WhatsApp has its benefits and its contras. On the one hand, it’s one of the simplest devices to use for calling and texting, and on the other, it’s lacking in certain areas like privacy. Anyone can send you a message on WhatsApp if they have your number. They’ll also see if you’ve read the message, or not. Luckily with the help of read receipts you can restrict that. Find out what receipts read are, and whether or not you can disable them.

What Is Read Receipts on What­sApp Should You Turn Them Off, WPFaqhub

Disabling read receipts affects check marks and message information on WhatsApp. The behavior varies according to the individual status of chats, groups and WhatsApp. Let’s see what check marks in WhatsApp mean, and how they will be impacted by disabling read receipts.

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On WhatsApp chats you’ll see three forms of checkmarks (or ticks) – single, double, and blue. The single grey checkmark in individual chats means the message has been sent from your side. Two grey check marks indicate that the receiver received the message successfully. And, the two blue checkmarks mean your message has been read by the receiver.

What Is Read Receipts on What­sApp Should You Turn Them Off, WPFaqhub
What Is Read Receipts on What­sApp Should You Turn Them Off, WPFaqhub

The meaning of the checkmarks changes slightly in whatsApp groups. A single checkmark indicates the message has been sent from your hand, but it is yet to be received by one of the community participants (might be due to communication issues). Similarly, double checkmarks will appear when the message is passed to all members of the group. Finally, the blue checkmarks mean that your message has been read by all Members.

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If you don’t see blue check marks next to your messages sent, it might mean the person didn’t see your message. We may be having issues with the network or their phone may be off. But if you’re certain none of them is true, they might have disabled or blocked you from reading receipts.


The receipts are the checkmarks that appear next to your sent messages. Read receipts is a feature of WhatsApp that lets you hide or show blue checkmarks and message information (delivery and read time).

If someone on WhatsApp sends you a personal message and you read it, only then do they see two blue check marks next to the post. You can also see the exact time by clicking on the I icon at which you read the message. But the read receipts can be disabled.


Let’s see how read receipts impact individual chats, groups, status, and voice messages in WhatsApp.

How Read Receipts Affect Individual Chats

In WhatsApp settings, when you disable read receipts, the sender will see only two grey checkmarks instead of blue for the messages you’ve read. Once you read the WhatsApp message, they won’t be able to display the instance timestamp, so only the delivery time will be visible.

What Is Read Receipts on What­sApp Should You Turn Them Off, WPFaqhub

Turning off read receipts helps us read messages from WhatsApp without making it apparent to the other person. But it also has a drawback. Even you forfeit the right to show your own sent messages on read receipts. So if you send Read Receipt messages disabled, you’ll also see two black checkmarks when a message has been read. Similarly, you will not be able to access the read time message. In a nutshell, the read receipts on both sides must be allowed to display the read message information.

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How Read Receipts Can Affect WhatsApp Groups and Status

Disabling read receipts often affects the status of WhatsApp, or a story. When you toggle off reading receipts and seeing the status of someone they won’t know you’ve seen it. That is because your name would be removed from the Viewed by list by disabling read receipts. Sweet, huh? You can now show other people ‘s status without them knowing about it. Hang up. There’s always a downside in here. With read receipts disabled, the names of those who viewed your WhatsApp status will not be available.

When it comes to WhatsApp groups, read receipts do not impact group conversations. So even if your or someone else’s read receipts are turned off, the usual checkmarks and message information will be visible. The blue checkmarks will appear for the sent messages when all the participants have read the message. Tap and hold any sent message followed by tapping on the (i) icon to view Read by information such as delivery and read timings.

How Read Receipts Can Impact Voice Messages

Curiously, voice messages from WhatsApp handle the read receipts strangely. When you send a voice message to a disabled person who has read receipts, blue ticks can always be visible when the person reads the voice message. You will find the time Seen and Played inside of message information.

What Is Read Receipts on What­sApp Should You Turn Them Off, WPFaqhub
What Is Read Receipts on What­sApp Should You Turn Them Off, WPFaqhub

PRO TIP: Send a voice message (can be of 2 seconds) to the person who has disabled read receipts to find out whether they are reading your messages or not.

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Here are the steps to enable or disable read receipts on WhatsApp.

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp on your phone. On Android, tap on the three-dot icon at the top and go to Settings. On iPhone, tap on Settings at the bottom.

What Is Read Receipts on What­sApp Should You Turn Them Off, WPFaqhub

Step 2: Go to Account followed by Privacy.

What Is Read Receipts on What­sApp Should You Turn Them Off, WPFaqhub
What Is Read Receipts on What­sApp Should You Turn Them Off, WPFaqhub

Step 3: Turn off the toggle next to Read receipts.

What Is Read Receipts on What­sApp Should You Turn Them Off, WPFaqhub

NOTE: If you disable read receipts to view someone’s status stealthily and then enable read receipts again before the status expires, the person will know that you have seen the status.


The response hinges on your need. If you don’t want others to know and see when you’ve read their messages, then it will be handy to disable the read receipts. But as already mentioned, you will also lose the right to view receipts for individual chats and status. So if you’re all right with that, go ahead and disable them, and live a quiet life.

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