Live streaming is the transmission of live video over the internet. It can be a one on one live video chat or a live session. Unlike pre-recorded videos, live streaming is unedited and uncensored. To live stream all you need is a device with internet and a platform where you can broadcast it.

Furthermore, live streaming is an easy way to reach out to the audience in real-time and this is the reason why standard television is replaced by live-streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix others.

Here we enlist the best software for live streaming video on YouTube.

1. OBS

OBS or Open Source Broadcaster is a popular recording and live streaming software that everyone even a beginner can use. The best part of this YouTube Live streaming software is that it is open source. What makes it popular is its price and feature set. With OBS you can set up different scenes for live streams. This means you can customize things as per the requirement, can easily switch background. But there’s a disadvantage you will not find present or set templates while using OBS live streaming and video editing software. However, its massive plugin library overshadows this disadvantage and it helps take live stream to a notch up. Furthermore, social media integration, a community for support are the advantages that make it the top live streaming YouTube software.

YouTube Live Streaming Software, WPFaqhub


  • Compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac
  • An advanced video editing tool
  • Filters, audio mixers, automatic gain booster, etc are some of its key features
  • Light and dark themes
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Download Here

2. Streamlabs OBS

Go live in seconds with Streamlabs OBS. You can call it OBS on steroids with built-in presets and clean interface you get to use it very easily. Not only this Streamlabs OBS offers heap of plugins, send alerts while gaming live streaming. It is better optimized when compared with OBS or other live streaming software. Furthermore, this top live streaming YouTube software takes a backup of all your Streamlabs settings so that you can stream from anywhere you like. It offers incredible themes and is #1 Twitch and YouTube live streaming software.

Streamlabs OBS uses less computer power and is free to use. However, if you want more advanced options like OBS you can go with Pro plan. If you are looking for OBS like live streaming solution this is the perfect fit.

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YouTube Live Streaming Software, WPFaqhub


  • Integrated chat
  • Widgets to increase engagement
  • Great themes
  • Cloud backup
  • Tweet when going live
  • Low CPU usage

Download Here

3. Wirecast Play

Enjoy professional live streaming with this impressive tool. Wirecast Play allows easy encoding of live streams over multiple platforms or servers. Using this professional live streaming software, you can capture, produce and stream. It even allows adding web stream, Ip cameras, input sources. Wirecast lets you share your passions with the world. No matter where you are streaming you can stream to any of the integrated destinations with Wirecast best YouTube live streaming software.

YouTube Live Streaming Software, WPFaqhub


  • Interactive user interface
  • Amazing level editing features like audio control, live scoreboards, etc
  • Rate as one of the most useful live streaming packages
  • 3 master mixing layers
  • Custom transitions playlist
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Download Here

4. XSplit Broadcaster

A simple yet powerful live streaming software that helps produce rich video content with a great user interface. XSplit Broadcaster possesses all basic video development tool with audio support. Furthermore, this best YouTube live streaming software offers Full HD recording, you can also access social features, game annotations, etc.

YouTube Live Streaming Software, WPFaqhub


  • Supports all capture cards
  • Offers various custom integrations and plugins
  • Easy video editing
  • Up to 4K60fps unlimited Scenes and sources

Download Here

5. Zoom

This one is a video conferencing software, but you can live stream to places like YouTube, Facebook, etc. Not only this you can even bring in guests into the live stream, go live with the entire call up to 100 people. If you don’t want to be restricted by number this live stream software is just right for you.

You also get a gallery view, grid view, limited controls, etc. Works on both PC and Mac. Although it has the least number of features but is really useful and you can share a computer screen using Zoom.

YouTube Live Streaming Software, WPFaqhub


  • Online meetings, training
  • Video Webinar
  • Business IM

Download Here

This is a comprehensive list of best Best YouTube Live Streaming Software. Do let us know which one you preferred using by leaving a comment. To stay updated follow us on the social networks

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