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The new version of iOS offers users the option of customizing their widgets as they see fit for the first time ever. In addition to the option of bundling in an app tray, this move has seen iOS move a bit closer to Android in terms of customization, and the fans could not be happier.

Many software developers have tried to use new widget customization apps to make a splash, but none of them have been able to hold a candle to Widgetsmith. The app has skyrocketed to the top of the App Store ‘Productivity’ segment and is being used for a bunch of customization videos for iOS 14. Today , we’re going to take a quick look at the biggest issue users face with the app and hopefully give you a solution or two.

What’s the issue?

Apple has allowed users to add widgets to their home screen for the first time ever, customizing them to their heart’s content. And Widgetsmith has emerged as a hot favorite for the same thing, which makes iOS customization even more available. This enables users to add photo widgets, schedule them, and offer a personalized touch to their widgets.

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Sadly, having the widget to function as expected has become quite a problem for a significant portion of Widgetsmith users. There have been contradictions mentioned by some users, saying that the app functions one moment and breaks the next. Cases with greyed out widgets have also been used, leaving people in pain.

How to fix Widgetsmith not working issue?

If you have a hard time getting Widgetsmith to work, we would recommend you to try the solutions below and see if the irritating bugs are solved by that.

Refresh the widget

First and foremost, the widget you’ve applied to the home screen should be refreshed to see if it makes a difference. Simply tap the widget to refresh the Widgetsmitch widget.

Use the widget separately

You might be the victim of an erroneous connection between Widgetsmitch and the widget if you’re trying to use a widget and you just get a grey block on your home screen. To check that, add the widget separately, not from Widgetsmith, to your home screen. You’ll know where the issue lies if it seems to work well on its own.

Unfortunately, there is no answer to the dilemma, as it’s up to Widgetsmith to make the necessary adjustments.

Make sure your phone has the right content to display

Widgetsmith is a comprehensive customization app for widgets, but it still feeds off Apple’s own widgets, relying on them to show you the requested material. So, if you get a grey widget, it’s always easier to see if the data is being fed to your phone as requested. For example, you need to check whether the position authorization is provided for a weather widget to function. Else, it wouldn’t update and won’t give you the outcome you hoped for.

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Tweak the size and pattern

It’s not a standard solution, but you might actually try to add the widget in various sizes to solve the problem, small , medium and big. To see if anything clicks, you could also play around with the color options and pattern of the said widgets.

Try something different

If with a specific widget you don’t have any luck, maybe play around with other related widgets. Here, there are no guarantees, but not every widget is bound to split.

Remove and re-add

Removing the defective widget and attempting to reload it from scratch is the last logical step. Minor incompatibility problems should be resolved by this act.

What to do if none of the solutions work?

We sincerely hope that your rescue will bring at least one solution. There is a fair chance, however, that none of these corrections will do you any fair. Annoying glitches are hardly surprising, because iOS 14 is a very new operating system.

Widgetsmith, too, deals with a new system of widgets, which makes the whole arrangement very unstable. So, if you don’t find a solution right now, waiting for a little while and letting Apple and Widgetsmith take care of it will be the best course of action.

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