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20200728 101654 compress63 Reasons Why You See App Not Installed Fix It Easily

While trying to download and install an app with a .apk file extension to your Android phone from somewhere other than Google Play, the error message “Application not installed” is likely to be received. Sometimes even if you download apps from Google Play to Android phone, there would still be an error with Android app that has not been installed. On this note we will teach you and let you know the reasons Methods and simple steps to fix this issue.

20200728 101654 compress63 Reasons Why You See App Not Installed Fix It Easily

Reasons Why Android App Not Installed Error Occurs

  1. Insufficient Storage

If you store too much data on your Android phone, you can’t install the downloaded software on Android, for sure. However, as Android devices are getting more and more storage now, insufficient storage is rarely a reason for not installed error in the Android app. But if your Android device has low storage memory, you’ll get this issue. Watch out for this.

  1. File with corrupted / contaminated software

If you download apps from somewhere other than the Google Play Store, normally app files can’t be installed smoothly on your device. Downloading apps from other platforms is OK, you just need to test the name for the extension and make an effort not to install contaminated files. Make sure you Installed the right extension for your device i.e .apk for Android phones.

  1. Storage Location

Apps perform better when stored in the internal memory of Android devices, and certain apps can only be stored in the internal storage of devices. If you are not saving the device in a suitable spot, it is likely that an error will occur with Android app that has not been enabled. Try to move your application from one storage to the other and test if it’s gonna install, some Application requires a specific storage location for Installing.

  1. SD not Mounted in the Device

While some apps can be downloaded and installed onto an SD card, you will see notification of Android app not enabled as the SD card is not mounted on the device.

  1. Failed storage

Corrupted storage, particularly corrupted SD card, is one of the most popular reasons why Android device not installed error occurs. Unwanted data may contain elements that interrupt the storage location, causing Android device not installed error.

  1. Application Permission

App operations running in the background are configured to not allow third-party apps to be installed, and this is also one explanation why non-installed device error occurs on Android. Go to your device settings, then allow installation of unknown application to enable you install your application.

7. Device Infected with Virus

This sometimes happens unawares, you might not know that your device is been infected with malware or a virus that would hinder your application from being installed. What to do? Kindly scan for virus on your device using some of the best virus scanner for Android, we suggest Avast. This would show you some possible fix for the problem.

8. Application already exist on device

Personally I’ve faced this issue without knowing that I already have an existing version of the app installed on my device. What to do? Check below for fixes.

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Fixes for Android App Not Installed Error

Before trying those solutions below, please delete unwanted apps or files so that your Android phone can have enough storage to install a new app. After that, reboot your device.

Hint 1. Using Google Play Store only

Play Store is a store primarily built for Android apps, and it only features trusted applications. When you only use Google Play Store to download applications, error that has not been activated will rarely occur with the Android app.

See our Google play store fixes here

Hint 2. Mount SD Card

Because your SD card is properly inserted into your Android phone, it can still be unavailable at times. The SD card can be made available by installing SD card. This is how SD card can be installed.

Stage 1. Continue Go to Settings > Download.

Stage two. Tap the Space Info button on Mount SD card.

Restart your computer and try downloading the App now.

Hint 3. Choose App Location Wisely

Users are advised not to tamper with the location of the device and let the device determine where it should be put. Placing the Download inside the phone’s internal storage is always safest.

Hint 4. SD-card format

If Android app fails to install error due to corruption of SD card, formatting of the SD card is required. Nevertheless, please make a backup of the data on the SD card so you don’t have to suffer any data loss.

Go to Settings > Save > SD Card Format. In Tip 2 you mount it with the steps there.

Hint 5. App Permissions

The error not activated in the Android app can be combated after the device permissions have been reset.

Go to Settings > Applications > Restore User Preferences / Update Permissions for Device. After this you can install third-party apps on your phone.

Hint 6. Delete Existing application you’re trying to upgrade or install

Most Android application would not allow you to upgrade an application if there is an existing version of that app on your phone. For example you’re trying to upgrade WhatsApp application you downloaded from the web, (not from Google play store) most times you won’t be able to do that because there’s an existing version of that app installed already.. you just have to delete the formal application before you would be able to install the new version. Make sure to backup existing files before you carry out this step. Secondly you can choose to install via Google play store to fix the issue.

Finally, With this steps we hope you’ve been able to know the reasons and why you’re faced with app not installed problems on Android. Check out our Android problems and there fixes here.

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