Snapchat has become one of today’s most successful outlets for social media. It gives you the opportunity to send timed messages and snaps that help you stay linked without jeopardizing your private data with your friends and family. Snapchat has built a powerful community around the site that also uses short-form videos to generate new content.

Not only this, but the website also has a lot of acronyms for common words to help make it easier to communicate with each other. You’ve probably come across WYO if you’ve been using Snapchat for a while. Let’s take a look at it quickly.

What does WYO mean?

WYO is an acronym that translates to ‘What you doing’. It is a term used by individuals to ask each other about their plans and whether they will be up for business during the period. WYO is usually used to discuss plans among friends and particularly comes your way if you are on a vacation or leaving your job.

Where is WYO used

WYO is used in the following examples

  • When you want someone to talk about their plans,
  • When you want to ask someone what they are doing at the moment,
  • When you would like to make arrangements for the day with somebody
  • The subtext of WYO switches to a greeting when you meet up with others, so
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You may have found that WYO is very similar to WYD, if you are aware of acronyms, and that’s true. It is mainly used in the same situations as WYD and varies only in the sense that it is mostly used instead of catching up on the text with a friend to make new plans.

How to use WYO

On Snapchat, you can use WYO in many ways. Let’s look at some of the most prevalent ones.


In order to make it look that you are doing outrageous things, Snapchat has introduced new features where your face is superimposed on different animations. To give a WYO to your mates, you can use Cameos. Just enter WYO in the text field and press the ‘Cameo’ button to the right of you. Choose the cameo you deem fitting and simply send it to the contact in question.


Using stickers is another way to say WYO to your friends. There’s a large set of stickers in Snapchat that you can use to highlight your snaps. For WYO, there are dedicated stickers that mean you can add them to a Snap and give them to your mates. You can give them your picture in this way, as well as help them inquire about their plans.

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With nothing fancy and no hoops to jump through, the old tried and tested form. Only type in WYO for your contact in question and send them to make new plans. If you feel a little fancy, you can add the same WYO text to a Snap and also give it to your contact. If you are already at an event or party where you want to taunt your mate, this can come in extremely handy.

Some other acronyms similar to WYO

Here are some more similar acronyms that will encourage you to spice up your regular conversations on Snapchat with friends and family.


WYD stands for ‘What you’re doing’ and is a way for users on Snapchat to inquire what’s up with others. For this acronym, there are dedicated stickers and cameos that can help you make the most out of it on Snapchat.


LMK stands for ‘Let me know’ and is used to submit updates or to conclude discussions. It is usually used in casual deals and classifieds where you are going to meet someone for an online listing. LMK is often used to update someone’s plans and then ask someone for their opinion.


DYK stands for ‘Did You Know’ and is a way for your friends to share information. It can also be used to share rumors or simply informing them about new developments that might be important to them. DYK is a very commonly used acronym that is often used on Snapchat TV by news outlets to save space and convey a news item.

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We hope this guide has helped you learn everything you need to know on Snapchat about WYO. If you would like to know more acronyms, then feel free to suggest them in the comments section below. 

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