Top 10 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android and iPhone


Screen mirroring is one of the most powerful and fastest ways of wirelessly displaying your phone’s content, be it videos, photos, games, anything on a big screen like a television, PC’s display or any media projecting device.

So, before we discuss 10 best screen mirroring apps for Android and iPhone, let’s understand the art of screen mirroring, and how it does work in a little more depth.

What is Screen Mirroring? How Does it Work?

Screen mirroring is a technology where your smartphone’s (tablet or PC screen) content is cast on a bigger screen per se a television for a better viewing experience. Whether you want to play a slideshow of pictures on a birthday party, watch a movie, or use a bigger screen for displaying a presentation, it can prove out to be a useful approach in all such scenarios.

And here comes the best part. As mirroring works wirelessly, it allows you to ditch the cables, adapters or any other peripherals for casting your phone’s display on the big screen.

Screen Mirroring VS Casting

The terms screen mirroring and casting are often used hand in hand. Although, there’s a thin line difference between screen mirroring and the term “casting”. In the case of screen Mirroring, your phone’s content is displayed or mirrored on a device. Whatever apps or actions that you perform on the smartphone or your tablet, will be directly reflected on the other screen. The process of screen Mirroring involves two key elements which include a sending device and a receiving device. Also, when you are screen mirroring the content, it is required that your phone’s display stays active throughout while this also drains your device’s battery in the background.

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Casting, on the other hand, is an excellent way of screen mirroring, which allows you to cast or stream multimedia content on the big screen allowing you to watch videos or movies, play games online and enjoy the vast screen experience of everything. One of the most significant advantages of casting is that even if you lock down your phone’s display, the content will still stream on the television and will continue to play throughout.

Here you go!

Top 10 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android and iPhone

1. Mirroring360 (iOS and Android)

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Mirroring360 app offers you an intuitive platform allowing you wirelessly mirror your phone’s content to a Windows PC or Mac. Also, if you own an Amazon Fire Stick, then you can also mirror your smartphone’s or tablet’s content on your television display. The app proves out to be an ideal pick for presentations, playing games, for educational purposes, and so on. The app offers a limited free trial period, however, if you would like to upgrade, then you can pick the standard plan that comes at a fair cost of 30$ per year subscription. Whether you own an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Chromebook, Windows PC, Android phone or an Android tablet, the Mirroring360 app works pretty well across all platforms.

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2. AirServer Connect (iOS and Android)

AirServer is one of the best screen mirroring apps for Android and iPhone that can be your perfect companion for mirroring your device on a secondary screen, especially when you want to mirror on the complex network like school or businesses. With the help of the AirServer Connect app, you can either enjoy playing games on your television screen, use it for presentations or for teaching students in an interactive classroom. You can easily mirror games, apps, play slideshow of pictures on your PC or television with the AirServer Connect app. One of the unique features that makes it a fantastic Android and iOS screen mirroring app is that it allows you to reflect your phone’s screen to multiple receivers at the same time.

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3. Google Home (iOS and Android)

Next on our list of best screen mirroring apps for iPhone and Android comes Google Home. Google Home is undoubtedly an all in one app to meet your smart home’s needs. It allows you to set up, manage and control various devices including Google Home, Google Nest, intelligent lights, thermostats and more. Coming to screen Mirroring, Google Home offers you the most simple way to cast your device’s content on the television screen. Google Home works remarkably best on both iOS and Android platforms. You simply have to log in to your Google account, set up your account, follow the on-screen instructions, and that’s it. Once the Google Home detects the streaming media connected to your TV’s HDMI input, you can effortlessly cast your favorite content on your TV’s display.

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4. VNC Viewer (iOS and Android)

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VNV Viewer is another incredible, one of the best screen mirroring apps for Android and iPhone. It is one of the high rated apps on the Play Store that allows you to mirror your phone’s content on PC or television effortlessly. The VNC viewer app pays utmost priority to security, hence offering end to end encryption for keeping our privacy intact. VNC Viewer app not just allows you to mirror your device’s screen but also provides you with instant remote access to your Windows, Mac and Linux PC from anywhere in the world. VNC viewer app also extends its support to external devices including wireless mic, mouse and keyboards. The app offers your password protection to keep your Mirroring, and remote access sessions secure, which makes it a decent Android and iOS screen mirroring app.

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5. LetsView (iOS and Android)

LetsView is an easy to use iOS and Android screen mirroring app that allows you to cast your phone’s content on a secondary screen, wirelessly. Using the app from any device for screen mirroring is pretty simple. First, make sure that both the devices (sender and receiver) are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Once you’ve done that, launch the app on your iOS or Android device. Wait for a few minutes until the app performs a scan to find nearby devices for mirroring. Once both the devices are connected, you can begin enjoying casting your favorite content on the television screen. From playing games to streaming videos, movies and content, LetsView offers an effortless way of screen mirroring across any platform.

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6. ApowerMirror (iOS and Android)

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APowerMirror is one of the best screen mirroring apps for Android and iPhone that not only allows you to mirror our phone’s content on a secondary display but also gain remote access to control your files and data from anywhere. This intuitive app offers you two unique ways or connecting the devices, you can either do it with the help of a USB stick or use a Wi-Fi network as a secondary alternative for pairing. You can easily mirror your phone’s content to a Windows PC, Mac or television. Whether you want to enjoy watching your favorite movies on the big screen, play games like PUBG or Fortnite or Clash of Cans, get ready to make the most of your viewing experience. Also, while your smartphone is being mirrored on the other screen, you will still be able to get all your essential notifications displayed right there on the screen.

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7. AnyDesk (iOS and Android)

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Almost similar to VNC Viewer, AnyDesk comes next on our list of best screen mirroring apps for Android and iPhone. AnyDesk offers you one of the fastest ways of remotely accessing your files, data from any corner of the world. The app has extended support across various platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Also, to keep security tightened, the app will offer you an ID and password to keep your screening sessions secure. AnyDesk enables you to work smoothly in high-definition video quality, well, thanks to its constant 60 fps rate.

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8. Chrome Remote Desktop (iOS and Android)

The reason that makes Chrome Remote desktop one of the best screen mirroring apps for iPhone and Android is security. The process of screen mirroring gets super simple and affordable with the help of this app. In just a few steps, you can gain wireless access for screen mirroring from an Android or iOS device. It establishes a secure connection to make sure your privacy stays intact. With the help of the Chrome Remote Desktop app, you can easily mirror your device’s content on your PC securely.

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9. SecondScreen (Android)

The SecondScreen app offers an incredibly fast way of mirroring your device on a desktop or television. It provides you with the best screen mirroring solution to mirror your Android device to a television or desktop. The app also offers you advanced tools where you can change the video resolution and density to make it fit well on the external display.

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10. HD Screen Mirroring ( Android)

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Tired of watching movies or playing games on your phone’s tiny display? Well, say goodbye to those days. With the help of the HD screen mirroring app, you can instantly mirror your Android device’s content on the television screen within no time. The app establishes a secure connection to protect your data, files, and applications during your screen mirroring sessions. Moving from a tiny phone screen to a larger television display will never be easier. The HD screen mirroring app comes with an easy to use interface and is one of the most potent tools to mirror your smartphone on the TV screen in high-definition video quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Compatibility Criteria for Screen Mirroring?

Almost all platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, are compatible with screen mirroring. The process may be different like iOS has an inbuilt AirPlay feature for screen mirroring, whereas, for Android smartphone, you can download Android screen mirroring apps for casting your device on the big screen.

Does Screen Mirroring Require Wi-Fi Connectivity?

No, Wi-Fi is not required for screen mirroring conduction. However, if your smartphone has an active Internet connection, then it’s a plus so that you can enjoy Internet-related services on the big screen like YouTube, Netflix, and so on.

What is the Best Screen Mirroring app for Android?

If you already own a Chromecast device, then there’s nothing better than using the Google Home app for mirroring your device on the big screen. Google Home app is an all in one space to set up, manage and control various devices including Chromecast, smart lights, thermostats, Google Home speaker, Nest Devices and many more.

How do I Mirror my Phone to my TV?

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For streaming your phone on the television screen, you either need a streaming media device like Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast Miracast, and so on. Plug this device into your television’s HDMI port, to begin with. Otherwise, if you already happen to own a Smart TV with built-in casting capabilities, you can easily start the screen mirroring with the help of an app.

Most modern-day television sets come equipped with screen mirroring capabilities. You can easily cast your smartphone device on the big screen by using any screen mirroring app to enjoy an immersive viewing experience. If you own an iOS device and an Apple TV, you can easily mirror your phone’s content on your smart TV by enabling the AirPlay feature.

Which apps work with Mirroring?

A myriad of apps is available online that allow you to cast your smartphone or tablet on the big screen. Confused which one to pick? Don’t worry. We’ve streamlined some of the best screen mirroring apps for iPhone and Android that you can use for casting your phone’s content on the big screen.

And it’s a Wrap…

Here were some of our best picks for best screen mirroring apps for Android and iPhone. Forget all complicated setups, ditch cables, switch to wireless mode and get ready to enjoy an immersive viewing experience with the help of these above-mentioned screen mirroring apps.

And yes, don’t forget to tell us which app is your personal favorite from our list?