What Does Each Checkmark On WhatsApp Represent?

You will observe that WhatsApp immediately follows the transmission of a message to a recipient with a single checkmark in grey once the message has been sent (also known as a checkmark). Then there was another grey tick. At last, the two grey ticks transform into blue ones. What are they trying to say? Those checkmarks on WhatsApp provide a lot of information to us.


When a message on WhatsApp is sent, a single checkmark indicates that the message has been successfully delivered and is now in transit. When it changes to show two checkmarks, it suggests that the message has been received on the device of the receiver but that it has not yet been read. The two checkmarks at the bottom of the statement eventually turn blue, indicating that the receiver has read the message.

What are the checkmarks on WhatsApp, and what do they mean?

A WhatsApp message may be broken down into three distinct phases, each denoted by a different pattern of ticks (or checkmarks). You can monitor the progress of your communication at each step and see its status. These checkmarks will change quickly if the receiver reads and reacts immediately to your messages. If this is the case, your checkmarks will change quite often. On the other hand, this is how you can determine where things stand, even if the receiver is taking their time to react.

One Grey Checkmark

The appearance of a single grey checkmark indicates that WhatsApp has successfully delivered the message to its destination. However, it has not yet been received on the receiver’s phone. The rate at which this progresses to having two checkmarks depends on several different things, including the dependability of the other person’s internet connection, whether or not they have their phone turned on, and whether or not they have banned you.

Two checkmarks in a drab grey color

Two checkmarks of the same gray color indicate that the message has been sent to the other phone successfully. The individual has not yet read the communication.

Two checkboxes in blue coloration

If there are two blue checkmarks next to the message, it indicates that it has been read. If, on the other hand, you are participating in a group chat, the two grey ticks will not become blue until all of the group members have read the message.


Is it possible to read a WhatsApp message without the two checkmarks in the upper right corner becoming blue?

Yes. If you wish to read a WhatsApp message without the sender knowing that you’ve seen it, you must first put your phone into airplane mode. Your mobile internet data plan and your Wi-Fi will be disabled once you do this. After that, you’ll be able to read the message without activating the read receipt option in WhatsApp or causing the two blue checkmarks to appear on the screen. However, the read notice will only be received when airplane mode is turned off and back on. Therefore, it is not a long-term solution. You are only delaying the sending of the read notice by doing this.

What does it imply if the checkmark on my WhatsApp message remains the same grey color even after it has been there for a while?

The receiver may turn their phone off, which is the simplest explanation. Or, they might be unable to use WhatsApp because of technical difficulties with their internet connection. Or thirdly, it might indicate that someone has barred you from communicating with them. If, after twenty-four hours, the single grey checkmark does not transform into two checkmarks, then it is reasonable to assume that you have been banned.

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