Red Dot Orange Dot and Green Dot Meaning, WPFaqhub

For Apple users and fans, this is definitely an exciting time of the year, especially with the launch of the new Apple Watches, iPads, and, of course, the latest iOS 14 update that was released globally on September 16 , 2020. Although several of these changes have been well received, others have caused users to be confused about what they suggest. A significant one is the green, orange , and red dots on the top right of the panel. Ok, there’s nothing to be concerned about. Here’s a quick understanding of the significance of these dots.

What is the green dot on iOS 14?

Well, traditionally, Apple has always been critical in protecting its users’ privacy and protection, and even in the iOS 14 update, they’ve retained this M.O. One of the main insecurities that comes with granting every app camera and microphone permissions is that despite all its promises, you can’t really see if the app is sly and thus breach your privacy.

With the green dot feature, Apple ensures that when an app uses the camera, a user is conscious. So if you see a green dot on your iOS device ‘s top right hand side, you’ll know that the app uses your camera and most importantly, if it breaches your privacy.

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Red Dot Orange Dot and Green Dot Meaning, WPFaqhub

What is the orange dot on iOS 14?

Just as the green dot indicates that your camera is being used, the orange one indicates the microphone on your iOS computer is being used by the app. So if you see the orange dot appearance, bear in mind that your microphone is used for the app you’re on.

Red Dot Orange Dot and Green Dot Meaning, WPFaqhub

What is the red dot on iOS 14?

Well, many users misinterpret the orange dot as a red dot, but what you think is a red dot is actually the orange dot and thus performs the role of reminding you each time the microphone is used on your iOS device.

Not just how awesome iOS 14 is, it is super appreciated, but also how carefully this update has been crafted to make us feel secure. In these times when data protection has begun to seem like a privilege to most of us, Apple ‘s efforts are certainly going in the right direction. It is now our duty as consumers to make sure that we do our part and remain vigilant. So make sure you keep an eye out for the mark, particularly if, at the wrong time, you see it in the wrong spot. Take care and keep safe.

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