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Video Recovery Software, WPFaqhub

Lost your farewell or wedding videos? Oh, snap! But why have you started worrying already when we are here to assist you with video recovery software on a Windows computer? Hell, yes! Get your memories back in no time!

Moreover, you can even recover permanently deleted videos with the help of good and ideal software on your PC. How? Let’s explore!

Which Is The Best Video Recovery Software For Windows?

1. Advanced Disk Recovery

In our list of top 5 video recovery software, Advanced Disk Recover or if you want to call it ADR is perfect to get all the data from not only from the internal hard drive but also external or removable drive and drive partitions. Yes, the file must not have been overwritten by the other data, ADR can work quickly to find and restore it.

Why Advanced Disk Recovery is the best software recover deleted videos?

  • Scanning Options: ADR gives you options for Quick Scan or Deep Scan to choose from. Now Quick Scan can go through the Master file table and finds out the files with the same filename. Whereas Deep Scan takes care of file signatures to search for deleted files or folders. Now you can preview the file and finally restore it at the location of your choice.
  • Intuitive Interface: Its simple and interactive interface explains the steps in such a flow that you do not need any expert assistance for recovering permanently deleted files.
  • All-Types Data Recovery: From smallest to largest, various formats or huge folders can all be located and restored back using ADR.
  • Save Sessions: We know it’s hard to kill the time when scanning is in process. But what if you want to continue this session tomorrow as the coffee date is calling? Simply, Pause is! Once you resume the search, the session will begin from the same place it left.
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How To Recover Permanently Deleted Videos?

This free software to retrieve deleted video files for at least 24 hours can be used with the method mentioned below.

Video Recovery Software, WPFaqhub

Step 1: Welcome To Undelete

Video Recovery Software, WPFaqhub

At the welcoming interface, you need to select the area from where you need to recover files. Options like Hard Drive, CD/DVD, Removable and Partitions will be provided.

At the same time, you need to select the Drive followed by the Drive Letter.

Once selected, click on Start Scan Now.

Step 2: Scanning

Video Recovery Software, WPFaqhub

Here, you need to select the type of scanning you wish to make. As explained above as well, Quick Scan will identify deleted files from Master File Table in a quicker mode.

Whereas Deep Scan runs through each sector and find deleted files based on the signatures. Yes, the procedure is a bit longer, but Advanced Disk Recovery makes sure that you get all your files back safely.

Step 3: Preview & Recover

Video Recovery Software, WPFaqhub

It is not that you will be getting back all the deleted files right after the scanning has been made. Rather, you get to choose them through the ‘Preview’ section. So, select the files and click on ‘Recover’ accordingly.

FILTER OPTIONS: Notice the tab that mentions ‘Filter Options’ on the left side of the ‘Recover’ tab. This option allows you to have some customization such as file size filter, file health, time filter, date, etc. If you have an idea about the type of file to be recovered, this option is a huge plus.

Video Recovery Software, WPFaqhub

Step 4: Recovery Process

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Once you are able to view the whole process, a final report will appear on the screen mentioning the number of recovered files, total scanned files, total deleted files, remaining files, etc.

At this step, choose ‘Recover More Files’ if you want to or else select ‘Finish’.

Video Recovery Software, WPFaqhub

2. Stellar Data Recovery

Recover permanently deleted videos without having any regret of losing with Stellar. Apart from your lost videos, it can also bring other data without much hassle. One can use it for personal as well as professional use, as and when required.

Video Recovery Software, WPFaqhub

Why Choose Stellar?

  • It is capable of restoring lost video files from external devices too like smartphones, USB devices, hard disks, memory cards, etc.
  • One can choose a specific file for recovery rather than giving so much time for scanning.
  • Quick Scan & Deep Scan is once again here with Stellar as well.

Get Stellar!

3. DiskDrill

Another video recovery software for Windows comes straight from the house of experts. Interestingly, if you have lost any video file less than 500MB, DiskDrill gives you an absolutely free service.

Video Recovery Software, WPFaqhub

Why Choose DiskDrill?

  • Multiple Scan options, just like Advanced Disk Recovery, comes handy with DiskDrill. Deep scan for finding even the hidden files and Quick Scan to find recently lost files.
  • Its in-built features like ‘Recovery Vault’ or ‘Guaranteed Recovery’ helps in preventing any data loss in the future.
  • Saves recovery session on pause and allows filtering of the content before finally restoring the lost video files.

Get DiskDrill!

4. PhotoRec

Top 5 photo recovery software comes up with PhotoRec which is potential for its powerful video recovery from anywhere, be it computer disk, digital cameras or external hard disk. Moreover, it can recover more than 400 file formats and hence considered one of the best video recovery software on Windows today.

Video Recovery Software, WPFaqhub

Why Choose PhotoRec?

  • Supports multiple platforms other than Windows.
  • Specially designed to keep in mind photos and video formats.
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Get PhotoRec!

5. MiniTool Data Recovery

Even if you lose an entire partition that contained your precious videos, MiniTool is perfect for the recovery of permanently deleted files. Apart from this, mobile and power data recovery is just possible. Its easy interface doesn’t want an expert to aid your process.

Video Recovery Software, WPFaqhub

Why Choose MiniTool?

  • Deeply scans entire partition to generate the recovery report
  • It can even scan the missing partition from the drive that might contain your lost video file.

Get MiniTool!

To Conclude!

So, you now have the list of the best video recovery software right on your screen. What are you waiting for now? If you ask the recommendation, we would ask you to go for Advanced Disk Recovery to recover permanently deleted videos. Even then, various other tools like Minitool and PhotoRec can do wonders in getting your lost videos or files back in the PC

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