Microsoft and Sony formally greeted the world with their newest consoles last month. Top-of-the-line gaming powerhouses are both Xbox Series X and Sony PS5, featuring graphical muscles that very few PCs would dream of. Combine streamlined games and buttery-smooth UI with hardware wizardry, and you have an undeniable winning recipe at your fingertips.

The two horses were going about their business in this two-horse race when an unusual rival began to take unwelcoming potshots. The perpetrator in question, Kentucky Fried Chicken, after being deemed an elaborate joke, eventually decided to show the world its true intentions and released a preview of the forthcoming delicious gaming console.

We’re going to take a look at the much-anticipated and highly-speculated KFConsole today and address the questions that need to be answered.

What is Kentucky Fried Console?

KFC, one of the world’s largest fast-food chains, has chosen to throw its hat into the gaming console ring. It’s ridiculous, we know, but with this proposition, KFC seems to be really serious.

With Cooler Master, Asus, and Seagate, the company has teamed up to create a special little computer that promises to keep you full and happy with chicken and games. The Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Element Processor will power the KFConsole, has a high-end Asus GPU, and will store its games in two custom Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSDs.

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It will also have a Chicken Chamber, the first of its kind, that would allow gamers to keep their fried chicken hot and crisp for hours. Major props must go to Cooler Master for creating the chassis and allowing KFC to create this ridiculous yet enviable setup.

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What are KFConsole’s unique features?

You must already have an idea of what this section could contain, even if you had a light look at the previous section. Yes, it’s time for absurdity to be accepted.

KFC Chicken Chamber

It’s best to begin by addressing the elephant in the room, the Chicken Chamber, because we’re talking about a gaming console by Kentucky Friend Chicken. Cooler Master and KFC are happily calling it the first-ever official rendering of this unusual concept, and they actually have the full power to do so. No organization has ever done what KFC and its KFConsole are doing.

The KFConsole has a thick tray for putting your chicken pieces just as advertised, pretty much like an air fryer. The device will redirect all the heat it generates to the chamber until you position your food and close the tray. So, the more you play, the longer you can keep your pieces of chicken soft.

Hot-Swappable GPU

Consoles are known as outstanding long-haul purchases due to their beefy interiors and streamlined games. However, consoles sometimes end up pushing fewer frames than PCs, despite being fully designed to run all the latest games. They often appear to lack the graphical wizardry so easily controlled by strong PCs.

By implementing a hot-swappable GPU, KFConsole fixes this problem. In comparison to the competition, if and when it becomes available, KFConsole will actually allow you to get a new GPU. No need to call an experienced handler for KFConsole to do the job. Only get a new GPU — Asus is a partner here — and get to work.

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4K TV gaming

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are marketed as the ideal 4K gaming platforms. In this segment of the market, the KFConsole has also dipped its foot, coming out with a staggering 240hz support for 4K displays. If you were curious, the double the amount of frames given by PS5 or Xbox Series X is straight up.

In addition, KFConsole offers support for Ray Tracing and Virtual Reality, ensuring an unparalleled immersion level.

How can you buy the KFConsole?

You may be disappointed to know that the KFConsole is not yet ready to reach the market if the spec-sheet has you drooling already. Of course, there were a few teases, but we have no idea about the availability of the KFConsole and, more importantly, the price. We’re confident of seeing it fleshed out in the next few months, considering how hard KFC’s been driving it. Within the first quarter of 2021, hopefully.

Is KFConsole a real gaming console?

KFConsole looks completely gorgeous on paper, with a Chicken Chamber, hot-swappable GPU, 2 TB SSD, and an Intel i9 9th generation processor to power it all. The company has not yet disclosed enough for us to brand it a full-fledged gaming console, however.

We still don’t know how much RAM it’s going to have, which GPU it’s going to come with, or if it has a dedicated PlayStation and Xbox-like console UI. So, at this point, at least, rather than a separate gaming system, it’s looking more and more like a pumped up Windows system with aftermarket tweaks.

How does KFConsole stack up against PS5 or XBOX Series X?

Of course, we also don’t know a few big things about the KFConsole-the RAM and GPU, to be exact. However, if the claims of Cooler Master and KFC are to be believed, by delivering 240 fps gaming in 4K, the KFConsole is bound to disgrace the newest and most powerful consoles. It is only possible to achieve that level of efficiency with a top of the line GPU, which makes us a little doubtful about its pricing.

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Nonetheless, unless KFC chooses to take a step back, we might see a truly wonderful piece of gaming hardware taking shape in front of us.

Is KFConsole a big gimmick?

What is KFConsole Gaming,kfc console price,kfc console specs,kfc coupons, WPFaqhub

Most certainly, from what we’ve seen so far, KFConsole feels genuine. That doesn’t say, though, that KFC didn’t, to begin with, have ulterior motives. By offering something absurd and marvelous, the company decided to snatch the limelight from next-generation consoles. You waste precious minutes thinking or reading about KFConsole, regardless of whether you’re a doubter or a believer. And that’s exactly what KFC had in mind when its unique little gaming machine was released.

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