you already know WhatsApp actually has an archive feature. For years now this feature has been a part of the app. The feature of archiving lets you hide a chat from your main chats page with a person. Now this in no way deletes the conversation, but only covers it from your view.

One major flaw with the feature, though, is that you always receive a notification when you receive a response from the guy, and the chat reappears. This kind of destroys a conversation that has been archived for purpose. There’s no way to monitor WhatsApp ‘s individual notification settings of archived chats.

Vacation Mode vs Archiving

Vacation Mode would essentially be a redesign of the existing archiving functionality of WhatsApp. Currently it actually disappears from your conversation when you delete a message. You need to scroll down into the bottom of your list to access your archived chats. That is pretty tired and inefficient. Vacation Mode solves this issue by straightening the archived button to the top of your chat list.

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When you browse our archived chats you will find that there are no unique settings named for them. Other than the option to unarchive the conversation, there is not much you can do. Vacation Mode brings new settings that allow you to modify the actions of the archived chats on your account.

With Vacation Mode, you can toggle if you would like to receive new messages updates in archived chats. This was a significant setting missing from the present feature of WhatsApp ‘s Database. When toggled off, you won’t be interrupted by any alerts that you get in the archived chats. You can also auto-hide inactive chats by another setting. Chats are moved to the archive folder and are inactive for 6 months. You can always access them, and change their settings for notification.

What is the ‘Auto-hide inactive chats’ feature?

The ‘Auto-hide Inactive Chats’ is a setting that is applied as part of the Vacation mode functionality to the archived chats folder. WhatsApp will automatically archive all of your chats and groups which have been inactive for six months or more when activated. All those chats will be pushed to the top of the chats list in the new Archive folder. It is uncertain at present whether that would prevent these chats from displaying alerts.

Can you get Vacation Mode on your Android or iPhone device?

Vacation mode is actually hidden within the new version of WhatsApps Beta. There is no release date on when the feature is going to go live. WhatsApp hasn’t even announced when its beta testers will have the function enabled. The best you can do is enter the Test Programme. That way you’ll be the first to get the feature when it’s available.

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How to join WhatsApp Beta

Before entering the WhatsApp Beta programme, you should know that the app’s Test updates are typically unstable. So make sure that you’re alert for system crashes, missing features, etc. Joining the Beta program will replace a beta version of the existing stable WhatsApp app. Don’t worry, at any stage you can still return to stable edition.

To join the Beta program simply follow this link and click ‘Become a tester’.

Meaning Of WhatsApp Vacation Mode And How To Get It,whatsapp vacation mode,whatsapp vacation mode 2020,whatsapp vacation mode android,whatsapp vacation mode iphone, WPFaqhub

Your app on your device should automatically be updated with the latest Beta version of the app. If not, simply locate the WhatsApp app on the Google Play Store and hit ‘Update’.

What do you think about the latest holiday mode feature that will hit WhatsApp soon? In the comments below please let us know

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