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20200806 113218 compress78 Simple Steps to Block Android Games from Access­ing Cel­lu­lar Data and Restrict to Wi-Fi

Most Android games these days are in real-time synchronized with their servers and thus allow you to always be connected to the internet. You have nothing to think about while on Wi-Fi. There are loads of data the ISPs provide on wireless, which is more than enough to play the game. But, if you move from Wi-Fi to cellular data, which is limited to only a few MBs or a Gig at every chance, things get a lot different. These games use a large amount of bandwidth that can easily and later eat up data, and cost money on extended usage.

Restrict Game Data

Already thinking about games with Android, most are played on full screens. The phone could turn to mobile data automatically because of low or no internet connectivity on Wi-Fi and there is no way to say when the turn occurs. Although this is particularly hard to detect on the full screen and before you know it may be too late.

So today , I’m going to talk about a simple Android firewall app that allows you to limit your Android games to Wi-Fi data and deactivate cellular data once and for all. Let’s just take a peek.


We will use a firewall app for the job, but nothing too complex as we just need to block cellular network access to games and nothing more than that. So just download and install NoRoot Data Firewall from the Play Store on your Android device to keep things quick. The software runs on all devices running Android 4.0 or higher, and root access is not needed as the name implies.

No Root Firewall 1
No Root Firewall 8

Upon initialization of the device, you will be asked to offer permission to create a VPN link. Don’t worry, just watching the internet on your phone will be a mock link. Having done that, you’ll see a list of all the apps with the cellular and Wi-Fi icon enabled on your computer. You must press each of the icons and select Allow Connection, otherwise you will be prompted to confirm if an application tries to connect to the Internet.

No Root Firewall 2

Now to block games’ usage of cellular data, look for them in the list and tap on the cellular icon next to them. You will get a few options where you need to select Restrict Data.

No Root Firewall 3
No Root Firewall 4

Okay, all of that! All games installed in the firewall settings will be disabled in the cellular data from now on, and will only operate on Wi-Fi. You can disable the app, and it will function in the background, but only fire up the device manually in case you reboot your phone and don’t see the VPN icon in the status bar.

No Root Firewall 5
No Root Firewall 7


There are several additional features in the app that also makes it ideal for a standalone firewall app. Some apps include:

  1. You can block only the background data for an app when it’s connected to Wi-Fi or 3G data and thus minimize the overall data usage of the device.
  2. If you have not granted internet access to all the apps by default, you will get a notification whenever any apps are trying to connect to the internet.
  3. There are various profiles you can make like different profiles for Roaming and Gaming which will help in quickly changing the rules by a single tap.
  4. Setup night mode for restricted night data which helps in the conserving battery as well.
  5. Get detailed graphical usage statics of apps on cellular and Wi-Fi data.


Okay, these are only a few features illustrated but you’ve got so much more in the app. So make sure you use the software to block data for other Wi-Fi cellular devices, and have full control over the bandwidth of your network. Should you have any questions about having the right settings, just leave us a note and we will be pleased to help.

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