6 Best Drawing Games For iPad in 2020 5 (1)

To many artists around the world, the Apple Pencil has changed the game, allowing them access to full-blown digital drawing tablets you usually have to pay out thousands of dollars to. And when Catalina rolled in, and we got the chance to use the same sidecar software, Wacom no doubt started to sweat and wring his hands. Suddenly, the iPad/Pencil hybrid was something like a freakin' Cintiq. And the Pencil was no longer just useful for digital drawing-you could instantly use it in non-iOS apps like Blender or 3DS Max for stuff like 3D sculpting.

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Yet when you're done with your job for the day, your clients are satisfied and you feel like going off, what are some of the low key things that you can do with the pencil? The less flashy things? Well, there just happens to be a range of drawing games, not just software, that with yours shiny Pencil you can take a shot on.

Draw Something Classic

Draw Something Classic is sort of the OG of the App Store’s drawing games aisle. There are now two paid versions alongside the free Classic we’re talking about here, and many of you may have already taken a crack of its awkward finger-painting mechanic. Know that the apple pencil makes little difference in terms of stroke quality.

Unlike most other drawing games, it has no pressure sensitivity, so the only way to achieve any form of tapering is to erase the linework edges. That kind of defeats the intent of gestural, energetic lines but is almost inevitable. Nevertheless, the Pencil gives you an unhindered FOV, which obviously feels better than finger painting.

For the uninitiated, gameplay works a lot like Scrabble or Words with Friends 2. Players get a word, they draw it the best they can at their own pace, and send it to another player who will, in turn, make a guess and their own attempt at drawing a random word. It goes back and forth, with both players free to pick it up and put it down at will, making the game great for the super casual player who just wants an excuse to draw.

Draw Something’s biggest feature over similar games like is, while it doesn’t have pressure sensitivity (none of them seem to), it does have better line tracing. It uses more input points to create smoother, less jagged curves.

Download Draw Something Classic: iOS | Android

Draw Climber

The game surprised us with colorful, 3D rendered graphics, but seems to pay a price with frequent freezing. Nothing that makes the game crash, though.

The game is less of a drawing and game, and more a creative and surprisingly fun racing game. Players are nothing more than a block in desperate need of a pair of legs — which is where the drawing comes in.

You draw the legs, in whatever 2-dimensional shape you think is appropriate, which are then attached to axles on the block and spun like a wheel as your block sets off into a varied racecourse full of slopes, stairs, and other obstacles. You’re free to redraw your legs throughout the race to best contend with whatever you run into, making it a fun, active, and creative game.

There is, however, a surprisingly large number of ads, which seems to be a recurring theme across these drawing games. There is one after every single match, and considering they last as long if not longer than the incredibly short matches, it’s a bit of a turnoff. Sure, it’s a free game, but damn. 

Download Draw Climber: iOS | Android

Draw It

In ‘Draw It’, you face off against a couple of other players to draw something that looks enough like something to convince some algorithm. It’s a weird way to conceptualize drawing, especially for those with some training who try to construct realistic forms rather than relying on the symbolic drawing.

You get coins depending on your ranking which can be spent on word packs, increasing the number of words available for you to draw — which may add some variety to the player experience but probably won’t do anything to improve actual gameplay, should it be important to you.

The games are more fast-faced than Draw Something Classic, which increases the frequency of ads. There are a lot of them.

Download Draw It: iOS | Android

Draw Joust

An interesting concept. You’re giving a finite amount of ink with which to draw yourself a jousting cart that supports your rider, connects your seat to wheels, and offers some semblance of protection when you guys lock horns.

Conceptually, it’s a lot of fun. There are a few battle-bots style add-ons that seem to randomly appear in your cart editor, like plows and cannons, that make the super simple gameplay unique. It’s less of a creative endeavor and more an interesting gameplay mechanic, but hey, it’s fun.

But for all the novelty of its concept, Draw Joust suffers the same problem as Draw Climber in the form of incredibly intrusive ads. Drawing takes a couple of seconds, and the matches aren’t much longer — so sitting down to play for 10 minutes involves at least 5 minutes of ads. Which is…. annoying, makes it hard to enjoy the game, and

Download Draw Joust: iOS | Android


While Drawize certainly sports the best interface, with some nice textures and even some actual drawings in the way of a few characters, we were somewhat let down by the fact that we were shown an ad before ever getting to enjoy an actual game.

The game is actually more drawing oriented than the other games, with a couple minutes to complete a piece based on a random word, while other players watch, stroke by stroke, guessing at what it is. This, at least, incentivizes higher quality, more technical drawing skills rather than symbols and allows more creative freedom.

Guessing is actually just as fun as drawing. The online play seems well conceptualized: instead of a game like Draw It, where you’re essentially locked into a speed drawing contest, the competitive side is about who can correctly guess the word first — which feels much more natural.

Download Drawize: iOS | Android

Draw N Guess Multiplayer

Draw N Guess is, as the name suggests, another game where players choose from 1-3 words, ordered by supposed ‘difficulty’, and made to draw them before sending it off to another player to guess at.

It operates almost exactly like Draw Something, where players have the freedom to pick it up when they want and draw for as long as they like. There are no time limits. There are also much fewer bugs than Draw Something Classic, so anyone looking for a free app with the same gameplay might be better inclined to go with Draw N Guess.

Where the game falls short is its line construction. It seems to use fewer points to record strokes, resulting in more jagged lines, especially when trying to implement any level of subtle detail. For many, this won’t matter. It easily allows players to make large, symbolic drawings to get their specific word across. But those looking for more artistic freedom, it finds itself lacking.

Download Draw N Guess: iOS | Android

There! Six ways to show off any meager grasp of the fundamentals you have to strangers and children across the internet. Let us know if any of these did the trick for you.

How to Stop Shar­ing iPhone Notes with iPad and Oth­er Apple Devices 0 (0)

In the sea of all the note-taking apps that are available for iPhone and iPad users, Apple Notes continues to enjoy a loyal fan base, thanks to its simplicity, ease of use, and iCloud integration. As such, notes taken on one Apple device will automatically sync on other devices too including MacBooks. But, what if you don’t want that?

How To Stop Sharing I Phone Notes With I Pad And Other Apple Devices

There can be reasons behind that. Your notes are private, and you don’t want your family members or someone else to read them. Privacy is a fundamental right, digital or not. And, you don’t want them to delete them accidentally.

Apple Notes comes installed on all Apple devices. So if others are using those devices with your Apple ID active on them, they can access those Notes too. Let’s see how you can stop sharing iPhones notes with MacBook, iPad or any other Apple device for good.


With the release of iOS 9.3 came a feature that was much-needed by Apple Notes users. The ability to lock individual notes using a password. Simple but effective. Once you have set a password, no one can access it on any Apple device without entering the password. Notes also supports biometric sign in which makes it a bit more secure.

To do this, go to Settings, tap on Notes and scroll a little down to find Password option.

How To Stop Sharing I Phone Notes With I Pad And Other Apple Devices 1
How To Stop Sharing I Phone Notes With I Pad And Other Apple Devices 2

You will take care of two things here. First, you will set up a password that is random and not familiar to other members of your family. You will then disable the Use Touch ID option. Why? More on that below.

How To Stop Sharing I Phone Notes With I Pad And Other Apple Devices 3

Now, open notes that you want to password protect, tap on the Share icon and tap on Lock Note.

How To Stop Sharing I Phone Notes With I Pad And Other Apple Devices 4
How To Stop Sharing I Phone Notes With I Pad And Other Apple Devices 5

Here is what it looks like.

How To Stop Sharing I Phone Notes With I Pad And Other Apple Devices 6

Remember here that all the notes, password protected or not, will still be synced across the devices. Users will need a password, or your severed finger, to access them. Also, note that some users share iPads or MacBooks and share biometric IDs like fingerprints and Facial recognition (multi-user friendly).

If you have set up two different fingerprints for the same account, one yours and one that of your SO, he/she would still be able to open password protected notes. A simple solution is to turn off biometrics and depend on passwords only.


Apple has provided ways to protect your notes. The On My iPhone option, when toggled on, will localize all the notes in the selected folder and prevent it from syncing with other Apple devices.

Go to Settings and Tap on Notes. Scroll a little to find the On My iPhone Account option.

How To Stop Sharing I Phone Notes With I Pad And Other Apple Devices 8
How To Stop Sharing I Phone Notes With I Pad And Other Apple Devices 7

If you are using iCloud and are signed in already, the option might be toggled off. If you are not, then the option will be toggled on by default. Apple uses iCloud to sync data across devices which brings us to our final tip.

How To Stop Sharing I Phone Notes With I Pad And Other Apple Devices 9
How To Stop Sharing I Phone Notes With I Pad And Other Apple Devices 10

Go back to Notes and try creating a new folder. You will get a choice to create and keep the folder On My iPhone or in iCloud. All the notes in that folder will follow the same rule. Gives you more option when using Notes with family members.

How To Stop Sharing I Phone Notes With I Pad And Other Apple Devices 11

As you must have noticed, it automatically creates a new default Notes folder under On My iPhone, but you can create more as you like.


As noted earlier, Apple uses iCloud to sync notes and other data across the Apple universe. That means that if you stop syncing your Apple Notes app with iCloud, none of your notes will leave your device.

When you turn off iCloud sync for Notes, you will see an option to turn off sync for iPad, Mac, and any other device that you have in sync with the same Apple ID.

Go to Settings, tap on your name and then select iCloud.

How To Stop Sharing I Phone Notes With I Pad And Other Apple Devices 12
How To Stop Sharing I Phone Notes With I Pad And Other Apple Devices 13

When you disable iCloud sync, you will see a popup that will remind you that doing so will delete all notes already synced in iCloud. Notes will be removed from your device and not from iCloud. Don’t get worked up there.

How To Stop Sharing I Phone Notes With I Pad And Other Apple Devices 14

Make sure to save important notes in the local folder before you go ahead. To do so, go back to Notes app, left-swipe on each note you want to keep locally, and tap on the folder option.

How To Stop Sharing I Phone Notes With I Pad And Other Apple Devices 15
How To Stop Sharing I Phone Notes With I Pad And Other Apple Devices 16

You can now choose to save that note in a local folder. Repeat these steps for all other notes.

How To Stop Sharing I Phone Notes With I Pad And Other Apple Devices 17

Also remember that if you want to be selective about the notes you want to sync, you will have to keep iCloud sync on and use the second option discussed above instead.

What about backups? If you are storing notes locally and iCloud backup is toggled on, all your notes will be stored in the cloud but won’t appear on other Apple devices.

You can also use iTunes to back up all notes to your laptop or desktop.


Apple Notes often gets less credit than it deserves. Sure it lacks all the bells and whistles, but Apple never wanted that. Apple is known for creating apps that work, follow the principles of minimalism, and offer plenty of options to manage settings

How to Adjust Video Alignment on iPhone and iPad (2020) 0 (0)

No matter how good you are at recording videos, you would agree to the fact that a slight unexpected tilt may have messed up quite a few of your amazing clips. That’s just an order of the day and we all have come across it at some point or the other. But how do you adjust video alignment on your iPhone and iPad so that it can become pleasing to watch? Well, thanks to a video-editing tool baked right into the stock photos app, aligning and straightening clips have become pretty straightforward.

How to Align and Straighten Clips on iPhone and iPad

The native video editing tool is more than handy for fixing unaligned clips on iOS. So, at any time you come across a video that looks messed up, you can use it to fine-tune the perspective right from inside your photo library.

One thing worth keeping in mind before getting started with the steps is that the new video editing tools are available in iOS 13 or later. So, ensure that your device has the right iOS version installed.

  1. Launch Photos app on your iPhone.

Open Photos app on your iPhone

2. Now, open the video which you wish to align.

Select the video you want to edit

3. Next, tap on the Edit button located at the top right corner of the screen.

Tap on Edit at the top right corner

4. Next up, hit the cropping tool at the bottom right corner.

Tap on the cropping tool

5. Up next, you have three different alignment tools to choose from: Straighten, Vertical, and Horizontal alignment.

Use the video alignment tools

Align Your Video Using Straightening Tool

The straightening tool (first of the three) comes in handy when you want to perfectly adjust the tilted video. Simply, tap on the straightening tool and then drag the slider to fine-tune the alignment as desired.

use the straightening tool

Align Your Video Using Vertical Alignment Tool

To get the vertical alignment right, tap on the Vertical alignment tool (second of the three) and then use the slider to adjust it. Though it tends to slightly skew the video, you can take advantage of the grid to align the clip precisely.

Vertical video alignment

Align Your Video Using Horizontal Alignment Tool

If you want to adjust the video along the horizontal axis, use the horizontal alignment tool. Simply tap on the horizontal alignment tool and then use the slider to fine-tune the perspective.

Horizontal alignment

Pro Tips: 

  • While adjusting the video alignment, keep a tab on the level of adjustment for each effect which is represented by the yellow outline around the button. Use it to figure out which effects have been increased or decreased. Moreover, you can also tap on each button to switch between the edited effect and the original one.
  • If you have an iPhone with an ultra-wide camera, you can use the area captured outside of the camera frame to automatically adjust perspective and alignment.
  • Further, you should see a blue Auto icon above the photo when the automatic adjustment is done. 
  • There is a Reset button at the top center which you can use to get rid of all the unwanted changes and start afresh.

Once you have perfectly aligned videos on your iOS device, make sure to tap on Done at the bottom right corner of the screen to finish.

Align & Straighten Videos on Your iOS or iPadOS Device Like a Pro

So, that’s the way you can straighten and fine-tune the perspective of your videos on iOS and iPadOS devices. For basic video editing where you just have to adjust alignment or beautify your shots using a variety of filters, the built-in video editor is more than capable. What do you think of it? And where do you find it as compared to the third-party offerings? Feel free to put forward your thoughts in the comments below.

Simple Steps to Remove Books from iPhone and iPad 0 (0)

On the iPhone and iPad, Apple Books (formerly iBooks) makes reading digital books a joy. A refined user interface, an automatic dark mode, and adjustable background colors translate into a phenomenal experience. However, there comes that day when it’s time to clean up shop, especially once you've accumulated lots of books.

Remove Books From Books App Iphone Ipad Featured

Permanently removing purchased books (even freebies count as purchases) is not possible. Thankfully, the Books app still lets you get rid of books (both downloads and book covers) from your iOS device pretty easily. And if you prefer alternate eBook reader apps, you can also choose to remove the Books app itself.

NOTE: Removing PDFs requires a different approach. Check out the Deleting PDF Files section further below for specific instructions.


Removing downloaded books from the Books app helps free up space, and is a pretty good idea when you are really crunched for storage. Regardless, removed books will continue to show up (as placeholders) within the app. That means you can keep on managing your collections without missing out on anything.

Step 1: Open the Books app, and then locate the book that you want to remove from within the Library. Usually, it helps to filter out your books from other items — to do that, bring up the Collections menu, and then tap Books.

Remove Books From Books App Iphone Ipad 2

Step 2: Tap the More icon (three dots) to the lower-right corner of the book that you want to remove. On the menu that shows up, tap Remove.

Remove Books From Books App Iphone Ipad 4

Step 3: Tap the option labeled Remove Download.

Remove Books From Books App Iphone Ipad 5

That should prompt the app to remove the downloaded book from your iPhone or iPad. Since the book cover is still present within your Library and Reading Now sections, all it takes is a single tap to re-download it.

Remove Books From Books App Iphone Ipad 6

TIP: A tiny cloud-shaped icon to the lower-left side of a removed book denotes the fact that it's a simple placeholder.


When it comes to getting rid of a book covers or preventing others from checking them, then merely removing the downloaded book won't cut it. It's impossible to permanently get rid of a purchased item. However, the Books app lets you hide your purchased items — that works too! Further, you can unhide it at any time.

Step 1: Tap the More icon underneath a book, and then tap Remove.

Remove Books From Books App Iphone Ipad 7

Step 2: Tap Hide Book. This prompts the Books app to remove both the downloaded book and its cover.

Remove Books From Books App Iphone Ipad 8

NOTE: You can also perform this action on placeholder book covers. In that case, you'll only see the Hide Book option.

Step 3: To unhide a hidden book, tap the profile icon on the Reading Now section.

Remove Books From Books App Iphone Ipad 9

Step 4: Tap Manage Hidden Purchases, and then insert your Apple ID credentials to proceed.

Remove Books From Books App Iphone Ipad 10

Step 5: Tap UNHIDE next to a book, and it should show up within the Library immediately.

Remove Books From Books App Iphone Ipad 12

Do keep in mind that you need to re-download the book after unhiding it — simply tap on its cover to do so.


Apple Books also doubles up as an excellent PDF reader and annotation tool. You can save PDFs from web browsers and other apps onto it directly. All items are then synced to iCloud automatically, which means that you have access to them across devices.

For those files that you'd rather remove, you can delete them and keep placeholder covers within the app (akin to removed book downloads). Since there are no purchases involved, the Books app also provides the ability to get rid of them permanently. You can download them again from iCloud later on.

Step 1: Locate the PDF that you want to remove. To distinguish them from your books, filter them out using the Collections menu from within the Library.

Remove Books From Books App Iphone Ipad 13

Step 2: Tap the More icon underneath a PDF, and then tap Remove.

Remove Books From Books App Iphone Ipad 26

Step 3: On the menu that you are presented with, either tap Remove Download to remove the PDF while leaving a placeholder cover behind, or tap Delete Everywhere to permanently remove the PDF from all of your devices, including iCloud.

Remove Books From Books App Iphone Ipad 14

WARNING: Using the Delete Everywhere option removes PDFs permanently. You can't download them from iCloud afterward.


Obviously, having a large library means that removing or hiding books individually can be tedious and time-consuming. Thankfully, you can remove multiple book downloads or hide them in a single go.

Step 1: Start off by tapping the Edit option.

Remove Books From Books App Iphone Ipad 24

Step 2: Select the books that you want to remove, and then tap the Trash icon — on the menu that shows up, select the action that you want to perform.

Remove Books From Books App Iphone Ipad 25

The same method applies for removing or deleting PDFs in bulk as well.


Despite being a stock iOS app, removing the Books app itself is also possible. You have two ways to do that — either by deleting or offloading the app. The former removes the Books app completely, including any books and PDFs. However, the latter removes the app but keeps your data intact.

If you are looking to free up a lot of space in a hurry or simply want to switch eBook readers, then deleting the Books app is a feasible option. Offloading, on the other hand, works best if you want to remove the app temporarily — you'll still have access to your books and PDFs whenever you re-install the app without having to download them again.

Step 1: On the Settings app of your iPhone or iPad, tap General, and then tap iPhone/iPad Storage.

Remove Books From Books App Iphone Ipad 23

Step 2: From among the list of apps that appear, select Books.

Remove Books From Books App Iphone Ipad 15

Step 3: Either tap Delete App to remove the Books app including all locally downloaded books and PDFs, or use the Offload App option to remove the app while keeping your library intact.

Remove Books From Books App Iphone Ipad 16

To re-download the Books app later, search for it on the App Store. If you offloaded the app, then you can also tap on the Books icon on the Home screen to download it again.


Do you want to stop other users (part of iCloud Family Group) from purchasing new books or cluttering up your Library without your permission? Or do you find yourself wasting too much time messing around the Book Store instead of actually reading your books? Why not make use of Screen Time restrictions to remove the Book Store from the Books app? You'll still have access to all your existing books, but the ability to check out new books or make new purchases is removed.
NOTE: Screen Time is available only iPhones and iPads running iOS 12.0 and up.

Step 1: On the Settings app, tap Screen Time, and then tap Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Remove Books From Books App Iphone Ipad 19

NOTE: Consider setting up a Screen Time passcode to stop other users from modifying the restrictions. Use the Set Up Screen Time Passcode option within the Screen Time panel to do that.

Step 2: Tap Allowed Apps.

Remove Books From Books App Iphone Ipad 20

Step 3: Turn off the toggle next to Books.

Remove Books From Books App Iphone Ipad 21

After restricting the Book Store, you should no longer see the Book Store tab within the Books app.

Remove Books From Books App Iphone Ipad 22

To enable the Book Store at a later time, go back to the Allowed Apps screen within Screen Time, and then turn on the toggle next to Books.


So that’s how you deal with unwanted books and PDFs on the Books app. Understandably, some of you out there are vying for a way to remove purchased books permanently. But hiding books work as a fine alternative, and there's no doubt that Apple is thinking along the same lines by implementing such as feature within the app.

Simple Steps to Dis­able Screen Record­ing on iPhone and iPad 0 (0)

The Screen Recording feature on your iPhone or iPad can be useful in several ways. Most likely one is to share a complex set of instructions with a complete non-techie. Or maybe you want to capture your awesome gaming skills in action. And no matter what, the Screen Recording button is only a couple of swipes and taps away.

Iphone Disable Screen Recording Featured

Though it's quite a useful feature, it may not appeal to everyone. For example, you may rarely use the feature, and Screen Recording just ends up wasting screen real-estate on your Control Center. Not just that, it may also pose issues in terms of both privacy and security. Especially if you shared iPhone and iPad with others or in a testing environment. And then there’s the whole matter with kids — do you want them to have access to such a feature?

Below, we'll discuss several methods to remove Screen Recording from the Control Center. Also, you can as far as restricting it from running entirely. If you are a parent, you can also find a useful tip on how to manage the feature remotely.


The Screen Recording control when left unused simply uses space on the Control Center. If it gets in your way when attempting to select or interact with another item (that's definitely not fun), then it’s possible to prevent it from showing up there.

Step 1: Open the Settings app.

Iphone Ipad Disable Screen Recording 1

Step 2: Tap Control Center, and then tap Customize Controls.

Iphone Ipad Disable Screen Recording 2

Step 3: Under the INCLUDE section, tap the red-colored icon in front of Screen Recording.

Iphone Ipad Disable Screen Recording 3

Step 4: Tap Remove to confirm your action.

Iphone Ipad Disable Screen Recording 4

That’s it. The Screen Recording control button won’t show up on the Control Center anymore. To re-enable it later, head back to the Customize Control Center screen, and then tap the green-colored plus icon in front of the Screen Recording displayed under MORE CONTROLS.

Iphone Ipad Disable Screen Recording 5

While you are at it, how about adding some useful options to the Control Center?


When you have to share your devices, Screen Recording can also act as a nuisance. If you don't like other users choking up your Camera Roll with random screen recordings, then you can disable the feature completely. Sadly, it's easy to undo that, and you can't stop anyone from re-enabling it on the Control Center. Thankfully, that's where built-in Screen Time functionality of iOS helps you impose a restriction on the feature.

NOTE: Screen Time is available from iOS 12 and above. If you are still using iOS 11 or iOS 10 on your iPhone or iPad, the following set of restrictions can be found under Settings > General > Restrictions.

Step 1: Open the Settings app, and then tap Screen Time. On the Screen Time panel, tap Content & Privacy Settings.

Iphone Ipad Disable Screen Recording 6

TIP: To stop others from modifying your restrictions without your consent, consider setting up a Screen Time passcode. The option to do that is present within the Screen Time panel itself.

Step 2: Tap Content Restrictions. If you don't see the option, turn on the switch next to Content & Privacy Restrictions to unhide it.

Iphone Ipad Disable Screen Recording 7

Step 3: Under GAME CENTER, tap Screen Recording.

Iphone Ipad Disable Screen Recording 8

Step 4: Tap Don’t Allow, and then exit the Settings app. The Screen Recording control should no longer work, even if it is enabled within the Control Center.

Iphone Ipad Disable Screen Recording 9

Annoying users aside, another reason why you may want to restrict Screen Recording lies due to privacy and security concerns. For example, if you download and experiment with various apps, or if you are involved in Apple’s TestFlight program, then you need to consider the potential implications of that.

A possible testing feature might spoof sensitive information by recording your screen without your explicit permission. While the chances of this happening in practice are slim, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Screen Recording opens up whole other dimension of issues with parental controls. Can you trust your child’s judgment to decide what to record and share with others? If there’s doubt, it’s up to you to determine whether he or she should use the feature.

For starters, you can simply restrict Screen Recording via Screen Time by interacting with your child's iPhone or iPad directly and securing it with a passcode (as already discussed above). You can also do that remotely provided your child's device is linked to your iOS device via iCloud Family Sharing.

To do that, tap your profile within the Settings app, and then tap Family Sharing. During the process, you need to set up a Screen Time passcode for each family member that you add, which you must then use whenever you manage those devices remotely.

Iphone Ipad Disable Screen Recording 10

After adding your child's account, tap your child's name from under FAMILY within the Screen Time panel, and you should be able to access a dedicated set of restrictions employable on your child's device. The options are similar to those on your iPhone or iPad, so you shouldn't run into any issues figuring things out.

Iphone Ipad Disable Screen Recording 11

Screen Time also brings a host of other remote management features, ranging from blocking apps completely, restricting in-app purchases, to configuring the amount of time spent on a particular app.


The native Screen Recorder in iOS negates the need to install any ad-ridden third-party screen recording apps on your iPhone or iPad. Also, it is a far better alternative to screenshots. But as you saw above, there are lots of circumstances where it's best to restrict the feature.

Kudos to Apple for providing the ability to disable screen recording so easily. After that, you get a spot for adding something else on Control Center and no more accidental screen recording videos in your Photo gallery.

Easiest Method to Save a PDF to Books on iPhone and iPad 0 (0)

All major web browsers on the iPhone and iPad render PDFs quite well. But reading lengthy documents isn’t feasible since they severely lack any of the features that a decent PDF reader provides. And since iOS already offers superb PDF viewing capabilities in the form of the Books app, the most sensible move is to copy PDFs that you come across over to it.

Save Pdf To Books Iphone Ipad Featured

While the Share Sheet on your web browser does feature the option to download PDFs to the Books app, the actual procedure can often feel confusing due to stark differences in user interfaces among browsers. Below, you are going to find out exactly how you must go about saving a PDF to the Books app on five major browsers on iOS — Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera Mini.


For quite a while Safari, the default browser on iPhone and iPad, had a very convenient ‘Open in iBooks’ option whenever you loaded up a PDF. However, that changed with iOS 11, where the option was integrated into the browser's Share Sheet instead. And with Apple renaming iBooks to Books starting iOS 12, the Open in Books option now occupies the same space as well.

On the iPhone, bring up the Share Sheet by tapping the Share icon to the bottom of the screen.

Save Pdf To Books Iphone Ipad 1

Swipe the upper row of the Share Sheet to the left, and you should see a Copy to Books option. Tap it, and the PDF should copy and launch in the Books app automatically.

Save Pdf To Books Iphone Ipad 2

After opening the PDF, you can switch back to Safari and continue browsing. The PDF that you saved is accessible any time by tapping PDFs within the Library section of the Books app.

Save Pdf To Books Iphone Ipad 17

On the iPad, the procedure is the same, except that the Share icon is located to the upper-right corner of Safari.


Chrome for iOS didn’t feature an option to save PDFs locally to the Books app, let alone anywhere, for a long time. Thankfully, that changed a while back, and it's more than possible to download a PDF now. But the process can feel somewhat confusing since the Share Sheet that's accessible using the Share icon listed next to the URL bar doesn’t actually feature a Copy to Books option.

Instead, tap the screen briefly after opening the PDF, and you should see an OPEN IN link show up to the lower-right corner of the browser.

Save Pdf To Books Iphone Ipad 4

Tap it, and a separate Share Sheet will show up. Tap Copy to Books on the upper row to save the PDF to the Books app.

Save Pdf To Books Iphone Ipad 5


Firefox doesn’t feature a readily accessible Share icon, nor an OPEN IN option like Chrome. So how do you save a PDF to the Books app? See that Horizontal Ellipsis (three-dots) icon on the address bar? Tap it, and then tap the Share Page With… option on the drop-down menu.

Save Pdf To Books Iphone Ipad 6

On the upper row of the Share Sheet, tap Copy to Books, and voila! The PDF should be saved to the Books app.

Save Pdf To Books Iphone Ipad 7

TIP: Use the Create PDF option on the Share Sheet to perform annotations before saving it to the Books app.


Microsoft Edge, one of latest browsers to debut on iOS, packs nifty features and is pretty decent compared to Safari. And to make matters even better, you have two ways that you can make use of to bring up the Share Sheet that features the option to copy over a PDF to the Books app.

On iPhone, tap the Horizontal Ellipsis (three-dot) icon to the lower-right corner of the screen. On the menu that shows up, tap the Share icon.

Save Pdf To Books Iphone Ipad 9

Tap Save PDF to Books on the Share Sheet and the PDF should copy over to the Books app.

Save Pdf To Books Iphone Ipad 10

On the iPad, the Horizontal Ellipsis icon is located to the upper-right corner of the screen.

Alternatively, tap the screen briefly, and you should see an Open with... option to the upper-right corner of the screen, which you can then tap to bring up the Share Sheet.

Save Pdf To Books Iphone Ipad 12


Opera Mini stands out on iOS thanks to the excellent data saving capabilities that it brings to the table. And just like all of the other web browsers listed above, it provides the ability to save a PDF to the Books app. Start by tapping the Opera icon, located on the lower-right corner on the iPhone or to the upper-right corner on the iPad.

Save Pdf To Books Iphone Ipad 13

On the menu that shows up, tap Share.

Save Pdf To Books Iphone Ipad 14

Tap Save PDF to Books to save the PDF to the Books app.

Save Pdf To Books Iphone Ipad 15

TIP: Use the More option on a Share Sheet to customize it.


The Books app is excellent for reading PDFs. It features a revamped interface compared to the older iBooks app, lets you bookmark pages, and even features a complete set of annotation tools that are a blast to use. And the automatic Dark Mode that toggles itself on and off due to ambient light levels is finely implemented. However, it does fall short when it comes to sharing your PDFs, which sadly is limited just to the Mail app.

Instead, choose to save your PDFs to the Files app. Not only does it provide more flexibility when it comes to sharing and managing your PDFs, but you can also open them easily on any other PDF viewer of your choosing (including the Books app). The Share Sheets on Safari, Chrome, and Edge lets you save PDFs to the Files app directly. On Firefox and Opera Mini, you can save to integrated cloud storage, and still access them via the Files app

Simple Steps to Stop Chrome From Drain­ing the Bat­tery on iPhone and iPad 0 (0)

Don’t get me wrong — I love Chrome for iOS. But Apple’s draconian requirement for all third-parties to adhere to the WebKit standard means that it is always a step behind Safari in terms of performance. That often results in sub-par battery life on the iPhone or iPad since Google did not optimize Chrome for iOS for power efficiency.

Chrome Stop Battery Drain Iphone Ipad Featured Alt

That aside, I have also found that Chrome can often drain the battery faster than it usually does. There is a range of reasons for that to happen, some of them related to issues in general and some associated with the browser itself. So, let’s check them out. Hopefully, you’ll come out the other side with Chrome imposing less of a strain on battery life.NOTE: Consider using the iOS Battery monitoring tool after going through each solution below to determine whether there are any improvements to battery life. Tap 'Battery' within the Settings app to access it.


Force quitting an app sounds like a pretty dumb thing to do, but it's a starting point to fix almost any issue. If you haven’t fully exited Chrome in quite a while, all it takes is a rampant software glitch to develop behind the scenes and eat away at the battery.

To force quit Chrome, swipe up from the bottom of the screen of your iPhone or iPad. Keep your finger pressed momentarily at the center of the screen to bring up the app switcher. Next, select and swipe the Chrome app card upward to force-quit it from memory.

Fire up Chrome and start generally browsing for a while to see if it still drains the battery as it did earlier. If it does, let's dive into other likely solutions.


If force quitting Chrome didn’t stop the browser from draining the battery faster than normal, then it’s time to restart your iPhone or iPad. That flushes redundant app data from memory, and provides a clean slate for Chrome to start working with.

To do that, hold down the Power button for a brief moment, and then swipe across when prompted. On iOS devices without a Home button (iPhone X and newer), press and hold both the Power button and either of the Volume buttons to bring up the Slide to Power Off prompt.

Chrome Stop Battery Drain Iphone Ipad 2

Once your iPhone or iPad shuts down, it’s merely a matter of holding down the Power button again to turn it back on. Start using Chrome for a while and check if there’s a difference to the battery life.


Location Services on the iPhone and iPad is a massive battery hog no matter which app you use. And in this instance, Chrome’s default search engine Google uses it all the time to produce location-based results. Further, you may have also ‘allowed’ various other sites to utilize the functionality to pinpoint your location.

To turn off Location Services for Chrome, use the following steps.

Step 1: Open the iOS Settings app and tap Privacy. On the subsequent screen, tap Location Services, and then tap Chrome.

Chrome Stop Battery Drain Iphone Ipad 3
Chrome Stop Battery Drain Iphone Ipad 4

Step 2: Select Never, and then head back to save your changes.

Chrome Stop Battery Drain Iphone Ipad 5

Chrome can no longer use Location Services after that. And, you are bound to notice a significant difference in battery life consumption from here on out. The downside — less relevant search results and a generally poor experience on sites that rely on the functionality. A worthy trade-off nonetheless, especially since Location Services also poses an issue to your privacy.


Another reason that Chrome can use up battery life rapidly occurs due to an outdated browser cache. Often, redundant cookies and site data can throw off the browser into endless loops when loading sites. Further, tracking cookies can also follow you across sites. That puts an additional strain on your device. You can check if that is the case by clearing your browsing data.

Step 1: Open the Chrome menu (tap three-dot icon), tap Settings, and then tap Privacy. On the Privacy screen, tap Clear Browsing Data.

Chrome Stop Battery Drain Iphone Ipad 6
Chrome Stop Battery Drain Iphone Ipad 7

Step 2: Check the options labeled Browsing Data, Cookies, Site Data, and Cached Images and Files. Finally, tap Clear Browsing Data to get rid of the browser cache.
WARNING: Make sure to leave the Saved Passwords and Autofill Data options unchecked to prevent your passwords and auto-fill data from being deleted.

Chrome Stop Battery Drain Iphone Ipad 8

Clearing the browser cache is painful since you have to sign back into most sites. Unless you use a password manager. But if you experience abnormal reductions in battery life, that is something that you need to consider.


Clearing the browser cache does stop sites from tracking you momentarily. But then another tracker makes its way on your device, and the issue starts all over again. Combine that with the sheer amount of ads that the majority of websites throw, and the strain on your iPhone or iPad can be significant.

Since Chrome for iOS doesn’t feature support for content blockers, you need to make use of a couple of workarounds instead. One method involves adding the AdGuard DNS servers to your Wi-Fi connection. Head over to the Settings app, tap Wi-Fi, tap the i-shaped icon next to your Wi-Fi hotspot, and then tap Configure DNS to start adding the AdGuard DNS as shown in the screenshot below.

Chrome Stop Battery Drain Iphone Ipad 9

Apparently, this only blocks ads when surfing on Wi-Fi. Alternatively, you can choose to use a free app called DNSCloak instead that helps you block ads when using cellular data. However, it may not be a feasible option in your case since the app isn't available in most certain regions.


Do you use cellular data to browse a lot in Chrome? If cellular connectivity is weak, then the mobile radio on your iPhone and iPad works overtime to stay connected. And that translates into massive reductions in battery life. Either switch to Wi-Fi for web browsing or better yet, to use Wi-Fi when cellular connectivity turns dicey automatically.

Chrome Stop Battery Drain Iphone Ipad 10

On the Settings app, tap Cellular Data (or Mobile Data in certain regions). Scroll all the way down, and then turn on the toggle next to Wi-Fi Assist. That should prompt iOS to switch to known Wi-Fi hotspots in instances where cellular reception is poor.


If you are still experiencing unusual reductions in battery life while surfing in Chrome, then you need to consider updating the app. Latest updates iron out bugs regularly, and shall hopefully resolve any inefficiencies within the browser. Head over to the App Store, scan for updates, and then tap UPDATE next to Chrome if available.

If that doesn’t do the trick, consider reinstalling Chrome. Make sure to sync important browsing data (passwords and auto-fill data) before you do that.

TIP: Sign in to your Google Account via the Chrome Settings panel to sync your browsing data. That will help you get the said data back after reinstalling the browser.

To remove Chrome, hold down the Chrome icon on the Home screen, and then tap the tiny x-shaped sub-icon once it starts to jiggle. Next, fire up the App Store, and then search for and reinstall Chrome.

Chrome Stop Battery Drain Iphone Ipad 11
Chrome Stop Battery Drain Iphone Ipad 12

Complete removal and reinstallation should likely patch up any persistent or underlying issues associated with Chrome. And hopefully, that did the trick in getting the browser to stop consuming battery life excessively.


Hopefully, you aren’t experiencing sudden drops in battery life after following the recommendations. Turning off location services and clearing the browser cache has worked in my favor. But other fixes can help out in your case as well.

Let's not discount the fact that it might be something entirely unrelated that's causing the issue.

4 Simple Ways to View Pho­to Size on iPhone and iPad 0 (0)

Recently, I wanted to check the file size of an image on my iPhone. Now I am an Android user, and on Android phones, it’s simple as swiping up on a photo. Unfortunately, when I tried to do the same thing on the iPhone, nothing showed up. I tried looking under menus, but there was no option. Then, how does one check the size of a picture on an iPad or iPhone? That’s what we will tell you in this post.

View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios Fi

For starters, it’s time to reveal the sad truth — there is no native option to find the file size of a picture on an iPad or iPhone. However, various alternatives exist, and I have compiled the best 4 of them in this post.

So let’s check the various ways to view image size on iOS.


You can take the help of the Files app to view the file size of a picture. However, unlike Android, images do not automatically show up in the Files app. You need to save them from the Apple Photos app first.

Here are the steps in detail:

Step 1: Open the picture in the Apple Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Tap on the share icon at the bottom. Then, scroll the sharing options towards the left side to reveal more options. Tap on Save to Files.

View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 1
View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 2

Step 3: The Files app will open. Navigate to the folder where you want to save it on your iPhone or in iCloud. Then, tap on Add at the top.

View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 3

Step 4: Open the Files app on your iPhone or iPad.

View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 4

Step 5: Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the image in step 3. You will find the file size mentioned near the file name.PRO TIP: Swipe down in the Files app to reveal sorting and layout options.

View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 5


In the above method, you need to download an image first. The process becomes hectic if you have to check the size for many images. An alternative way exists using the Apple Shortcuts app. For that, you need to keep the Shortcuts app installed on your iPhone. In case it isn’t installed on your phone, download it from the below link.

Download Apple Shortcuts App

Once installed, you need to create a shortcut for file size and run it whenever you want to view the photo size.

Here are the steps in detail:

Step 1: Launch the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad.

View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 6

Step 2: Tap on Create Shortcut.

View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 7

Step 3: Using the search bar, look for Get Details of Files. Tap on it.

View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 8
View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 9

Step 4: Tap on Choose under Get Details of Files. Select File Size.

View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 10
View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 11

Step 5: Again, using the search bar, look for Show notification. Tap on it.

View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 12
View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 13

Step 6: Then, tap on the area that says Hello World, and you will see Details of Files at the bottom. Tap on it to add it. Tap on Done.

View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 14
View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 15

Step 7: You will be taken to the homescreen of the app, where you will see the newly created shortcut. Tap on the three-dot icon on the shortcut.

View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 16

Step 8: Inside the shortcut, tap on the on/off toggle icon at the top. Then, enable Show in Share Sheet and hit Done. Tap on Name to give a name to your shortcut. Again, press Done on the screen that opens to save the changes.

View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 17
View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 18

Step 9: Launch the Apple Photos app and open the photo whose size you want to know.

Step 10: Tap on the share icon. Then, tap on Shortcuts accessible via scrolling the icons at the bottom.TIP: Tapping the share icon will show the date and time of photo.

View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 19
View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 20

Step 11: You will be shown the shortcuts available in the Shortcuts app. Tap on the shortcut that you created for file size. A notification will appear showing you the file size of your picture.

View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 21
View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 22

Repeat steps 9-11 whenever you want to know the image size. The steps 1-8 have to be performed only once.


One of the best gallery apps on iOS to know the photo size and resolution is Google Photos. All you need to do is swipe up on the photo, and the necessary details will be shown to you.

View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios 23

You can use it as an alternative iCloud Photos as it acts as a photo-storage service too. However, if you don’t intend to do so, you shouldn’t enable the backup option in Google Photos. You can even move your entire gallery from iCloud to Google Photos. And, if Google Photos doesn’t suit your liking, give a try to other third-party gallery apps.


In case you want to know Exif details about your photo such as aperture, camera maker, brightness level, resolution, and more, you need to download Exif viewer apps. You can try apps like Exif MetadataViewExif, and Photo Investigator. You can even edit the metadata associated with the image using these apps.


As an Android user, I'm surprised that this tiny feature is missing in iOS. But it's Apple. You should be ready to expect anything from its products. We hope they add the ability to view the image size in future iOS builds

Simple Tips Share iPad or iPhone Screen on Zoom 5 (64552)

Recently Zoom just released the best quarter results in the company history with strong guidance for the next quarter. We have seen Microsoft and Google targeting Zoom with their video call offerings such as Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

Still Zoom is holding its ground with features like rich Whiteboard screen sharing, ease of use, the ability to share ipad or iPhone screen on Zoom using AirPlay on Windows and Mac.

During group video calls, the admin might want to showcase the current screen, file, present PowerPoint slide, etc. using screen sharing. It makes the whole conversation hassle-free. You can also share the iPhone and iPad screen directly to Zoom video calls.

The feature can be useful when you want to showcase something on iPhone or iPad screen to Zoom participants. I wanted to show my dad some of the options to change on his iPhone to fix the issue. I used the iPhone screen sharing on Zoom and showed him the way to reset the iPhone to fix the problem. That’s one of the use cases of iPhone/iPad screen sharing on Zoom.

In this post, I will guide you on how to share iPhone or iPad screen on a Zoom meeting. Let’s get started.

Share ipad or iPhone Screen On Zoom

There are two ways to mirror iPhone or iPad display to Zoom. Use a USB cable or opt for the Wireless AirPlay option. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Zoom app on your Mac or Windows.

Step 2: Tap on ‘New Meeting’ to start a new Zoom call.

Step 3: Join the meeting using computer audio to enable audio during group video calls.

Step 4: Invite the attendees and tap on the Share Screen option at the bottom or use the Shift + Command + S for Mac or Shift + Ctrl + S keyboard shortcut on Windows to open screen share menu.

Speaking of keyboard shortcuts, do read our dedicated post on Zoom keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac.

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Step 5: Navigate to Share Screen > Basic and select iPhone/iPad via AirPlay or iPhone/iPad via cable.

Though USB cable can be reliable, going Wireless on a slow internet connection might have some setbacks. Also, a loose or faulty cable might interrupt the screen sharing experience.

Step 6: Tap iPhone/iPad via AirPlay and the Zoom app will download the required plugin to enable AirPlay service.

I Phonei Pad via Air Play

Step 7: Tap on the Share button below and go back to your iPhone/iPad.

Step 8: On your iPhone/iPad, swipe down from the upper right corner to open the Control Centre.

Step 9: From the Control Centre, long tap on the Screen Mirroring option.

Step 10: It will display the ‘Zoom – Laptop name’. Tap on it and it will start streaming live iPhone display to the Zoom app on the Mac/Windows.

You can follow the same steps on the iPad to share the iPad screen with the Zoom participants.

Here is how we use it among the team members. Often, I share the iPhone/iPad screen using AirPlay and show a custom image or something odd that I found. It’s much better than screen recording and then sharing it over a project management app. The function also makes the whole meeting seamless and smooth.


The iPhone/iPad screen sharing feature lets you do more. You can annotate on the iPhone/iPad display for better presentations. From the toolbar above, tap on the Annotate to open the editing menu. It becomes easier for a presenter to showcase things.

Draw: The draw menu consists of a bunch of shapes for you to pick. You can use an arrow, circle, rectangle, and other tools from the draw menu to annotate on the iPhone screen.

Text and Format Menu: Zoom allows you to add text on the iPhone/iPad screen. You can also change text color, size, add bold or italic effect to it.

Apart from that, you can use the undo, redo, and clear option to make the changes. The save button is a must-have for everyone. After brainstorming ideas with team members, you should save the current screen to the PC. You can hit save to store the current screen as an image to the Zoom folder on the device.

Disable annotation

Thankfully, Zoom also offers a couple of security options. During the live video call, you can tap on the Security button at the top of the screen share window and disable Annotate on Shared Content from the Allow Participants to the menu. It will prevent other members from annotating on the shared screen in Zoom.


When it comes to Screen Sharing, Zoom has taken the lead from Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and others. I like how Zoom allows the flexibility to share screen using various options such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, second camera, files, and more

How to Connect Apple iPad to TV Best Method 3 ways 5 (56235)

Currently Apple iPad is one of the finest creations made in the field of technology. It can hold a lot of what you do today and thus eliminating the need for a smartphone, laptop, and TV. But your iPad is not a device to socialize and what if you want to share something with others and at the same time grab their reactions. This can be done only if you can connect your iPad to a TV screen.

Sharing media content with family and friends can be achieved by replicating the screen of your iPad to a TV near you, and there are quite a few simple ways to accomplish this.

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Here are the best methods on How to Connect Apple iPad to TV

How to Connect Apple iPad to the TV via Cables and Adapters?

How to Connect Apple iPad to TV Apple adapter How to Connect Apple iPad to TV Best Method 3 ways
Image Credit: Apple

One of the quickest and hassle-free methods to connect any two devices is to put some cables between them. But as we are talking about Apple devices, it cannot be any other cable from the flea market. What you need here is Apple’s Lightning Digital AV Adapter and an original HDMI cable. Next, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Connect the HDMI cable to the TV HDMI port and at the same time connect the adapter cable with your iPad or iPhone.

Step 2. Join the loose end of the HDMI cable from TV to the loose end of the adapter cable connected to your iPad.

Step 3.  Turn on your TV and switch your input to HDMI.

Step 4. As Of now, the adapter will still not work as it requires power. Connect the USB end of the cable into the adapter and the other end into a power outlet.

Step 5. That is the final step on How to connect Apple iPad to your TV. You can now stream your iPad content on your TV.

Note: Always remember to select the right HDMI channel as there can be more than one in new TVs. Also, note that there are two models of the adapter, one for HDMI compatible TVs and the other for older VGA equipped TVs.

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As I mentioned earlier, the benefit of original cables guarantees HD quality of video and audio. It also supports streaming Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime videos, which will not work with any third-party cables.

How to Connect Apple iPad to the TV via Cables via AirPlay?

Airplay How to Connect Apple iPad to TV Best Method 3 ways
Image Source: Apple

If you have an Apple TV, then connecting your iPad to TV is a different step altogether. First having an Apple TV means you need not connect your iPad as your Apple TV can stream all content with the help of built-in Apps as well as enable the users to play games and music from Apple Store.

But if there is something on your iPad that you want to watch on a large screen, then you can always use AirPlay a feature supported by all Apple devices that can stream content between all Apple devices without using a wired connection. This process uses wireless network connections to stream content among all devices and is known as AirPlay mirroring

Also, AirPlay mirroring can be used to connect Apple iPad to TVs other than Apple such as 2019 LG and Sony models, Samsung (2018-2019 models, Vizio (2017-2019 models) and any other TV that support AirPlay 2 feature.

Here are quick steps to connect Apple iPad to TV using AirPlay:

Step 1. Swipe down from the top on your iPad and tap on Control Center.

Step 2. Locate and tap on the Screen Mirroring icon.

Step 3. From thelist of devices, choose the name of your Apple TV or any other TV which supports AirPlay 2.

Step 4. You will receive a prompt asking for a passcode.  Enter the passcode, and the streaming will begin almost instantly.

Step 5. To stop streaming your iPad contents to TV, go back to the Control Centre, and tap on your TV name and select Stop Mirroring.

Note. Although AirPlay is easier and faster to use and does not require any extra cables, it is fuelled on internet speed.  In cases of older devices or slower Wi-Fi speed, it is better to use cables, or you will face a terrible lag while streaming.

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How to Connect Apple iPad to the TV via Cables via Chromecast?

As promised, there are many ways to connect your Apple iPad to TV, and one of them is using a Google Chromecast. This device does not require cables and is completely wireless, but as Chromecast is not an Apple product, it is not fully compatible with Apple’s iPad.

The Google Chromecast is a dongle that is attached to your TV, and it requires an app that can connect to AirPlay transmission from iPad. Once the iPad is paired with the Chromecast, you can easily cast the content from iPad to your TV. However, Apple has puta limitation that only Apple native products can mirror the whole screen, and this feature is not available to third-party products.

Although there are different third-party apps, and you can try which app offers the best support for Chromecast, but that would be a tedious task. The best way is to stream content from an iOS application only. Here are the steps to connect your Apple iPad to TV via Google Chromecast:

Step 1. Always connect the iPad and Chromecast to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2. Open a Chromecast compatible app like YouTube, Spotify, Netflix or any other app.

Step 3. Locate and tap on the cast button, and select your Chromecast device name from the list.

Step 4. The connection will be instant, and you can start viewing the iPad contents on your TV.

How to Connect Apple iPad to TV via Cables Using DLNA?

An Apple iPad was initially designed to connect to Apple TVs only. Still, later it has been upgraded to connect to other devices like Chromecast and other third-party TVs which feature AirPlay 2. There is one more method to connect your AppleiPad to TV, and that is through Digital Living Network Alliance or DLNA for short. You require a smart TV that supports DLNA and a compatible application to mirror the contents of the iPad. DLNA is a media streaming feature provided by OEM in different TVs and also has a corresponding app that is compatible with it. Follow these steps to stream your iPad contents:

Step 1. Connect your TV and iPad o the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2. Open the compatible application on your iPad and connect it to your TV.

Step 3. Open the content from within the app.

Note: DLNA apps don’t support Digital Rights Management, soit will not be possible to play copyright-protected content from the iTunes Store.

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Your thoughts on How to Connect Apple iPad to TV

Now that you know that it is not only possible to connect your Apple iPad to TV but also the fact there are four ways on how to do that. You may choose any method that suits your requirements. I would opt for AirPlay, but if you don’t have a supported TV, then you could always opt for the right old cables and wires.