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The mobile giant, Motorola, has genuinely failed to keep up with the changes after coming under the umbrella of Lenovo. It has also lost its foothold in the market’s upper-end sector, and is now concentrating on serving the mid-range segment. Motorola seems to have worked out its area of specialization over the lean years and this is not necessarily a negative thing. Sadly, however, even the big misfortunes have not driven them to be better at updates, leaving users more irritated than ever.

In the meantime, the new Android 11 from Google has hit the market, and is already available for all compatible Pixel users. Some other OEMs — Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo and RealMe — have also provided their users with the Android 11 experience, but in the form of an open beta. Today we’ll look at Motorola’s release plans and help you find out just how long you ‘d have to wait to get your hands on Android’s new edition.

Our detailed mobile updates guide for Motorola is based on the company’s previous track record with its smartphones. For each line-up of devices, we will take previous software updates into account to provide you with the best possible predictions for a potential Android 11 update.

Let’s get to it.

Motorola Android 11 Device List and expected release date, WPFaqhub

Motorola Android 11 device list

Motorola isn’t the lousiest when it comes to software support, delivering two major OS updates to most of its flagships. However, over the last couple of years, its reputation has taken a significant hit.

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Last year, Motorola took its sweet time to deliver Android Pie to most of their smartphones — making it available only in early 2019. Many devices scheduled to receive the update ended up being sidelined, and with Android 10, the trend appears to be re-emerging.

Motorola Edge+, Motorola Edge, Motorola G Stylus, Motorola RAZR 5 G, Moto G Speed, Moto G Quick, Motorola One Fusion+, and Motorola One Hyper are all set to receive Android 11. However, no other system can go beyond Android 11 except for the Edge+, Edge, and the RAZR duo.

What would we see in Motorola Android 11?

Since Motorola typically likes to offer an Android experience that is similar to stock, we don’t expect them to make too many changes with the release this year. It should come along with all of Google’s Android 11 bells and whistles, including some goodness from Motorola.

We can get better privacy controls with one-time permissions, a separate conversation notification screen, chat bubbles for messaging apps, the Sharing Sheet option to pin preferences, and more.

Motorola has not released an official list of features, or launched a beta program. If they do, we’ll be sure to share with you the necessary details.

When will your Motorola device get Android 11?

Motorola hasn’t been too reliable with updates, of course, so, expect to wait a few extra weeks to try out the latest version of Android. The update should first be available to the Moto Edge+ and Moto Edge and then be released to Moto Razr 5G and Moto Razr (2019).

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Device NameExpected Release Date
Motorola Edge+December 2020
Motorola EdgeDecember 2020
Moto Razr 5GQ1 2021
Moto G StylusQ1 2021
Moto G FastQ1 2021
Motorola One Fusion+Q1 2021
Moto G PowerQ1 2021
Moto G8 PowerQ1 2021
Motorola One HyperQ2 2021
Motorola One ZoomQ2 2021
Motorola One ActionQ2 2021
Motorola One VisionQ2 2021
Motorola One MacroQ1 2021
Moto Razr (2019)Q2 2021
Moto G8 PlusQ2 2021
Moto G8 PlayNot Likely — Yet to receive Android 10
Moto G7 PlayNot Eligible
Moto G7Not Eligible
Moto G7 PowerNot Eligible
Moto G7 PlusNot Eligible
Moto G6 PlayNot Eligible
Moto G6Not Eligible
Moto G6 PlusNot Eligible
Moto E6 PlayNot Likely — Yet to receive Android 10
Moto E6 PlusNot Eligible
Moto E6Not Eligible
Moto E5Not Eligible
Moto E5 CruiseNot Eligible
Moto E5 PlayNot Eligible
Moto E5 Play GoNot Eligible
Moto E5 PlusNot Eligible
Moto Z4Not Eligible
Motorola One or P30 PlayNot Eligible
Motorola One Power or P30 NoteNot Eligible
Moto P30Not Eligible
Moto Z3Not Eligible
Moto Z3 PlayNot Eligible
Moto X4Not Eligible

If you are an avid user who loves to test out new software and beta releases, then we might have some good news for you in the next section.

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When will Motorola start the Android 11 beta program?

Manufacturers usually start their beta programs soon after the first stable version is released by Google, and Motorola is no different. Google released Android 10 in the fall of last year, and Motorola was seen rolling out the closed beta to its users by the last week of November 2019.

The beta program, which lasts for a couple of months, not only allows users to have a preview of the upcoming OS but it also allows developers to hash out the reported bugs.

Keeping in line with its previous track record, Motorola is expected to start its beta program for Android 11 in the late weeks of November 2020.

However, with Google escalating the release timeline — Android 11 Developer Preview already rolling out — OEMs, too, could too roll out the update sooner than anticipated.

This beta program will be available to all the flagships that will be released this year including the likes of the G8 series and the Moto One Hyper.

If you are keen on trying out the new features that Android 11 has to offer, then an OTA update for the beta program might be the fastest way to do so. You can sign up for Motorola’s feedback network in order to receive closed beta updates which will only be released to a select few users.

You can sign up for the feedback network using this comprehensive guide from the company themselves.

Although these dates are tentative, and not confirmed, they are our best guesstimates based on Motorola’s support for all previously-released smartphones. Let’s dive straight into it.

Note: If your device has not been included in the list above, then there is a high chance that it will not be seeing an official Android 11 update from Motorola. If you are still looking for a way to try the OS then you might want to opt for third-party ROMS that are released once a stable version is out.

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