Driving an automobile is not just a way to commute from one location to another, for some, it’s more than that! Whether you’re traveling solo or head out for a road trip with your friends or family, your car becomes your second home at that moment. It gives us that unbeatable pleasure when you’re behind the wheel, your hands are on the steering wheel, like a whole new experience when you take some time off from everything else that’s going around.

So, if you’re one of them who loves driving the car more than anything and if you surely consider yourself an automobile fanatic, here are some of the best car gadgets for you to make your journeys more entertaining and convenient. With the help of technology and these must have car accessories you can make your next road trip much livelier!

Let’s take a quick look at these best car gizmos that are a die-hard need for every driving enthusiast.

Roav Bolt

Must Have Gadgets for your Car, WPFaqhub
Image Source: Android Central

Whether it’s Amazon Echo or Google Home, the world is going crazy about smart assistants. So, why not have one for your car as well? Yes, that’s right! Roav Bolt is empowered with Google Assistant and is a personalized smart assistant for your car to make your journeys more convenient and safer. From streaming your favorite music to navigating directions to staying update about the weather, Roav Bolt can allow you to do so much with your simple voice commands, while you can keep your hands on the wheel without distractions. Roav Bolt charger features a high sensitivity mic that makes sure it perfectly listens to whatever you say in one go so that you don’t have to repeat twice while driving.

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Thule Motion Roof Box

Must Have Gadgets for your Car, WPFaqhub
Image Source: The Roof Box Company

When you’re planning a road trip, it’s really important to think about how you will accommodate the luggage. And especially if you have a full house of jam-packed members along, then adjusting all their luggage in the back can involve so much of hassle. In this case, all you need is a spacious and trendy Thule roof motion box that will carry pounds of luggage, when you and your friends and family can sit relaxed inside the car making the most of your journey.

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Zus Smart Tire Safety Monitor

Must Have Gadgets for your Car, WPFaqhub
Image Source: Amazon

Nothing is more annoying than fixing a punctured tire in the middle of nowhere, right? So, if you don’t want the road trip to get interrupted by any unwanted trouble, owning a smart tire safety monitor is a must. With Zus smart tire monitor, you can conveniently keep a track of all the wheels via your smartphone and make sure that the pressure is accurate in all the tires of your vehicle. This amazing safety tire monitor is also capable of detecting slow leaks and drops real-time notification alerts allowing you to stay in total control during the ride.

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Mirror Dash Camera

Must Have Gadgets for your Car, WPFaqhub
Image source: Geekbuying

Aren’t the journeys more interesting than the destination? Yes, we know you will strongly agree with us on this one! Agree or not, but we do make a lot of good memories during our car journeys and if you wish to cherish them forever, you do need YI Mirror Dash Camera that captures all your fun moments. This highly integrated mirror cam comes with a high-resolution front camera, and it can be easily attached to your existing rear-view mirror without any hassle..

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Cooluli Portable Thermo Electric System

Must Have Gadgets for your Car, WPFaqhub

When you’re planning a car journey, one cannot definitely forget about the food and beverages, right? And nothing is as good as Cooluli portable thermoelectric cooling and warming system that can be placed rightly on your backseat armrest. It can be plugged to your car’s lighter system for power consumption and be your ultimate companion for road trip adventures.

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